Ibiza for Families: The Best Activities

The island may be known for its lively party scene, but during the day, there are plenty of activities in Ibiza for families.
Ibiza for Families: The Best Activities
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Ibiza, of course, is known as a party island. But along with the lively nightclubs and bohemian yoga retreats, the island has a peaceful and natural side. There is some wild beauty, a wealth of outdoor activities, and endless sunshine—Ibiza family holidays just make sense.

Of course, it’s easy to go for a hike or a swim on your own. But there are also lots of companies that specialise in creating adventure activities. Let the club-goers have their wild nights—during the day, there are so many things to do in Ibiza for families. Here are some of our favorites.

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Animal Activities in Ibiza for Families

Cap Blanc Aquarium

Visiting an aquarium and getting a close-up view of the fish and sea creatures is always a fun activity for families. This one—inside a natural cave—is even more fun. Water tanks look like lakes within the rocks, allowing visitors (those who are tall enough) to see the animals from above as well as from the side. The live animals represent the main sea life in the Mediterranean, and there is also a collection of samples, such as shark eggs and sea sponges. The Recovery Center of Marine Species uses space here. You can also see turtles being rehabilitated so that they can be released back into their natural habitat. 

Ibiza Horse Valley

Another animal rehabilitation center, this horse farm in a canyon is a great activity on Ibiza for families. It was created ten years ago as a home for horses that had been abandoned or mistreated. The horses that adjust well to their new surroundings are retrained for riding. Guests can choose half or full day programs that include a ride though the north of Ibiza. Every program includes time to meet all the horses and choose the one you’ll ride. Children over 14 are welcome. 

Ibiza Families horses

Adventure and Nature Activities in Ibiza for Families

Acrobosc Aerial Adventure Park

Located between Santa Eulàlia and Es Canar, this aerial park features zip lines (some as long as 70 meters), ropes courses, suspended platforms, climbing boards, and other pursuits between the treetops. Some of the routes are suitable for children as young as 3 years old, provided they’re tall enough (110 centimeters with their arms stretched overhead).

Ibiza Watersports speedboat beach and snorkeling tours

There’s no age limit on these excursions, which combine the adrenaline of a speedboat (as fast as nearly 90 kilometres per hour) with the tranquility of snorkeling and the beauty of the coastline as it passes beaches like Cala Bassa and Cala Conta, cliffs, caves, and other islands accessible only by boat such as Conejera and Las Bledas. Snorkeling gear is provided.

Ibiza families boat

Ibiza Jeep Safari

All-terrain vehicles take guests of all ages on an adventure through rough terrain and special places that are very difficult to find. There are hidden forests, valleys, and of course beaches and panoramic views. Guides tell stories and share facts about the island’s plants, animals, and historical past. There is an option to book a private trip for just your family.

Can Marçà caves

What kid doesn’t like a good smuggler story? The Can Marça caves in Puerto San Miguel have one, as they were part of an ancient smugglers route. The marks that they used to guide them are still visible on the cave walls, plus there’s a spooky, illuminated formation of stalagmites and stalactites. At the heart of the experience, there’s a music and light show with a 10-meter cascade of water.  

Culture Activities in Ibiza for Families

Punta Arabi hippie market

Ibiza’s bohemian side shines in its many hippie markets, where local artisans sell handmade crafts and vintage goods. They’re all lively, but the standout is Punta Arabi, where there is often music, entertainment, food, and a lot of colorful counterculture on display.

Ibiza hippie

Sunday drumming at Benirrás Beach

What started as a war protest in 1991 has turned into a weekly tradition, a celebration of peace, rhythms, music, and all that is good about Ibiza. A collective of drummers turns up every Sunday to make wild and hypnotic rhythms, and many more people of all ages from all over the world turn up to dance and enjoy the sunset.


Similar to a resort’s kids club, Minibiza was created by two Ibizan mothers who saw the need for a thoughtful space for children to play and have fun. Every afternoon, the whole family has time to play for an hour or two, and then parents can leave the children in the club’s care. It’s not just baby-sitting but an experience that involves all the senses. Sometimes there are workshops for children or for entire families and are perfect for your luxury Ibiza holidays.

Ibiza Family beach

Where to stay while enjoying Ibiza for families?

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