The best beaches in north Ibiza

Ibizan beaches are many and various, but unfailingly beautiful. There is a richness of natural wonder in the relative quietude of beaches on the north of the island.
The best beaches in north Ibiza
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Summer is always blissful on the Balearic Islands. Beautiful people bolt to brilliant beaches to while away sunny days by dipping into the Mediterranean and diving into delectable cuisine. Ibiza, though small, has boundless beauty, whether your gaze is turned inland or to the coast.

But because there is always bliss to be found in Ibiza during the summer, there will always be throngs of people who flock to the island. However, there are still parts of the island that offer a quieter experience during the high season. 

Ibiza's northern side is far more rustic and holds true to an authentic sense of the Bohemian heritage of the island. There is a bucolic charm to the inland areas of the north, while the beaches are equally stunning and with great variety.

There is a plethora of watery idylls to visit on your luxury beach holidays to Ibiza: quiet craggy coves from where to plunge into the Mediterranean; golden sand beaches that wrap around turquoise waters; rocky pockets to explore with a snorkel and goggles; lively, humming beach clubs littered with sun loungers.

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Discover some of the best beaches on the north of the island and other ideas for things to do in ibiza, which will complement Ibiza holidays of any kind. The island is one of the best luxury holidays Spain has to offer - let us help you make the most of it. 

Aguas Blancas

Aguas Blancas feels like it is the first witness of each new day: golden light skims across the Mediterranean illuminating this beautiful stretch of sand. As the sand's colour begins to warm, so does the sea's pastel blue hue as it gently crashes on the shore. 

Aguas Blancas is one of Ibiza's most famous beaches for naturists, however it remains a popular destination for families in the high season. It is a particularly beautiful beach flanked by jagged cliffs on the north-eastern coast, whether you want to get your kit off to join the other "beach bums" in basking in the glorious morning sun or not.

Cala Saladeta

On the west coast, just north of San Antonio and across the bay from Cala Salada, lies Cala Saladeta, which is slightly more off the beaten track and away from the crowds. The beach is excellent for swimming, snorkelling and watching the sunset.


Pack a picnic and an umbrella, taking intermittent plunges into the refreshing embrace of the shimmering sea as the sun is at its peak. This Ibiza beach is one to tick off the list.

santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is a humming, family-friendly town on the east coast of Ibiza. Its beach, a curving golden stretch of sand, like a crescent moon, sits in front of the pleasantly bustling car-free promenade, which is line with delightful cafes and restaurants. It is a great beach to dip in and out of, allowing you to wander the promenade to escape for an iced coffee or a quick lunch, without losing the chance to go for a cooling dip the sea.


The beach, like the town, is great for all ages. Interestingly, it was one of the first beaches to ban smoking on the island. Pop into Passion Cafe for a hearty and healthy brunch and some delicious coffee, before spending the afternoon sprawled out on your beach towel.


Benirrás is a west-facing beach of pebble and sand just a 10-minute drive from San Miguel. During the summer months, every Sunday the fiesta de los tambores, the drum party, takes place. Hippies wobble their heads, beat their drums and light fires in ceremony of the day's end. This evening ritual which brings the week to a close is a reminder of the island's bohemian past.


It is a great place to catch the famous Ibizan sunset, as the sky's iridescent blaze challenges the colour spectrum before turning dark and giving way to the stars and the fire-lit beach.

Cala Xarraca

Cala Xarraca is for the more intrepid souls: its coastal paths are perfect for some tranquil exploring, while its crystal clear waters are a snorkeler's heaven. This beach is nestled in a small bay, which sits in a larger cove, affording extra protection from winds and currents, which gives the water an extra-clear quality. There is a small restaurant, which means you can spend the whole day here without worrying about food and water. 

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Just along from the main beach you will find some natural mud baths where you can get that skin glowing! There is even more to discover by boat, where little coves are hidden beneath rocks and pine forests that teeter on cliff edges.

Es Portixol 

Lace your way amongst the tall pines along a coastal path from just beyond San Miguel towards San Mateu. The scenic walk takes about thirty minutes, but it is worth every step. You can also access this beach by boat. Once you emerge through the foliage, you see a sickle-shaped beach engulfed by azure waters and rose-hued rocks, fishermen's shacks and tucked-away rock pools.


Some of the pools, warmed by the sun's glare, are the perfect temperature for a swim. This beach, because of its access, is quiet and unspoilt. 

Cala Mastella

Probably the most authentic and traditional Ibizan chiringuito can be found, with its bubbling fish stews ladening the summer breeze with their sweet aromas, in this quiet little cove. Cala Mastella is a wild and beautiful coastal enclave: its pace of life is slower and it has somehow isolated itself from the modernisation that so many other parts of the island have witnessed. 

The cove is bordered by cliffs, like an amphitheatre whose stage is a colourful blanket of blues that ripples with passing boats and the soft breeze. Whilst here, discover another hidden gem in Pou des Lleó, which is the peaceful reserve of those who live locally and those who are well informed. 


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