Things to do in Ibiza: our holiday essentials

Planning holidays in Ibiza and looking for things to do? See our suggestions of what to do in Ibiza including beaches, restaurants, parties, and much more.
Things to do in Ibiza: our holiday essentials

Over the years, Ibiza has often been overlooked as a notoriously hedonistic party centre. However, if you look beyond its rambunctious reputation, you’ll discover that this Spanish island in fact caters to a variety of visitors for luxury Ibiza holidays. These multiple facets give Ibiza its unique and alluring aura

Set sail for the Balearic Islands with Le Collectionist to discover everything you need to know for your perfect summer in Ibiza

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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Villa Fleurie in Ibiza


Ibiza's variety makes it such an attractive holiday destination, so it's hard to boil down why you should visit this enchanting gem of the Balearic. If we had to choose, our top three reasons plan Ibiza holidays would be:


An ideal holiday also means finding the best place to stay in Ibiza. Contemporary villa overlooking the waters in the South or traditional house revisited in the North of the island, all our villas in the inimitable style of Ibiza will make way for memorable moments facing the deep blue of the Balearic Sea.

Explore our favourite places to stay to find out where to go in Ibiza. 

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Villa Charlotte in Ibiza

Beautiful beaches in Ibiza

Do you know where to find the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza?

Known for its immaculately white beaches, Ibiza has a sandy stay for every kind of traveller. Quiet beaches, lively beach clubs where life pulses to the rhythm of your DJ’s beats, family-friendly beaches dotted with kids clubs… Where will you choose to spend your day?

Discover our guide to the very best of the Ibiza beach scene and choose where to lay down your towel for the holidays.


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Things to do in Ibiza

From unmissable places to spots and addresses that will make your stay as complete as possible, discover our list of cool things to see in Ibiza.

Family holidays in Ibiza

With the help of Le Collectionist, discover Ibiza for families. Between the family beaches and villages and the sociable and attentive kids clubs, Ibiza is a fantastic luxury holiday destination for families.

Wondering what to do and where to stay in Ibiza with children? Don't worry, with our guide to family friendly holidays in Ibiza, you'll have all the answers you need. 

Ibiza's hippy markets

Travel back in time to the sixties and go shopping at the best hippy markets in Ibiza, searching for the most beautiful objects, clothes and bohemian souvenirs to bring back from your trip.

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Visit Ibiza's most beautiful villages

In the heart of the White Island, there are strings of picturesque and charming villages. At the bend of the small flowery streets, we discover a church, an old post office and a lively little square. We have selected the towns in Ibiza that you shouldn't miss:

  • San Joan de Labritja
  • Saint Ines
  • Es Cubel
  • Santa Gertrudis
  • Sant Miquel del Balansat
  • Sant Mateu d'Albarca 

You can also visit Eivissa, Ibiza's old town, and discover its culinary scene.

Visit Northern Ibiza

Discover the protected wilderness of the White Island's Northern coast. Here in the picturesque landscape of the north, discover amazing beaches, the most beautiful coves, and natural views of the island.

Explore more ideas of what to do in the North of Ibiza.



Explore Ibiza's cliffs and coves

Between the fine white sands of Ibiza's beaches, find secret waterways. Escape the crowds with our selection of the best coves in Ibiza with a promise of adventure.

Once there, you can soak in the shimmering turquoise waters, or scout one of the most beautiful spots to go diving for a more adventurous and blood-pumping experience.

Take a day trip out to Formentera

Just a few minutes by boat, Ibiza's little sister Formentera offers one of the most picturesque experiences in the Balearics. On this unspoiled land, we live to the rhythm of the sun and lush nature. Spend a day in the bohemian land of Formentera

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Villa Lilou in Formentera

Top places to go in ibiza

Where to party in Ibiza

If you are wondering what to do in Ibiza at night, discover the best Ibiza beach clubs and their daily DJs or extravagant world-famous nightclubs, the White Island offers an exceptionally rich and varied night scene.

Let Le Collectionist open the door to the trendiest spots to party in Ibiza.


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Where to eat in Ibiza

The island has restaurants for every taste. Peruse our selections of Ibiza restaurants and let your mouth water.

Whether you're looking for high-end Michelin star restaurants or you want to live like a local savouring the catch of the day at our best seafood restaurants, you're sure to find a delicious feast to fulfill your cravings.

Still unsure of where to go? See our complete guide to restaurants in Ibiza for every last address.

Visiting ibiza: what to know

When to visit Ibiza ?

Most popular during summer holidays, Ibiza is beautiful in every season: from quiet shoulder season beach days, to famed summer festivities, to the winter sun, there’s no wrong time to visit Ibiza.

Here are our suggestions for what to do each season:

Worried about the weather when you visit? Rest assured, we have a guide to the best things to do in Ibiza when it rains.

Getting around Ibiza

To explore the White Island, we recommend that you turn to your luxury concierge service for a car rental. It will allow you to discover Ibiza freely. By the sea or the wild countryside, behind the wheel of your car, nothing can stop you.

Ready to hit the road in Ibiza? See our road trip itinerary for the White Island.

How long to stay ?
If you only have a short weekend to spare, hit the island's hot spots during a 3 day break. However, you could spend months in Ibiza balancing lazy beach days and discovering mysterious spots to go off the radar and never get bored.


So, what will your ideal day on holiday in Ibiza look like?

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