Things to do in Ibiza when it rains

Don't let the rain ruin your trip to Ibiza. With these things to do in Ibiza when it rains, you can discover a different and intimate side of Ibiza.
Things to do in Ibiza when it rains
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While rain would rarely feature as a possibility in the machinations of holiday planning in Ibiza, it would be a mistake to rule it out as a day wasted; nothing about a bit of rain means that a whole day should be left at the wayside by the whims of the weather.

Instead, a rainy day in Ibiza should be viewed as an opportunity: to see Ibiza from an entirely different angle, one that you would (almost) never read about in one of those travel articles! Because the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains, make your way to the art galleries, the restaurants, the cinemas. 



Each rainy day should not be viewed as a calamity, but as a change of pace - a welcome respite from the quintessential Ibizan summer days. Treat yourself to a spa day with a loved one or browse the luxurious shops that litter the island. On your Ibiza holidays, Carpe Diem, come rain or shine! With this guide, you can discover some things to do in Ibiza when it rains. Find rainy day treasures and embrace the culture of the island's creative and more pensive sides.

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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Discover the art galleries of Ibiza

Ibiza has been a muse for artists since before the island's much-loved hippies began treading these shores. Creatives seek inspiration from the freedom of the Ibizan way of life. With such a breathtaking backdrop, it is easy to see why. The result is an intriguing fusion of influences from different periods and from all across the world. This is a great thing to do in Ibiza when it rains.

Marta Torres Gallery, Ibiza Town

Plunge into the intricacies of Marta Torres Gallery in Ibiza Town - at the bottom of Dalt Vila - where the impressive collection boasts works by artists of international and national renown, featuring greats such as Joan Miró and Miguel Barceló. 

MACE, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ibiza Town


MACE is located in the old town of Ibiza Town - the Dalt Vila. This stunning gallery entwines the old, stone facade of traditional Mediterranean architecture with the sleek, whitewashed modernity of Ibiza's new-age architecture. It embodies the coexistence of old and new; the harmony of incorporating the old, not rejecting it, with the new to present something innovative and beautiful. The gallery was inaugurated in 1969, making. it one of Spain's oldest contemporary art museums. It has a wonderful collection that is definitely worth seeing.

Learn the rich history, from Santa Eulalia to Ibiza town

Ibiza's long history has seen it pass through many hands, arguably beginning with its foundation as a port by Phoenician settles as far back as 800BC. Learning about the island's history is just one of the many great and alternative things to do in Ibiza when it rains.

The Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formenterra, Ibiza Town

Spend the morning perusing the peaceful and fascinating history of these wondrous islands. The museum brings facts, stories, and artifacts together to present the long history of this island. This is a rainy day activity for the curious, for those who want to learn of conquests and settlers, of heroics and the binding fabric of Ibiza's unique culture. 

Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza, Santa Eulalia

The Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza is an embodiment and cultural record of the livelihoods of the people who call the Pitiusic Islands home. The Pitiusic Islands is the collective name for the Balaeric Islands and other small islets that pepper the blue sea around them. The museum is a permanent exhibition that captures the cultures and ways of living of the people throughout the island's history.


Retail therapy! Discover the best shops on a rainy day

Shopping is one of the best things to do in Ibiza when it rains. In fact, I would argue, it's one of the best things to do anywhere when it rains. Sometimes, don't. even wait for it to rain. Ibiza has its own unique styles and a wide variety of shops, from luxury boutique brands to bohemian and hippy markets that buzz with a hum of people and live music. One of the failsafe shopping experiences is the leather products, particularly the handmade goods from Linda Ibiza. There are some beautiful and intricate belts, skirts, handbags and accessories that are definitely worth the trip. 

Or, partially because of the gentle, easygoing hippy lifestyle that thrives on the island, there are a number of eco, zero-waste shops, like Pachamama, as well as shops that sell curios, trinkets, and a number secondhand products. For sleek interpretation of Bohemian-chic style, head to Reina & Roses, where elegance and. edginess can both be found in their flowing dresses and bomber jackets.

Sightseeing in bad weather


If the weather takes a turn for the worse, don't feel disheartened and delay doing the things you want to do. Climb into your car and head out for a mini road trip to some of our favourite sites. When the weather is bad, the swell usually picks up, enticing the local surfers out with their boards for some wave-riding. Cosy into a restaurant on Playa Jondal, from where you will be able to see the surfers awaiting the perfect wave in the haze of the rain. There is a wealth of great things to do in Ibiza when it rains. 

There is something mesmerising about seeing Ibiza in the round; the island seems to be under a shroud of mysticism that only adds to its allure. Drive along some of the coastal roads where you can catch glimpses of the surrounding islands as they peak through the smoky pall of rain. The dramatic landscapes and moody skies also serve as the perfect backdrop for photographers.

Food tours of rainy Ibiza


While the island is known for it's excellent Ibizan restaurants that spill onto sweeping terraces and soft, sandy beaches, there is a more intimate side to the Ibizan dining scene. Down the quaintly cobbled alleys of Ibiza Town, you will find La Oliva, which usually has its clients perched on the cobbled streets. On rainy days, however, you will find yourself in a cosy, dimly-lit ambience where you will feel warmly wrapped in the inimitable embrace of Mediterranean hospitality.

Head to Yemanja Beach Restaurant on Playa Jondal for a warm viewing point of the surfers, where an indulgent warming fish stew, Bullit de Peix, or prawn paella awaits. This is one of the most wholesome and heartwarming things to do in Ibiza when it rains. 

With Le Collectionist, you can explore Ibiza - one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations - with ease. Find your luxury Ibiza villa rental to make your holiday a personal experience, where, on rainy days, you can relax in the comfort of your home away from home.

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