Where is the best part of Ibiza for families?

Discover Ibiza's wild side, not through its famed parties, but its natural wonder. Choose sandy serenity or explore the beautiful island with your family.
Where is the best part of Ibiza for families?
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A nimiety of activities awaits those who choose to spend their holidays on the White Island, those who are willing to venture beyond the pulsating nightlife and humming summer days in Ibiza's beach clubs. Ibiza's beautiful terrain, wild and varied in parts, tranquil and plush in others, both urban and rural, makes for a holiday destination that has the ability to itch any scratch and hit any spot. Dive into this mesmerising Mediterranean setting with your family.

Is Ibiza suitable for a family holiday?

While Ibiza's reputation has primarily been one of an endless summer of parties and festivals, it has gradually eroded that exclusivity and held out an earthy hand and a shimmering smile to those looking for slower and more peaceful holidays. This Balearic beauty's natural aesthetic has always existed, but the songs of cicadas and gentle sounds of summer have been overshadowed by the notoriety of its loud music. There is nothing new about Ibiza's laid-back offerings, but people have begun to realise that the island's serenity and youthful vibrance can coexist, even complement one another. 


Best family resort in Ibiza: Santa Eulalia

Located on Ibiza's east coast, Santa Eulalia is a peaceful resort town that doesn't embody the reputation that Ibiza has exported for so long. Santa Eulalia's pace of life quickens only when cycling, horse riding or zip wiring around, in, and out of the resort. Spend your day on one of the many surrounding beaches, with kids splashing in the water, playing bat and ball, or shoulder deep in the moat of their new sandcastle. There are also a number of excellent restaurants in the area. This is, perhaps, the most popular and best place to stay in Ibiza for families. 

Ibiza family beaches

Cala Tarida's enticing shallow waters

This slice of heaven on the west coast of Ibiza boasts rippling blue waters perfect for the young'uns to swim and frolic in, as well as protruding rocks for clambering and exploring. The shelter provided by the hills that surround this strip of white sand provides a sense of safety in its stillness. Also, pay a visit to one of our favourite establishments on the island: Cotton Beach Club Ibiza.


Activity days on Playa d'en Bossa

The most famous of Ibiza's beaches, Playa d'en Bossa is the longest stretch of silky white sand on the island. While it is lined with equally silky smooth beach clubs and bars, it also has a gentler, family-oriented side. Skim or bob along the bay's shimmering surface on your preferred mode of transport: banana boat or pedalo, waterski or kayak. Children will have no trouble finding fun, whether splashing in the sandy shallows or looking for something more adrenaline-inducing. The best part of Ibiza for families is the variety of fun to be found.

Cala Vadella

The houses that spill down the hillside appear frozen in time, a freeze-frame from a time when they were free to make their ritual daily descent to swim in the azure waters below. The sandy beach very gradually gives way to rocky coves, which are explorative havens for the adventurous and inquisitive families to snorkel and plunge into the sea. 


Activities in Ibiza for families

Explore the hippy market in San Carlos

The island has become a bohemian home to free spirits from all walks of life. The result is a laid-back atmosphere that presides over many of the bars and restaurants, and has led to quirky markets popping up across the island. One such market is Las Dalias Hippy Market, where colourful clothing and crafts are sold with a smile. 


Events for kids in the summer months

While a holiday in Ibiza doesn't have to be characterised by the island's renowned party scene, there is no reason why you should avoid this side of Ibiza altogether simply because you are travelling with kids. The best part of Ibiza for families lies in the knowledge that anything goes: dance with your children in the laid-back beach clubs or simply spend your days discovering the island's quietude. The choice is yours.

There are a number of family-friendly parties and music events that you can take advantage of, such as live music at Las Dalias in the evenings and fun-filled dinners with entertainment and cool music at Elements Beach Bar. 

Child-friendly villas in Ibiza

Villa Antonella, Santa Eulalia

Right next to Santa Eulalia, nestled amongst the flourishing foliage and framed by views of the Mediterranean that seamlessly transition into clear skies, Villa Antonella is a great place for your stay in Ibiza. The spacious garden and large pool are perfect for boundless games of football and aimless rounds of Marco Polo. The beach is within walking distance, and everything - shops, a golf course and restaurants - is only a short drive away. This villa is located next to arguably the best part of Ibiza for families.


Villa Tawe, San Antonio

This four-guest villa is the ideal size for a small family holiday. In almost venetian mimicry, the pool enwraps this sleek villa. Its waterways and outdoor jacuzzi were made for spending your Ibiza holidays cooling off in the rippling water. The villa is sheltered from the outside by a cocoon of palms, whose fronds form a wall that dances in the breeze. Villa Tawe is located on the west coast in the outskirts of the fun and spirited town of San Antonio, where watersports aplenty can be undertaken. 


Villa Mora, near San Antonio

Opt for a holiday where you can enjoy Ibiza's wild and idyllic countryside, where the orchestra of birds and cicadas are nature's Hans Zimmer-esque soundtrack to your luxury holidays in Spain. Villa Mora is set back from San Antonio with great amenities perfect for children. Emerge from the pool with a great inhale of the scents of pizza cooking in the pizza oven. Eat each ambrosial meal under the slatted pergola, lunches tigerised by the slices of sun that spill through the bamboo awning. 


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