Things to do in Ibiza: The essentials while on holiday

What are the must-sees on the island? What to visit? What are the best things to do in Ibiza? Discover all the sides of Ibiza and plan your ideal trip.
Things to do in Ibiza: The essentials while on holiday

A vast playground on the Iberian Sea, what is commonly called the White Island is a luxury holiday destination to be enjoyed all year round. Therr'd always something to do, to explore, to experience. There is the young and limitless Ibiza, the one that makes the whole world vibrate and dance. There's the calm Ibiza and its colorful beaches. There's the bohemian, wild and relaxed Ibiza that makes have the most beautiful experiences. And there is the chic and luxurious Ibiza, the one that hides in the shade of the most beautiful villas, the best spots. It is this multiplicity of these facets that gives Ibiza its unique aura. 

If you are wondering what the other things to do in Ibiza are, Le Collectionist is here for you. Discover our essentials and our best ideas for visiting Ibiza (to be published soon) and having a memorable stay with your loved ones.



Ibiza can be visited all year round. The atmospheres are different each time of year but the landscapes still spectacular regardless. In winter, Ibiza regains her bohemian spirit, the lifestyle is slower, leaving us more time for relaxation and contemplation. In summer, Ibiza is alive, with its cities and beaches teeming with life, and  the ideal time to take advantage of the warm water and the sun. Find out the best things to do in Ibiza depending on the month of the year and if the weather is cloudy, we even tell you the things to do in Ibiza when it rains

Things to do in Ibiza in January
What to do in Ibiza in February (to be published soon)
Things to do in Ibiza in March (to be published soon)
Things to do in Ibiza in April (to be published soon)
Things to do in Ibiza in May (to be published soon)
Things to do in Ibiza in June (to be published soon)
Things to do in Ibiza in July? (to be published soon)
Things to do in Ibiza in August? (to be published soon)
Things to do in Ibiza in September 
Best things to do in Ibiza in October (to be published soon)
Things to do in Ibiza in November (to be published soon)
What to do in Ibiza in December?


To explore the White Island in peace, several solutions are available to you. First, there are the numerous bus lines which are perfect for reaching the most touristic spots on the island. Regardless, we recommend that you turn to your luxury concierge for car rental. It will allow you to walk around freely, as you wish to discover Ibiza. By the sea or the wild countryside, behind the wheel of your car, nothing can stop you.



Whatever the length of your stay, with friends or family, Ibiza has so much to offer. Embark your tribe and discover how to visit Ibiza (to be published soon) with the family for an unforgettable stay in the Balearic Islands or go for 3 exceptional days to discover the White Island. 

Things to do in Ibiza for families

Although often considered a party destination, Ibiza is also experienced with the family. Between the beautiful beaches, the many visits and excursions, the White Island has many surprises in store for you for your luxury family vacation. Discover the best things to do in Ibiza for families (to be published soon).

A 3 day break in Ibiza 

Ibiza is a dream destination for getting away from it all. 3 days may be enough to soak up the atmosphere that reigns on the White Island. Whatever your desires, you will find in the many facets of Ibiza something to experience an express stay filled with discoveries. Explore all our ideas for what to do in Ibiza in 3 days and cool things to do in Ibiza (to be published soon) that you shouldn't miss.

TOP things to SEE in ibiza


There are some essential things to see when going on holiday in Ibiza  From unmissable places, spots and addresses to make your stay as complete as possible, discover the list of our favorite sites in Ibiza or read this article to know the top things to see in Ibiza (to be published soon). 

Ibiza's quiet side: The north of Ibiza


Far from the rest, discover the North coast of the White Island, indefinitely wilder and protected. It is here in the picturesque landscape of the north that we discover the most beautiful coves and natural views of the island. Explore our ideas for what to do in the things to do in the North of the Island of Ibiza (to be published soon).

Take a rest on the best beaches in Ibiza



In Ibiza, there's endless kinds of beaches. From wild, festive, bohemian or family-friendly, there's something for everyone. Take the time to discover them, as they all have their own secrets. In the exceptional setting of the Balearic Islands, the beautiful beaches of Ibiza are a must for holidays in the sun. Discover our selection of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza from North to South of the island .

  • Las Salinas
  • Ses Salines 
  • Cala d'Hort
  • Pou des Lleo
  • Cala salada
  • Platja Xarraca
  • Aigues Blanques
  • Cala Benirras

Hunting for treasures in hippy markets


Travel back in time to the sixties and go for a morning shopping in the hippy markets of Ibiza (to be published soon), in search of the most beautiful objects, clothes and bohemian souvenirs to bring back from your trip. The squares of the pretty towns of Ibiza come alive as we stroll between the multicolored stalls, guided by the Mediterranean scents that emerge from the stands in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are our favorite hippie markets in Ibiza. 

  • Las Dalias in the north of the island in Sant Carles
  • Punta Arabi in Es Canar
  • Forada in Sant Antoni de Portmany
  • Sant Joan de Labritja

The old town of Ibiza, the mythical Eivissa

The capital of Ibiza is teeming with life. Walking along all its trendy bars and clubs, one would almost forget its prestigious past. With 2,600 years of history, it is one of the oldest cities in the world. The best way to find out is to venture off the beaten track and stroll through the alleys forgotten by the crowds. With its whitewashed walls, bougainvillea and colorful signs, the "Dalt Vila" or upper town of Ibiza is charming and full of surprises. Discover the Ibiza's old town (to be published soon) and our favourite restaurants in the old town of Ibiza.

