Our guide to the very best of the Ibiza beach scene

With our in-the-know guides to the world of the Ibiza beach, cease to feel at a loss when choosing which of Ibiza's many beaches to spend your summer days on.
Our guide to the very best of the Ibiza beach scene

Ibiza beaches are the life and soul of this Mediterranean gem. The beach resembles a watering hole in a parched landscape; an oasis in a drought. From across the island, the inhabitants of Ibiza - temporary, migratory, and permanent alike - participate in the daily ritual of attending the island's coastal reaches out of necessity, joy, or the simple fact that it is the best place to while away languid days.


What is Ibiza famous for? 

Well, Ibiza is famous for its beaches. While the island does offer so much more than just beaches, the beauty of its coastline tends to steal the show. As with Ibiza's varied and wild landscape, the beaches come in all shapes and sizes. From hidden coves to buzzing beaches lined with amazing restaurants and bars. There is no shortage of enjoyment to be found on these shores, whether you are looking for family fun, water sports, snorkelling, cliff jumping, or simply to lean into a lazy afternoon in a beach club.

Top 10 most beautiful beaches in ibiza



With Le Collectionist, finding the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Ibiza is a breeze. As one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations, we have made it our priority to be in the know when it comes to the best spots to spend your days on this gem of the Balearic Islands.

  • Calo d'En Serra
  • Platja Xarraca
  • Aigues Blanques
  • Pou des Lleo
  • Cala Benirras
  • Cala Pada
  • Cala Conta 
  • Cala Salada
  • Cala d'Hort
  • Plage de las Salinas

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Best beaches in Ibiza to suit your summery tastes 



Choosing a beach that fits your liking is easier said than done. It often takes a lot of research. Fortunately, following this list will simplify matters for you. Here is a summary of our best beaches in Ibiza, followed by the best beaches for certain activities and predilections. 

The best beaches in Ibiza

  • Sa Caleta
  • Cala Saladeta 
  • Cala Salada
  • Aguas Blancas
  • Cala Tarida
  • Las Salinas
  • Cala Jondal
  • Playa Cala Xarraca
  • Es Portitxol
  • Playa d'en Bossa

The best beaches for water sports

  • Cala Salada for snorkelling
  • Cala Salada for jet ski tours
  • S'Estanyol for water jets and speed boats
  • Santa Eulalia for scuba diving
  • Cala Xarraca for swimming
  • Las Salinas for boat trips

Have a look at our guide to the best beaches for water sports in Ibiza for more info.

The prettiest beaches in Ibiza for turquoise water

  • Cala Comte 
  • Cala Saladeta
  • Cala Bassa

For all the prettiest beaches in Ibiza, read more here. 

The best part of Ibiza for families: family-friendly beaches

  • Portinatx beach
  • Cala Tarida
  • Cala Salada
  • Cala D'Hort
  • Talamanca beach
  • Atlantis

While Ibiza is known for its pulsating summer nightlife, there is also a lot on offer for families. Read our article on these family-friendly beaches that comprise the best part of Ibiza for families.

A guide to the Ibiza beach club scene




Ibiza has come to be known for its vibrant nightlife and the variety of its beach clubs. Some of Ibiza's beach clubs are an embodiment of the bohemian, hippy way of life that has become a much-loved aspect of the island. Others are spirited clubs, where pulsating tunes from world-class DJs carry through the night. By day, they are places where excellent food and drink are served in a chic environment. Discover more with our Ibiza beach club article.

Our three best beach clubs in Ibiza

Beachouse, Playa d'en Bossa

This trendy stalwart of the beach club scene spills with an easy style and grace out onto the beach of Playa d'en Bossa. Its fisherman-style trendiness, with straw, rattan and wicker dominating the interior, engenders a feet-in-the-sand vibe, while maintaining a standard of classiness through its food, drinks and general aura. This is the kind of beach club that you could easily recline into for a long lunch, or spend each day drifting between the sea and your spacious sofa table. 

Amante Beach, Sol d'en Serra

This Mediterranean restaurant and bar in the picturesque cove of Sol d'en Serra gazes from a place of absolute peace over a tranquil bay of shimmering azure waters. The cove is a beautiful backdrop to this relaxed restaurant and beach club that serves delectable dished of Mediterranean cuisine. Come evening, the restaurant becomes a lavish fine-dining establishment, where the views from the cliff are stunning. It is a romantic setting, dimly lit to create an intimate and cosy ambience. Sprawl out on the spacious sun beds for a day of utter bliss in a wonderful setting.

