Discover our secret Ibiza family beaches

We have searched high and low for the best family beaches in Ibiza and you can find our favourites below.
Discover our secret Ibiza family beaches
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The White Isle of the Balearics is famous for many things, from music to partying, its authentic bars and restaurants, breathtaking scenery of sandy beaches, crystal clear water and much more. But despite its reputation, there is still plenty of choice for those with children as the island abounds in things to do for families. In fact, the best place in ibiza for families is the beach! Ibiza family beaches are plentiful, and we have compiled a list of the best around. If you’re looking for peace and quiet or activities galore, get inspired by our list of Ibiza family beaches today, the best part of Ibiza for families.

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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1. Cala Salada

Ibiza family beaches: Best for Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea

Cala Salada is located in the North-West of the island, in the Sant Antoni de Portmany Ibiza town. This stunning stretch of sand is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Balearics. Famous for being tucked away in a small, sandy cove, this family-friendly beach encompasses everything you could want from an Ibizan seafront. Its shallow waters are transparent and warm, perfect for your kids to swim and for you to not to have to worry. It is easily accessible by car with a delicious, traditional Spanish tapas restaurant on the beach. Cala Salada has everything you need for the perfect family day at the beach.


The crowd is friendly and buzzy, with both locals and holidaymakers alike flocking to this beach on the sunny weekends in the summer. Out of season, this cosy cove is the perfect place to rest and restore after a summer of activities. But fear not, the children will not get bored, as you can rent water bikes directly from the beach for all-day entertainment. If you’re looking for sparkling, turquoise waters and the perfect balance between restful and energising, then Cala Salada is for you!

Where to stay: Villa Vista is nestled amongst the pine trees on the North-Western coast of Ibiza and is a short drive to the beach. An effortless crowd pleaser.

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2. Cala d'Hort

Ibiza family beachesBest for chasing the perfect sunset

This hidden gem is not one to miss. Cala d’Hort is the sunset spot that you’ve always dreamed of, with the glistening sunshine bouncing off the water ahead of you. The famous Es Vedra rock sits proudly in the middle of the sea and is the focal point from Cala d’Hort. Every member of the family will enjoy these stunning views as the sun sets over the horizon.


It is located in the west of the island so it's easy to access this incredible spot by car. You can spend the entire day resting on the long stretch of beach and you can even surf here! When the sun starts to dip in the sky, the usually calm and empty beach fills up. Even the locals don't want to miss this fantastic phenomenon.

Where to stay: Immaculately presented, Villa Sur has the view of a lifetime. 


3. Atlantis

Ibiza family beaches: Best for Magical Escapes 

Affectionately described as Atlantis thanks to its mysterious coves and enigmatic coastal views, Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort is a must-see for any family visiting Ibiza. A totally magical experience that you cannot miss if you’re on the White Isle. For children who are fans of fantasy and enchantment, this day trip will be astonishing for all. To find the coast itself you can only go by boat or on foot which makes it an even more exciting adventure.


The waves crash up onto the rocks and create natural swimming pools carved out into the cliff face. Strange rock formations were originally created by quarriers and recovered by hippies and transformed into areas for worship and prayer. If you look carefully, you can spot Buddhist carvings and drawings of animals and nature adorning the walls and the rock-faces. It's the perfect excursion for older children and teenagers but be careful when hiking down to the caves, as the terrain can be a bit rocky! Revel in the mythical charm of Atlantis that's only improved by the inconceivable sunset that lights up the sky every evening. The charisma and spirituality of Ibiza can be felt at its highest strength at this spot. It is one of the best examples of an Ibiza family beach.

Where to stay: Villa Torre Vedra is the embodiment of Ibiza as it wraps around the side of the cliff with views over the Med. The white walls and funky art will transport you to another era. The Cala d’Hort bay is just below, meaning that the depths of Atlantis are not too far to explore. 

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4. Cala Mastella

Ibiza family beaches: Best for hidden gems and delicious food

This tiny cove tucked away in the North-Eastern tip of the island is a treasure to behold. It is hidden away from the joyous hustle and bustle of Ibiza, but is home to a beautiful gem of a restaurant. El Bigotes is a family run joint who pride themselves on using fresh ingredients to make the best food possible. They catch their fish every morning and grill it in front of you on the plancha. Make sure to visit this spot on your next family holiday, it doesn't get more authentic than that!


The authenticity is the charm of this little cove. Unexplored by many, it is a must-visit for anyone searching some peace and serenity. After your lunch, you can doze in the dappled shade or snorkel in the crystalline waters. Whatever you decide to do, you won't regret visiting this jewel of a hideaway.

Where to stay: Just a short drive down the coast from the hidden cove of Cala Mastella, you can find Villa Antonella. This beautifully presented villa sleeps 12 and has views over the whole Med sea.


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