Our holiday itinerary for Ibiza: 3-day breaks on the White Isle

3-day breaks to Ibiza are the perfect antidote to everyday life.
Our holiday itinerary for Ibiza: 3-day breaks on the White Isle
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A long weekend in Ibiza presents an inundating inventory of possibilities; a list that could not possibly be ticked off in such a short period of time. This small, pleasant Pityusic Island in the Mediterranean is a joy to visit, but narrowing down the plethora of pleasurable pursuits available to you is no easy task. Which is why we, here at Le Collectionist, have taken it into our own hands to curate a wondrous wish-list for those embarking on an Ibizan 3-day break. As one of our top luxury holiday destinations, there is a plethora of things to do in Ibiza that are ready for you to dive into. With this daily itinerary, you can make the most of your holiday in Ibiza.

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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Day 1 of your Ibiza 3-day break

A Morning meander around the streets of Dalt Vila

Ease into your Ibiza 3-day break with a stroll along the picturesque streets of Dalt Vila - Ibiza's fortified old town. The old town, held proudly aloft by the small mountain on which it sits, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wend your way along the stone and cobbled streets, through the corridors of quaint buildings from different eras, and along the mighty ramparts that enwrap the citadel, until you reach a viewpoint between the old stone walls. It's best to wander these streets aimlessly for a while, getting lost in awe of its welcoming clasp. 

La Oliva for a lazy lunch in Ibiza Town

Having spent the morning sauntering along the labyrinthine streets of Dalt Vila, admiring the views and the historical depth that is captured in the varying architecture, you will have worked up quite the appetite. Fortunately, there is a nearby solution that is bound to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst. La Oliva is one of our favourite restaurants on the island. It spills out onto the cobbled streets with quintessentially Mediterranean style: white chairs, crisp linen, and whitewashed walls all tucked away in the relative cool of shady side streets. It is an intimate setting in which to indulge in a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavours.


While away the sunny afternoon on Playa d'En Bossa

A stone's throw to the south of the historic centre of Dalt Vila, you will find one of Ibiza's most famous beaches: Playa d'En Bossa. Here the vibes of summer are effortless, playful, and seemingly never-ending. This long beach of golden-white sand, licked by the shimmering sea's lazy shimmies, is home to some of the island's trendiest beach clubs. Take your place atop one of the many sun loungers that perch on this beach, grab a cocktail from one of the beach bars, and recline into a daze to the soundtrack of smooth summer music that oozes from the club. Some of our favourite clubs, such as Beachouse Ibiza, can be found on this sandy shore.



Day 2 of your Ibiza 3-day break

Discover two of the best of the White Isle's coves

Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta are a pair of inimitably beautiful beaches on the west coast of the island just north of San Antonio. It's impossible not to feel that unique summer bliss on these beaches during your Ibiza 3-day break, with the febrile buzz fizzing gently around languid beachgoers in the form of children playing and vendors happy to have their clientele back for another long summer. The water of these small coves is an impossible blue, emerald in parts, and laps and slaps against the rocky fringes of the swimming areas. This is a great place to start and spend your day. With your hair still wet and your shoes in your hands, head to the far side of Cala Salada for a lunch of the freshest fish in an easy-going Ibizan restaurant


An evening of water sports or a sunset tour in San Antonio Bay

Make your way back south towards San Antonio Bay in the late afternoon on your Ibiza 3-day break to engage in something a little more high-octane, in one of the best beaches in Ibiza for water sports. On still evenings, the surface of the water is mirror-flat. The bay of San Antonio is still apart from the hum of boats also taking advantage of the perfect conditions. Take to the water with one of the water sports companies in the bay and glide across the water on skis, a wakeboard, or a banana boat. If you would rather opt for something a little bit slower, then take one of the sunset tours, where free drinks and snorkelling will bring a perfect end to another day in paradise.


Day 3 of your 3-day Ibiza break

Venture to the north of the island

Day 3 of your 3-day break to Ibiza is about adventure. One of the many things that makes Ibiza such a fitting destination for a weekend break is its size. Over such a short period you will still be able to explore all corners of the island. Drive to the northern side of the island to and explore the best beaches in north Ibiza following this guide. Delve into the hidden reaches of Cala Xarraca, daring to traverse the coastal paths and submerge in the rippling turquoise waters. For an intrepid trip, make your way to the serenely secluded bay of Es Portitxol.


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A feast befitting a summer holiday at La Paloma

On your way back from your northern adventures, dip into La Paloma for a late lunch or dinner. This restaurant is a much-vaunted institution of the island's dining scene. The laid-back, alfresco setting, Bohemian and unpretentious yet elegant, is complemented by the delectable farm-to-table dishes that seem to flow freely from the kitchen. There is an irresistibly authentic charm to this restaurant and its owners. It has swiftly become a favourite amongst visitors and locals alike.


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