Eternal summer holidays in Ibiza

Welcome to Ibiza, the island where summer never ends. From the first beautiful days to the heat of the Indian summer, follow us for a summer holiday in Ibiza.
Eternal summer holidays in Ibiza
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The beauty of Ibiza's beaches and coves are well-known. We don't have to further introduce this wild and carefree island, lost in the middle of the Mediterranean whose landscapes are worthy of a postcard. The white island reveals its colourful charms to those who are lucky. 

It has become an essential stopover on the map of the world as it welcomes epicureans, hedonists and travellers in search of the good life, who have helped to build its reputation. So much so that over the years, Ibiza has established itself as one of the most popular luxury holiday destinations for an everlasting summer.

In Ibiza, summer is in full swing. During the day, the sun shines from May to October, and the evenings are mild (even scorching, in the legendary clubs of the capital). Follow our luxury travel guide and embark with us on this island where the wind of freedom blows of happy days and sleepless nights. Welcome to your Ibiza summer holiday.

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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If you are traveling with small children, and you want to enjoy your holiday in Ibiza with your family, we can't recommend the month of June enough. The weather is sunny and the temperatures ideal for exploring the island and its wild landscapes, as well as the secret old town.



Get lost in the old town, away from the crowds

In the heart of summer, exploring the narrow alleys of Ibiza's old town is almost an impossible task. But in June, Dalt Vila reveals all its secrets. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic center of Ibiza is surrounded by stone ramparts. We suggest for you to head there without a map or plan, and get lost in the random streets. If we say that all roads lead to Rome, here they lead you to the Gran Hotel Montesol, an institution established for more than 80 years in Eivissa. Order an iced coffee and climb up to its rooftop, where you'll have a panoramic view of the rooftops of the walled city and the sea in the distance.

Taste the salty air

Of course, a summer holiday in Ibiza would be nothing without days spent by the water, on one island's many beautiful beaches. We could spend hours lying on the fine sand or the rocks in the scorching sun. These special spots are perfect for your luxury escape. To taste the salty Mediterranean wind, nothing beats a trip to the Ses Salines Natural Park. Rent bikes and explore this incredible expanse of salt and water. You'll find a local salt worker there, who will reveal the ancestral secrets of this natural park and will introduce you to the salt harvest.


Some would say that to experience summer in Ibiza, the real one, you have to come in July or August. This is when the island attracts the most people. The beaches and the terraces of the beach clubs fill up as the thermometer ignites, only to empty until the early hours of the morning.


Dancing pines in the sand

In summer, the beaches of Ibiza vibrate to the rhythm of the music of its beach clubs. You're spoiled for choice among the many personalities of the White Island: iconic at Experimental Beach, nature at Babylon Beach, or exotic and hot at Bambuddha. During a luxury holiday, we go there at lunchtime (late, Spanish style), After a well-deserved morning in, and we kick off the day with a fruit cocktail drizzled with coloured rum. Aperitifs are best spent at a beach club, between the turquoise sea and the shade of the immaculate parasols. This is the art of summer holidays in Ibiza! 

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Chase sunsets

The sun is the star of Ibiza in summer. However, the party is never in full swing as when it goes to bed. In the four corners of the island, we come to admire the sunsets over the sea. Purists will say that it is the most beautiful at Cala d'Hort. From this iconic Ibizan beach, where hippies gathered in the 1960s, we have a breathtaking view of the rocks of Es Vedra. But in recent years, the hearts of regulars have swung and many of them now prefer to attend from Cotton Beach Club with a Mojito in hand. The best is yet to test both and decide for yourself where the most beautiful sunset in Ibiza in summer is .


After the effervescence of July and August, the beaches are emptying and Ibiza is regaining its cruising speed. The school holidays give way to the Indian summer, this special time, where the sun drags on for the lucky few. It's a summer bonus in Ibiza.



Dive into the Grand Bleu at Cueva de La Luz

Visiting Ibiza in summer is also an opportunity to try your hand at diving. Novices can be content to explore the seabed of Cala d'Hort or Platja Xarraca. These coves are punctuated by posidonias, seaweeds typical of the region which give the water its turquoise colour. If you're a bit more experienced? Head for Cueva de la Luz, located in the north of the island. It is the perfect place to enjoy the last rays of the sun, which rush under the surface of the water, giving this underwater gallery an air of Atlantis rediscovered.

Revive flower power

You can't spend a summer in Ibiza without going to Las Dalias, the most famous hippie market on the White Island. You will meet one of our local guides, an avid bargain hunter, who will guide you between the stands, where hand-made jewelery, crocheted pieces, and salt lamps are enthroned. Take the time to soak up this bohemian atmosphere, tinged with nostalgia and calmness, and let yourself be carried away by chance encounters. They may lead you to a hippie village or to Formentera, Ibiza's discreet little sister.


The closings of September

This long-awaited and unmissable event on the Mediterranean night scene crystallises the very spirit of the party: crazy atmospheres, frenzied music, and cocktails flowing freely. It is the hour of decadence, when the clubs of the island compete in imagination by organising even more extraordinary evenings with renowned DJs to make you dance until the end of the night. They are at PachaHï IbizaIbiza RocksUshuaïa , and many other spots.

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