Babylon Beach Ibiza, Santa Eulalia

Palms and pine trees lend an exotically tropical, yet entirely authentic Ibizan feel to Babylon. It is a great destination, where people of all ages will be able to find joy: from the jungle gym with the slide to swimming in the rocky cove, from the boutique to the delicious and inventive cocktails. The atmosphere wholly captures the laid-back lifestyle of Ibiza, where children can roam free while parents, free of worry, can sip and savour drinks in the sun's warmth. Read more about Babylon Beach Ibiza here.

Find the perfect sunset beach bar, Ibiza

These are some of the best places to spend the dazzling dusks that Ibiza is so famous for. Read more with our article on sunset beach bar, Ibiza.



Sunset Ashram, Comte Beach

The Ibizan sunset is a spectacle at the best of times, but at Sunset Ashram it is far more than just a visually pleasing scene. At this Bohemian beach bar, the sunset is a spiritual display of nature's wonder, worthy of admiration and celebration. Usher in the night from beneath the pergola. It is a delight to the senses, where tasty drinks and the famously blazing sky are accompanied by gently bopping music in the background. 

Cafe Mambo, San Antonio

Groove in the last light of another day of delight in Ibiza. This trendy beach bar and restaurant on San Antonio beach faces out over the bay with amazing views of the sunset. World-renowned DJs are known to grace the decks of this beach bar, making the evenings quite the show with an effortless light display by mother nature herself. The atmosphere of this well-known spot is one of youthful effervescence, where all worries are left at the door. It is also a great spot to grab a quick bite or a refreshing drink during the day.

Cotton Beach Club, Cala Tarida

The gleaming brightness of this whitewashed beach bar and restaurant gives it an ethereal and otherworldly feeling, especially when bathed in the light of the setting sun. Cotton Beach Club sits, perches even, on the rocks above Cala Tarida, where it commands one of the best sunset views on the island. This is a plush, chic destination from where to lap up the spectacular view over the Mediterranean. There are many reasons to fall in love with this beach club, but to find out why, read our ode to the sophisticated, yet unpretentious venue that is Cotton Beach Club Ibiza

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Some of our favourite traditional chiringuitos can be found in the tranquil coves of the north. Discover all our best beaches in north Ibiza here. 


Aguas Blancas

Aguas Blancas backs into ochre-coloured cliffs that are crowned with bright green foliage and pine trees. The golden sand beach at the bottom is like a stage, at the centre of attention for its beauty, with the surroundings forming a natural auditorium, where the trees, the rocks, and the birds gather to marvel.

The beach, due to its steep access, is often less crowded, even during the peak season. There is always an enjoyable activity to occupy visitors to this beach: spend calm days snorkelling or windy days bodyboarding. What makes this beach unique is that it is officially a nudist beach, but not everyone who frequents goes in the buff. At one end of the beach, you will find a quaint Chiringuito, where you can treat yourself to refreshments throughout the day.

Platja Pou des Lleo

This cove is brought to life by splashes of colour from the rose-hued rocks and the red sand that seems to ignite in the sunlight. The beach has a Chiringuito and a beach bar, which both add to the atmosphere of this otherwise peaceful cove.

The cove is well sheltered from the wind, making the water superbly clear for goggled explorers to examine the seafloor and the submerged rocky outcrops. Small fishermen's huts line the shore of this small wild beach on the north-eastern coast of Ibiza. 

To discover a different side of Ibiza, read our article on Ibiza's north coast.

IBIZA EAST COAST: Family beaches and water sports 



Santa Eulalia

In the resort town of Santa Eulalia, the main beach is a place for basking in the sun, or seeking out some thrilling activities. For those who get a kick from high-octane pursuits, rent a sailing boat to skim across the bay. If you prefer to take things at your own pace, take one of the pedalos for a lazy spin.

Along the promenade and further into town you will discover restaurants and bars aplenty, where fresh seafood and cooling thirst quenchers can be found. This is a great destination for families, with loads of activities for all members of the family on your Ibiza holidays.

Cala Llonga

One of the more classic beaches on the island, Cala Llonga is a destination for frolicking in the sea, soaking up the sun, and diving into a quintessentially beachy lifestyle, even just for the day. The wide beach of fine sand makes for a great place to play bat and ball or just to lay down your towel. People watching is a pastime that comes with ease here too. 

Pine forests line the surrounding hills of this somewhat narrow cove, which makes it an especially still and calm beach. Each summer there is a small funfair, and a great number of restaurants, cafes and bars means you are spoilt for choice.

