The top 10 most beautiful beaches in Ibiza

Dive with us and discover the 10 most beautiful beaches in Ibiza, from the north to the south of the White Isle.
The top 10 most beautiful beaches in Ibiza

It is called the white island, and yet... On the beaches of Ibiza, we find all the colors of paradise: fine white sand, ochre cliffs painted with terracotta, and the sea, at last. Sometimes emerald green, sometimes lagoon blue or turquoise, it is everywhere.

If you don't know what to do for your Ibiza holidays, dive with us and discover the 10 most beautiful beaches of Ibiza, from the silent coves of the north to the frantic rhythms of Las Salinas, in the south of the island.

Calo d’En Serra

Aquatic life

Scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will meet in the north of the island, on the small beach of Calo d'En Serra. This narrow cove lined with fishermen's huts is often deserted because of its slippery seabed. But once past the posidonia dam, it is a real Atlantis. Tiny colorful fish, crustaceans and silky algae: experience a face-to-face encounter with Ibiza's aquatic life.


Platja Xarraca

The enchanting decor

You may not believe your eyes, but the cove of Platja Xarraca is very real. The emerald-coloured water has dug into the rock, a flamboyant red.It is one of the most luxury holiday destinations.  Located in the northwest of Ibiza, this wild beach seems to have been abandoned by tourists. Put on your explorer's outfit - mask, snorkel, flippers - and set off to discover the sea floor covered with aquatic grasses.

Aigues Blanques

The white water beach

The beach of Aigues Blanques owes its name to its translucent blue sea that stretches to the horizon. We come here as a family, to bask in the sun while the children splash around in the shallow water. A piece of advice: arm yourself with sunscreen and a good novel, because once you put your towel on your comfortable sun lounger, you will never want to leave this Ibiza beach again.

Pou des Lleo

The fisherman's landmark

Straw umbrellas, fishermen's huts and straw huts that smell like grilled fish: welcome to one of Ibiza's most picturesque beaches, En Marti, "Pou des Lleo" for the intimate ones. Come there from 10 am, sandals on your feet, to surprise the fish and crabs that populate its rocks. At lunch time, settle down in the shade of a fisherman's hut to share a plate of fried squid with a glass of fresh sangria. 


Cala Benirras

In the footsteps of hippies

Decoration of the hippie legends, Cala Benirras has kept its bohemian spirit. Every night, nostalgic people gather there to watch the sunset, sitting on the pebbles. The percussions accompany the sun star in its slow waltz, until it disappears completely on the other side of the sea. Then its light is replaced by that of the campfires, which are born everywhere on the beach of Ibiza.

Cala Pada

In the shade of the pines

On luxury beach holidays in Ibiza, do not miss the beach of Cala Pada, near Santa Eulalia. Little frequented and easy to access, one comes to take shelter in the shade of the pines, between two swims in the calm waters of the Mediterranean. Lunch at Spanish time in one of the restaurants on this discreet beach in Ibiza and take advantage of the opportunity to let your children taste the culinary specialties of the region.   


Cala Conta

Journey to the centre of the sea

This beach, which consists of three sandbanks separated by rocks, could occupy three places in our top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza. Rent a pedal boat or an XXL paddle boat, and take your tribe to the islet in the middle of the lagoon. Back on the beach, the older ones will lie down in the shade of a parasol, while the younger ones will explore the rocks populated by sea creatures.

Cala Salada

For insiders only 

It's a well-kept secret, an address known only to locals and regulars, and our favorite beach, located just outside San Antonio. Only accessible on foot, along the cliffs lined with pine trees, or by boat, it is less crowded than its neighbors. Anchor in the cove, where the intense blue of the Mediterranean Sea gives way to the crystalline turquoise waters, or go down the stone stairs that lead to the golden sand.

Calo d’Hort

Under the sun

In Cala d'Hort, there is the sky, the sun, and the sea... From the first light of day, the sun's rays hit the immaculate cliffs. Lie down on the stone and let yourself warm on contact with it. The days on the beach of Cala d'Hort are often scorching. You come early, before the sun is at its zenith, or in the late afternoon, for golden hour, when the islands of Es Vedra and Es Vedranella are adorned with champagne reflections. 


Plage de Las Salinas 

The essential spot

Our luxury Spain holidays  cannot be concluded without passing by the beach of Las Salinas. Located in the very south of the island, facing Formentera, this long sandy beach is the embodiment of the spirit of Ibiza. On the one hand, the atmosphere is overwhelming, the ice cubes tinkle in the glasses and the house sounds escape from the DJ booths in the cool beach bars; on the other hand, there is an Olympian calm in the small creeks, carved in the rock. Between the Ibiza of the night birds and the wild Ibiza, our hearts sway.  


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