The island of Formentera: Untamed


Ibiza's little sister, just a few minutes by boat, Formentera offers one of the most picturesque experiences in the Balearics. On this unspoiled land, we live to the rhythm of the sun and lush nature. The views of the sea are breathtaking and can be discovered during a hike on the trails of the island. Find out how to experience your stopover on the bohemian sister island of Ibiza, Formentera (to be published soon)

The prettiest towns Ibiza

In the heart of the White Island, there are strings of picturesque and charming small villages. At the bend of the small flowery streets, we discover a church, an old post office and a lively little square. We have selected the towns in Ibiza  (to be published soon) that you shouldn't miss. 

  • San Joan de Labritja
  • Saint Ines
  • Es Cubel
  • Santa Gertrudis
  • Sant Miquel del Balansat
  • Sant Mateu d'Albarca 

ACTIVITES IN IBIZA: cool things to do 

If bathing on the dream beaches of Ibiza can be considered as an activity in its own right, it is not enough to discover all the riches of this beautiful territory of the Balearic Islands. Discover our ideas of the best activities in Ibiza (to be published soon) off the beaten track.

A road trip in Ibiza


Renting a car is surely the best way to discover the island, especially when you want to get away from the big cities and go to meet the authentic Ibiza. We set off on small winding roads between wild flowers and Ibicenco vineyards . Why not stop by and discover the work of the winegrowers, taste the unique aromas of the region's wines and bring back some from our trip? Go on an adventure by following our road trip in Ibiza (to be published soon), off the beaten track.

Where to party in Ibiza


If you are wondering what to do in Ibiza at night (to be published soon), let yourself be carried away by the frenzied rhythm of the evenings on the White Island. Between trendy beach clubs and their daily DJs or extravagant world-famous nightclubs, the White Island offers an exceptionally rich and varied night scene. In addition to these institutions, there are the most secret spots, the haunts of those in the known, in the most remote places of the island. Find out how and where to party in Ibiza and things to do in Sant Antoni Ibiza (to be published soon), the centre of parties in Ibiza.

Watch the extraordinary Ibiza sunset


On the White Island, it's a ritual. Sunset is a must to visit Ibiza (to be published soon) . Whether you are seated on the terrace of a quiet restaurant, nestled in the sunbed of a beach club with a supercharged atmosphere or simply installed on a cliff or a beach on the coast, the view is unforgettable. Also discover the best sunset restaurants in Ibiza.

The best spots for diving in Ibiza: crystal clear waters and discoveries

Put on your fins and snorkel, because the big blue awaits you. The rocky beaches of the island are home to exceptional flora and fauna - and you can find them in the warm waters of Ibiza. With amazing fish, colourful seaweed and hidden caves, enter the kingdom of the seas for an exhilarating adventure in the Balearics. Discover all our best sports for diving in Ibiza (to be published soon). 

  • The wreck of the Don Pedro
  • The cave of light: "La Cueva de la Luz"
  • Es Vedra
  • Dado Pequeno
  • Lighthouse

Relax in Ibiza: must see and try beach clubs 

The beach club is the very essence of the White Island. Transparent water, hot sand, cocktails and tasty dishes, with friends or family, beach clubs are essential institutions during your trip to Ibiza. Most ? Many of these places can boast of hosting the greatest Djs on the world stage every year. From the end of the afternoon, they take over the music to lead you in their desires of escape. Here is our list of the best beach clubs in Ibiza .

Discover gastronomy: Where to eat in Ibiza?



If you were wondering what to do in Ibiza, discovering the local cuisine seems to be of almost utmost importance. Picturesque restaurants sit side by side with the greatest gastronomic institutions. We mainly taste Mediterranean cuisine: fresh fish, paellas, zarzuelas and gazpachos. Our beautiful addresses offer the best of local cuisine in the most beautiful paintings of the White Island. Discover our favorite restaurants in Ibiza (next publication) or explore the best fish restaurants in Ibiza as well as the restaurants in Ibiza recommended by the Michelin guide . 

  • Es Tragon
  • Es Torrent 
  • Eden restaurante and Lounge
  • Es Boldado
  • Es Xarcu
  • S'Escalinata
  • La Gaia
  • El chiringuito de sa Punta
  • Can Domo
  • Can Curreu



An ideal stay in Ibiza also means choosing your pied à terre. Contemporary villa overlooking the waters in the South or traditional house revisited in the North of the island, all our villas will create memorable moments facing the deep blue of the Balearic Islands. Spend a day relaxing by the pool, book in hand or take a nap in the shade of a pergola on the terrace. Explore our collection of luxury villas to find out where to go in Ibiza (next post). 

Whatever the season, Ibiza is the ideal destination to get away from it all. Between its white sandy beaches, its charming typical architecture, its rich culture and its thrilling experiences, this is one of our favorite destinations in Europe to go on vacation. Plan your vacation with us so you don't have to worry about what to do in Ibiza. 

With Le Collectionist, finding your luxury villa rental in Ibiza has never been easier. Also discover our experience book and our servieces to find inspiration before your next trip. 

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