Our selection of the most beautiful spots to go diving in Ibiza

Ibiza still hides many secrets. Discover with us the most beautiful diving spots of the White Island.
Our selection of the most beautiful spots to go diving in Ibiza
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Ibiza is a European nightlife hotspot, renowned for its electric bars and clubs. It also has a more intimate face, similar to a small wild village. Get off the beaten track and immerse yourself in nature. Below the surface, its turquoise and crystalline waters reach out to you. Discover with us the best places to discover the underwater life of the White Island during your luxury vacation.

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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Diving is an experience to try at least once in your life! You become one with the nature around you. Fish of a thousand colours dazzle you, while seaweed tickles the tips of your fins. Enjoy this soothing calm during your holidays in Ibiza. However, this requires training and support from a professional. Get closer to your Tailor, he will be happy to organise a private session for you with one of our local guides, who will accompany you to the most beautiful diving spots in Ibiza.

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Don Pedro 

This 142 meter long wreck is the largest in Europe. This former trading vessel ran aground at the gates of the island over a decade ago. It has become a tourist attraction just a few meters from the port of Ibiza. Admire nature taking back its rights at the heart of this testimony to human life. The fauna and flora develop as the wreck degrades. To observe this majestic and impressive spectacle, it is better to have an advanced level in diving. Attention adventurers!

Dado Pequeño

The Dado Pequeño is to Don Pedro what the iceberg is to the Titanic. This seemingly innocuous rock is the cause of the sinking of the Don Pedro. The underwater fauna and flora are rich there: anemones, sponges, scorpion fish and barracudas compete in beauty to capture your attention in a mesmerizing blue setting. The little extra: this site is accessible even to beginners.


Le Phare 

Close to Cala Martina, in the north of Ibiza, is El Faro. Its name can be confusing, you will not find yourself facing a submerged lighthouse, but an old beacon to guide boats at sea. Octopuses and barracudas will be there to welcome you. If you're lucky, you might spot some sunfish. With its three dive sites, the place is ideal for beginners and experienced alike.

La Cueva de la Luz

We saved the best for last. Not far from Sant Antoni de Portmany, La Cueva de la Luz is a diving spot like no other. Its very special atmosphere makes it an essential spot to discover the wonders offered by underwater life. Feel the grandeur of this awe-inspiring cave, where the sun's rays cut across the sea in a mesmerizing light show. It feels like being in the kingdom of fantastic aquatic creatures. But beware: to venture into the world of mermaids, it is better to have a good level in diving.

La Plataforma de Formentera

Not far from Ibiza is the small island of Formentera, with its resolutely intimate and bohemian charm. This island of Pityuses is about to become your favorite playground. More discreet than its neighbour, Formentera is one of our favorite spots for diving and discovering the wonders that you can't imagine from the surface: moray eels, scorpion fish, conger eels, barracudas... This n It's not called the "fish factory" for nothing. Depending on the area, this site is accessible from beginner to advanced level.





The coasts and beaches of Ibiza, carpeted with rocks and Posidonia, these typical Mediterranean algae, are also ideal for trying snorkeling. Put on a mask, snorkel and flippers, and set off to discover the most beautiful spots on the island.

Cala Conta

The reputation of Cala Conta beach is well established, it is one of the most popular on the White Island. Especially appreciated for its turquoise water and its silky sand perfect for idleness, the underwater life is also worth the detour. Equipped with your mask, your snorkel and your pair of fins, set off to admire the colorful inhabitants of this heavenly place, such as the oblades or the peacock wrasse...

Cala Bassa 

Cala Bassa is a refined place, surrounded by lush vegetation and opulent establishments. Leave the fine, soft sand to reach the rocky area. This cove changes face as soon as you pass on the other side of the mirror. Beneath the surface, in the recesses of the rocks, colorful fish swim before your eyes. This place is suitable for all levels.


Cala Codolar

This cove is even more peaceful than its neighbors. Here, you are sure to spend a unique one-on-one with nature. Thanks to the shallow depth of this snorkeling spot, the view is clear and bright, which makes the spectacle of the fauna and flora all the more striking. No need to venture far from the beach to discover the wonders of this snorkeling spot.

Cala Xarraca 

The coves of Ibiza all have a special charm. Palms on your feet, take on the sea and its treasures. Cala Xarraca has nothing to envy to its neighbours: crystal clear water, magnificent seabed, a breathtaking beach... Take advantage of its calm to learn about snorkeling and enjoy the sun with your loved ones.



Punta Galera

Not far from the La Cueva de la Luz dive spot, towards Sant Antoni de Portmany, is Punta Galera. This place will allow you to discover the marine fauna and flora in another way. To have the best chance of encountering fish, such as common sars, oblades or wrasses, stay towards the rocky area. You will surely also come across a few starfish basking on the rocks!

With Le Collectionist, renting a luxury villa in Ibiza has never been easier. Spend an unforgettable holiday on the beaches of Ibiza and put your bags down in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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