How to Visit Ibiza: a Road Trip Itinerary for the White Island

Embark with us on three exceptional road-trips over the sandy roads of the White Island. Le Collectionist's experts give you their advice for how to visit Ibiza.
How to Visit Ibiza: a Road Trip Itinerary for the White Island
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Beautiful beaches, upscale clubs, and a timeless atmosphere: Ibiza’s reputation is second to none. Whether you decided to go for a holiday with friends, family, or loved ones, you can’t go wrong. But where to start? How should you visit this gorgeous island? Experts at Le Collectionist offer you their precious advice on how to make the most of your luxury holiday by car!

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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How to Visit Ibiza: Choosing Your Mode of Transportation

The centre of Ibiza can be discovered by foot or on a bike, but it is recommended to rent a car in order to explore the whole island. Here are our recommendations for your stay:

  • Visiting with FriendsTake a car, but not just any will do! To explore the rough terrain of the island, choose a Jeep or a 4x4, that way you will have no trouble navigating the sandy roads and rocky hills.
  • Visiting with FamilyFor those who prefer to experience Ibiza fully by immersing themselves in the boho-chic culture of the island, we suggest a Volkswagen Combo. Ask our Tailors to find you this quirky car that will give you a flower-powered adventure on the island.
  • Visiting as a Couple: For lovers, we have the most intimate mode of transport: the motorcycle. Imagine yourself in the arms of your soulmate, travelling the roads at sunset. By motorcycle, you can easily access the secluded areas in the north, where you will be alone with nature.


how to visit ibiza: planning your itinerary

Now that you have chosen your transportation, all that remains is the route. The best way is to follow your instincts and let your heart guide you to the lively beaches of the south or the deserted coves of the north. Whatever you choose, there are some places on the island that you simply cannot miss. Here are three possible itineraries for your visit.

what to visit with friends

In Ibiza, you don’t have to wait for nightfall to party. Start in the morning, stopping by one of the most famous beach clubs on the island: Experimental Beach Ibiza. It serves excellent house cocktails and plays trendy music at any time of the day or night. You can have brunch or lunch with your feet in the sand, before continuing the day lounging on a deckchair by the sea. Sometimes the best way to visit Ibiza is to sit still.

The Rhythm of the Island

Your search for the trendiest spots to party in Ibiza will inevitably lead you to the market of Las Dalias, about thirty kilometres north of the centre. This flea market, created on Valentine’s day in 1985, brings together all of the artists and craftsmen of the island. Crochet, macramé, handmade jewellery and pottery line the stands in this joyful bazaar. At night, the market lights up and the central square turns into a moonlit dance floor. You can grab dinner and drinks at one of the many restaurants or chiringuitos of Las Dalias.



Ibiza can also be seen at night, by starlight, to the rhythm of electronic music. A tour of the island's famous clubs would not be complete without a visit to Pacha. Located near the port of Eivissa, this unique location has seen thousands of nights of partying. The lineup changes every night, but there is always one thing that stays the same: only the biggest names can play. Come and dance to the rhythm of electronic beats or retro melodies that will take you back to the creation of the club in the 1970s.

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what to visit with family

Start your visit from the beating heart of the island. Behind its high stone walls, Dalt Vila slowly emerges. The narrow streets of the old town are quickly overflowing with people, so we advise you to get there early. A veritable labyrinth of stairs, squares and cobbled streets awaits you. Take time to get lost in it, letting the sky and the sun guide you. They will take you to the top of the citadel, Castilla de Ibiza, from there you will have a bird’s eye view of the rooftops, the marina and the sea.

The Island Throughout History 

After having breakfast on the shaded terrace of one of the many cafes in Dalt Vila, head south, where you will cross an astonishing landscape of water, salt and sun. In the salt marshes, pink flamingos and seabirds coexist with salt workers, emblematic figures of the island. Stop to listen to their trade secrets and buy a small bottle of sea salt, which you can take back in your suitcase as a souvenir of your family holiday.



If you are wondering where to go in Ibiza with family, do not miss Cala d’Hort, on the east coast of the island. This beach is full of mystery that will delight young and old alike. You can lay down your towel, and splash around in the clear water, admiring the mysterious rock of Es Vedra in the distance. For adventurous spirits, continue a little further to Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort. This place, known as Atlantis, will awaken the imagination as you explore its natural pools and rock formations in this underwater paradise.


what to visit with your partner

On a romantic getaway to Ibiza, choose the north of the island, which is more quiet and less crowded than the south. Travel the country roads on a motorcycle or in a convertible to feel the wind in your hair, stopping from time to time to admire the beauty of the landscapes. The northern countryside is lined with vineyards which produce unique wine. Visiting a bodega is a must on a road trip in Ibiza.



Private Moments on the Island 

The other major asset of the north is its abundance of secret coves. Among our favourites are the beaches of Cala Salada and its little sister, Cala Saladeta. The first is often busier than the second, so if you aren’t afraid of a little walk, continue along the coastal path to reach the other beach. There, the white sand and turquoise water offer you complete privacy. Take advantage of the silence, only disturbed by the crashing waves and the sound of the wind in the branches. Savour this moment between the two of you before resuming your journey.


Though we often forget, Ibiza can be visited tastefully. Ibizan gastronomy is influenced by Mediterranean, Asian and eclectic tastes. Find our guide to the best restaurants in Ibiza and book a table in the only Michelin-starred restaurant on the island: Es Tragon. In an authentic finca setting, you will taste amazing cuisine. Chef Alvaro Sanz Clavijo imagines creative and modern recipes which will take you on a journey from dish to dish.

Find all of our advice on things to do in Ibiza, and explore our catalogue of villa rentals in Ibiza to find your perfect stay. Le Collectionist leaves nothing to chance in order to make your family holidays unforgettable. 


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