We have a list of our secret family beach spots in Ibiza here, if you're looking for more inspiration on where to go in the other parts of Ibiza!




Cala Bassa

Clusters of pines surrender their scents to the sea breeze, adding to the piquancy of its dancing delight. The pines, so close to the shore's edge, seem to be awaiting an invitation to share in the joy that Cala Bassa bestows on all those fortunate enough to set foot on it.

The water is some of the most turquoise on the island, but its beauty has been known to draw swells of swimmers and beachgoers in the summer months. The Cala Bassa Beach Club has a collection of restaurants and bars along this pretty beach.

Cala Tarida

Home to Cotton Beach Club, Cala Tarida is famous for its clear water and epic sunsets. The bay is protected from the winds, and so the water remains unperturbed, and when its ripples catch the sun's glare, the seabed becomes a canvas painted with the iridescent marbling of light.

This alluring beach has the best of both worlds for aquatic predilections: shallow sandbanks for splashing and swimming, or rocky depths ideal for exploring with a snorkel and goggles. Rustic fisherman shacks litter the rocky slopes in the coves around Cala Tarida. 




Las Salinas

At the southern tip of the island, Las Salinas is as trendy as beaches come in Ibiza. Ses Salines Natural Park, where the beach gets its name from, is a protected area where birds thrive in the wetlands and salt is harvested from the flats. 

All along the beach and in the surrounding area, there are glamorous beach bars and restaurants, such as Experimental Beach, Ibiza. The beach attracts sun worshippers for its south-facing position, and the endless stream of people walking the beach's length makes for great people watching. To delve deeper into this charming beach, read our itinerary for Las Salinas beach Ibiza

Playa d'en Bossa

This is the most famous beach on the island; a haven for the young and young-at-heart, who love to interact with other people and immerse in the lively way of life that Ibiza has become so famous for. Lazy mornings are replaced by stirring afternoons, which soon turn into animated evenings with the gentle soundtracks from famous DJs oozing from the groovy beach clubs. 

The aforementioned Beachouse is an example of the kind of effortless style that adds life to this beach. Its busyness, however, doesn't detract from the enjoyment derived from the large bay, which is perfect for swimming, and the soft white sand that encourages the relaxed, shoes-off Ibizan way of life. 



Ibiza's shoreline conceals some of the Mediterranea's finest treasures: hidden bays and quaint chiringuitos cradled by picturesque coves. Read our articles on the best coves in Ibiza, the best quiet beaches in Ibiza (to be published soon), and our favourite secret beaches in Ibiza.

Es Portitxol 

In the far-flung reaches of the island's north is a small, isolated cove that is shawled by dense pine forests and framed by coastal hillsides that trickle straight into the still, blue water below. This beach is a hidden idyll where locals escape and in-the-know visitors can feel at peace. 


Rose-hued rocks that drop into clear depths of water, where caves await exploration, make up the dreamy backdrop to this tucked-away cove. Cala Bonita, a small restaurant on the shore that appears to have been carved from the rocks and the wood of the surrounding landscape, is the only sign of life here. While unspoilt, be sure to be treated to occasional live music and delicious food in an understatedly cool setting. 

Plunge into our Ibiza summer holidays itinerary


Each day, the spectacle of sunny summer days on the White Island draws admirers: horizontal sun-worshippers won't miss a minute upon their sun loungers; the intrepid use these hours of daylight to traverse coastal paths and plunge from plummeting cliffs into placid pools; others simply frolic in the azure shallows. Every evening, the island comes to an almost standstill, to admire the sun as it sinks behind the sea's horizon. From beach bars, hilltops, and villas processions of people gather to bid farewell to the sun and mark the passing of yet another day in paradise.

At Le Collectionist, we understand the significance of beaches to people, particularly on the Balearic beauty that is Ibiza, where unfailingly stunning beaches of all shapes and sizes abound. Find the best places to stay for beaches, the best beach bars, sunset spots, and what is on offer on each stretch of coastline in our itinerary for the best Ibiza summer holidays.

Best place to stay in Ibiza for beaches

As this article has probably shown, there is no one particular place to stay if you are looking for a good beach. The island is blessed with an endless variety of amazing beaches, whether you are looking for sandy shores or rocky pockets to explore. Our villas scatter the shores and interior of the White Island, so peruse our guide to the best place to stay in Ibiza for beaches to narrow down the magnanimous offerings.

A trip to Ibiza is undoubtedly one of our favourite luxury holidays Spain has on offer. Explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in Ibiza to springboard your next beach holiday to the Balearic island of Ibiza. 

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