Cool things to do in Ibiza : unusual and unique activities

Unique and off beat activities in Ibiza : make your summer holidays to the White Island unforgettable with these cool things to do in Ibiza.
Cool things to do in Ibiza : unusual and unique activities
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Ibiza, a gem in the Mediterranean where hedonistic nights meet equally wild terrain, boasts a diversity of unique experiences to undertake on your Ibiza holidays. The turquoise and rose-hued hem of the island, where the rocky shores and the flat, lazy sea meet, has a wealth of activities to be enjoyed and treasures to be unearthed. The interior ranges from natural parks where wildlife flourishes to hillsides that roll with long cables of pristine vineyards. The variation and depth of Ibiza's natural and man-made environs mean that there is an ample and bounteous offering of cool things to do in Ibiza. 

One of the fundamental principles that we, here at Le Collectionist, hold most dear is that we provide an utterly personal experience to all those who travel with us. So, we have curated a list of unique experiences for our guests to enjoy. If you can dream it, you can do it. With this guide, you can try some of these unique and cool things to do in Ibiza:

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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Scuba dive in the canyons of Es Vedra

A world that is completely different to the one we know exists beneath the surface off the shores of a mysterious island. Es Vedra has been the subject of many a myth throughout the centuries, including as the fabled home of The Sirens, who coaxed sailors to their demise with their sweet songs. Every evening, the lofty rock that sits just off the southwest coast of Ibiza draws marvelling visitors from across the island, as they watch its mighty silhouette darken against the blazing sky.

But what lies beneath the shimmering surface is something that seems to have been plucked from a different universe. Underneath the waters that lap against this rock, vast and mesmerising in its timeless poise, a treasure trove awaits. Don your flippers and diving apparatus to explore the spectacular underwater canyons and cavernous rock formations. This is one of our favourite activities out of the cool things to do in Ibiza, as the scale and beauty of this submarine landscape will leave you awe-struck.


Watch the sunset in one of our favourite spots

Each day, the sunset marks the end of another day in paradise. In Ibiza, watching the uniquely beautiful sunset has become a rite; it is an almost-spiritual act of thanksgiving for the joys that the island offers. Watching the sunset is also an act undertaken for simple pleasure: when the sun begins its descent beneath the horizon, the sky starts to burn in an iridescent and fiery display of natural beauty that will unfailingly leave you amazed. For that reason, a number of spots have become popular and loved as destinations in which to participate in this daily ritual, in this worship of nature's fireworks that takes place almost every summer evening. Check out our list of our favourite sunset restaurants Ibiza has to offer.

While there are viewpoints that boast a great sunset all across the island, particularly on the west coast, our favourite spot is undoubtedly Sunset Ashram. Here, the sunset is far more than an aesthetic event that happens every day. People come here to admire the sunset; some come to gaze in awe with a cocktail in hand and an ambience of gentle music to celebrate the end of another blissful day on the White Island. 


Sample the local produce at a wine tasting

Test the terroir of the region alongside a cellar master who will guide you through the history and culture of Ibizan and Spanish wines. The northern side of the island is home to the bulk of the Ibizan wineries, where the local grapes, typically Monastrell and Malvasía, are crafted into spectacular wines of the Vino de la Tierra denomination. 

Head to Can Maymó Bodega on the north side of the island just outside the small village of Sant Mateu d’Albarca. Here, you will find a traditional and earthy bodega, where the passionate owners will walk you through the history and flavours of the wine that grows on this bucolic landscape while you sip on delicious wines paired with excellent cold cuts and cheeses. 


Climb the coastal cliffs of the Balearic Islands

For the intrepid adventurers who come to the White Island, there is plenty of wild and rugged and untamed terrain to explore. The island's fringes are characterised by variation and contrast: soft sand beaches are pressed between coastal cliffs and the verdant softness of the vegetation is often perched upon scarred rock faces tinged with red and orange. One of our favourite ways of seeing the coast is from a vertical perspective.

Strap into your harness and be prepared to have your breath taken away by the sheer beauty of Ibiza's coastline and the dizzying heights from where you will be admiring the view. You can even climb the mystical wonder that is Es Vedra. Simply speak to your dedicated holiday tailor to arrange for this high-octane adventure across Ibiza's majestic mountains and cliffs. 


Harvest your own salt in Natural Park De Ses Salines

One of the most unique experiences on our list of the cool things to do in Ibiza is to pay a visit to the inimitably beautiful sanctuary of Ses Salines, where the salt flats and estuaries are alive with the vibrance of pink flamingoes and birdsong. Spend the afternoon in the park with a guide who will teach you the ancient traditions of salt harvesting and about the park itself.

This is not only a blissful setting in which to spend an afternoon, with the scents of salt and the aromas of the park's rich flora and fauna dancing on the breeze, but the fruits of your labour will also make for great gifts. 


a night off from the beach bars with an open-air cinema

Cosy up under the canopy of stars for an evening viewing of the latest or your favourite film. With the sea breeze gently blowing on a warm summer's night and the best snacks of your choice available, you can lose yourself in a cinematic universe for the evening in the comfort of your own backyard. Speak to your holiday tailor to arrange for a screening to take place on a warm and clear evening on the soft and sprawling front lawn of your luxury villa rental in Ibiza. This is one of those cool things to do in Ibiza that you can't help but blurt out to all of your friends when you return home from another idyllic Ibizan holiday. 

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With Le Collectionist, all of these experiences and more are available in our luxury holiday destinations. Begin your holiday by perusing our website for the spectacular array of luxury villas Ibiza has to offer. 

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