The 10 best beaches in Ibiza

Plunge into quietude or dip your toe into the young-at-heart lifestyle on Ibiza's shores. With this guide, you can find the best beaches in Ibiza.
The 10 best beaches in Ibiza
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There is something irresistible about the barefoot, free-spirited lifestyle that Ibiza holidays imbue. All the beaches of the White Island are different; unique in their own way but lapped against by the same lazy but restless, tideless Mediterranean. Ibiza is a true gem, a Balearic beauty like no other, and summer days here are best spent on the amazing beaches. But choosing between the island's many and varying stretches of coastline can be a challenge. With this guide, we have narrowed down the choice to, what is in our informed and in-the-know opinion, a list of the ten best beaches in Ibiza

Surrender to the sun's agenda, with everything you need at arm's length, only departing when the sky darkens and the stars begin to replace the sea's diurnal twinkle. Or pass beneath a canopy of dancing pine trees, a backpack of picnic goodies bouncing with each step, until you reach the trail's descent to a picturesque cove that makes every step of the adventure worthwhile. Find a beach to suit your predilections with this list. Or, for more on the Ibiza beach scene, find the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Ibiza with our other guide to the island's shores. 

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Seaside bliss in the calm cove of Sa Caleta

A natural rampart, sheer and orange with a scarred facade, frames this quiet cove on Ibiza's southernmost shoreline. On one side of this rocky and sandstone wall, you will find a gentle and cooling embrace in the shade cast down by the lofty pine trees. On the other, the soft green sharply gives way to rock and sand that slips beneath the shimmering surface of the sea. This calm fishing cove, lined with old fishermen's shacks, is a popular sunbathing spot. Discover more about the best coves in Ibiza with our article here.

Through the pine forests to Cala Saladeta

A walk down to Cala Saladeta will tease and flirt with your sense in more ways than one: the aromas of pine needles that dance on the faintly salty sea breeze will land delicately on your skin, while glimpses of this picture-perfect beach will flash between the trunks and branches of the trees. The impossibly blue water will entice you to surrender to its charm, as you wade in to cool off from the summer swelter. It is a small beach, but great for snorkelling and swimming. 


Cala Salada's unspoilt natural beauty 

This beach boasts the same level of beguiling beauty as its neighbour, Cala Saladeta. On the west coast of Ibiza, these small coves are popular in the summer months, and it's easy to see why. The rippling water catches the sun in an ever-changing and ever-marbling pattern of curls and lines and loops. The sea is excellent for swimming, with the sandy seafloor giving the water a turquoise finish. In one corner, pressed between the trees and the cliffs, you will find a small restaurant with an irresistibly relaxed atmosphere.


Aguas Blancas: A local love

This beach is a treasure for locals and in-the-know visitors. It is a majestic beach, where the hills and towering coastal cliffs place the beach centre stage in an amphitheatre of natural wonder. Aguas Blancas is a beach where anything goes. Place your towel on the soft sand for an afternoon of ray-catching, or, if you dare, swim out to the rocks from where you can plunge back into the sea. 

In the family-friendly hubbub of Cala Tarida

This beach with fine white sand is known for its pale blue waters. It sits beneath the small resort of the same name just south of San Antoni. This is one of our favourites for a family outing. It is well sheltered and boasts a soft seabed that slopes gently, making it safe for children. Beyond Cala Tarida having its own allure, it is also home to one of our favourite institutions: Cotton Beach Club. Come here for sundowners and cocktails to end off another day in paradise. 


Las Salinas: Rugged and wild, yet trendy and glam

Las Salinas is one of Ibiza's most recognised beaches, where beautiful people spend their days on the fine golden sand and in the immensely lavishing beach clubs and beach bars. The beach stretches for over a kilometre along the shoreline of the inimitably beautiful Ses Salines National Park, which is home to sand dunes and salt flats - a favourite amongst the striking pink flamingos. Head to Experimental Beach for their mouthwatering cocktails and to immerse in the island's glamour and elegance to a soundtrack of smooth summer music.


Cala Jondal's stylish beach bars and bohemian stalls

Cala Jondal is home to some of Ibiza's most stylish beach bars, which are set in the rugged landscape of this pebble beach. From afar, you can see the crisp white umbrellas and drapes pirouetting in the breeze, as the sun casts venous shadows across the faces of the adjacent formidable cliffs. But the fashionable beach bars don't make this beach an exclusive destination. At the other end of the beach, families regularly spend their summer days relaxing and frolicking in the sun.

A photographer's paradise: Playa Cala Xarraca

The cascading rocks, a freezeframe of large red rocks, pockmark the landscape and tumble down into the sea where they scatter the seafloor. These rocks make Playa Cala Xarraca a perfect place for submarine explorers and photographers. It is a place of quietude, with pine trees only a few houses overseeing the aestival activities on the beach. At one end, the beach boasts access to a natural mudbath.

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In the crystal-clear waters of Es Portitxol 

The most narrow of inlets channels the magical Mediterranean into this cove. It is an unspoilt, bowl-like idyll that is perfect for adventurers seeking far-flung quietude. The only people who regularly frequent this cove are the fishermen whose huts line these shores. The stillness of the cove has allowed the water to settle, to relax and reveal its true, limpid self - it is a looking glass, a portal, into the world that exists beneath the water's surface. 

Playa d'en Bossa: The famous

Perhaps the best-known beach on the White Island, Playa d'en Bossa is a resort that plays host to many of the much-vaunted beach clubs of Ibiza. It is also the longest beach on the island with plenty to discover on these shores. It is a great beach for the young and the young-at-heart, where idle days can be spent atop loungers or in the bars eating delectable Mediterranean dishes or drinking refreshing drinks to the smooth sounds of world-class DJs. 

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