Things to do in Corsica: Our Favourites from North to South

Wondering what things to do in Corsica for a memorable stay with your loved ones? From Cap Corse to the Lavezzi Islands, come with us to explore this exceptional region!
Things to do in Corsica: Our Favourites from North to South

A land of myths and legends, Corsica and its breathtaking landscapes have been inspiring travellers for a long time. Visit medieval cities steeped in history, swim in heavenly beaches or hike in the wild countryside. Whatever you prefer, there is something for everyone. With Le Collectionist, explore the most beautiful parts of the island of beauty and find out what to do in Corsica during your stay!

what to visit in Corsica: our favourites



If you don't know where to start, check out our article on the best places to see in Corsica to discover our must-see places on the island of beauty:

  • The Gulf of Porto 
  • Scandola Nature Reserve
  • Calanques de Piana
  • Lotu Beach
  • Campomoro Beach
  • The Lavezzi Islands
  • The Agriates Desert
  • Bonifacio

Where to Go in Corsica for One Week? 

To visit Corsica in seven days, we advise you to follow an itinerary and plan your trip carefully to avoid being overwhelmed by all that the island has to offer. Read our article for more tips on where to go in North Corsica for a week.

Where to Go in Corsica for Four Days? 

Corsica is a perfect destination for a short stay. Four days is just enough to soak up the atmosphere of the island of beauty. All you have to do is choose between an authentic stay in North Corsica or a holiday in southern Corsica. Whatever the season, it will always be a magical journey. Explore our ideas for how to visit Corsica in four days.

when to go on holiday in corsica


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The locals will tell you that Corsica is full of character all year round. While the weather may change, the island is always beautiful. As soon as you get off the plane, you'll be overwhelmed by a feeling of well-being. No matter what season you choose to experience, visiting Corsica is always an extraordinary adventure.

The Island in Bloom: Visit Corsica in Spring

Spring is synonymous with renewal, as the fields awaken, colourful wild flowers bloom and the sun begins to shine. The harvest is found in the village markets and the summer visitors have not yet arrived. The beautiful, deserted beaches are the perfect place for the first swim of the year. For hiking, the temperature is pleasant and allows you to climb without difficulty.

Spring is also a time of celebration. In April in Saint Lucia, the locals celebrate olive oil. Visit the mills, the olive groves and taste this staple accompanied by bread and a little salt. In Calvi, attend the oldest festival on the island, the Calvi Jazz Festival which brings together the big names and new talents of the style every year in the lively streets of the city.

A Refreshing Season: Visit Corsica in Winter

It may be hard to believe but in winter, the peaks of Corsica often are covered in beautiful, white snow. The island of beauty is even home to 3 ski resorts with amazing scenery. In Val d'Ese, for example, you can ski down the slopes just an hour from the sea. It is the duality between the white of the peaks and the deep blue of the sea that gives the coast a particularly breathtaking setting. The winter light gives the sea a tranquil, almost mystical atmosphere. Go off the beaten track and discover our tips for visiting Corsica in winter.

For lovers of gastronomy, this is also an ideal time to taste Corsican specialities: local charcuterie and cheeses can be enjoyed in a small restaurant for an authentic experience. Finish the meal with a myrtle liqueur to warm up before leaving to enjoy the fresh winter air.

Under the Sun: Visit Corsica in Summer

In summer, take advantage of the good weather and bask in the sun. Rest on the beautiful Corsican beaches that punctuate the coast, or go hiking in the shade of wild olive trees in the fields. Make sure to discover the beautiful cities and small villages of Corsica (coming soon), from Porto to Ajaccio and Porto-Vecchio.

Regardless, visiting Corsica in summer is an adventure full of promise. Soar on the waves at 100km per hour thanks to water sports, marvel at the seabed while diving or set off for a hike in the heart of the most picturesque landscapes of the island, those of its natural reserves.

Incredible Colours: Visit Corsica in Autumn

It's no wonder autumn is a favourite for locals. From the end of the summer, the island takes on a new look. The tourists are leaving and the beaches are emptying. Only the Indian summer remains. It brings with it a metamorphosis of nature, tinged with shades of vibrant oranges and reds.

Go hiking in the lush vegetation of the fields, walk through the large empty rooms of museums or find yourself alone in the world on the large expanses of white sand that line the coast. Whatever you choose, visiting Corsica in autumn is unforgettable!

Stay in corsica with family



Discover all our advice for where to stay in Corsica with children. Adventures, culture and relaxation, all the facets of island life invite you to an extraordinary journey with your children, young and old. Here are some of our favourite activities to do in Corsica with the family:

  • Spend a day on the beautiful beaches of Porto-Vecchio
  • Discover the history of Napoleon in Ajaccio
  • Picnic on the Lavezzi Islands
  • Race with dolphins on the doast of Bonifacio
  • Discover Corsican legends in the perched villages of Cap Corse
  • Eat with the family to the sound of age-old songs from the island of beauty
  • Go hiking in the Sanguinaires Islands

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Our Advice for Going on Holiday in Corsica with Family:

Where to settle, what to visit, how to occupy the children and which beaches to choose? Corsica offers families a land of limitless discoveries, between cultural visits in the footsteps of Napoleon, sporting days in the countryside, diving in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, shopping days in the big cities or lounging on the beautiful beaches. Discover all our advice to find your way around before going on holiday in Corsica with your family.

What to Do on a Family Holiday in Corsica: Our Itinerary

From north to south of the island of beauty, take your family to visit the most beautiful places on the island. To the South, explore heavenly beaches such as Palombaggia Beach or Silver Beach to swim in the shallow waters and enjoy the shade of the restaurants. In the North, go on an expedition for a day and meander through the fields to find the most picturesque Corsican villages. Explore our perfect itinerary for your family trip to Corsica to learn more!

A Weekend in Corsica with Family:

One thing is certain, in one weekend, you will not be able to see everything in Corsica. But no matter, the strong character of the island is felt everywhere, in the North as in the South, on the beaches as in the countryside. A family weekend in Corsica can be rich in discoveries and fun. Find out here what to do and where to go for a successful family weekend in Corsica.

stay in south corsica


South Corsica is made of extraordinary landscapes. With its many beaches, among the most beautiful in the world, its white limestone cliffs and its exciting prehistoric sites and its pretty towns, it is one of the most beautiful luxury holiday destinations to visit. Discover our top five reasons to love southern Corsica:

and also...

  • Lounge on the beautiful beaches of Porto Vecchio
  • Hike in the Ospedale forest
  • Lose yourself in the city of Bonifacio, along its cliffs and historic sites
  • Visit Ajaccio, birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Discover the character of Sartène
  • Bathe in the Polischellu waterfalls
  • Explore the prehistoric sites of Filitosa and Cucuruzzu

Go Horseback Riding on the Beautiful Beaches of Corsica:

What could be better than ending a day of sightseeing than riding a horse on the golden sands of Porto-Vecchio. When the sun begins sinking towards the horizon, set off at a trot along the beach to admire the sea as a family as the waters turn a flamboyant red.

Eat at a Farm in the Aiguilles de Bavella in Corsica:

It's impossible to visit Corsica without tasting the local gastronomy. For that, there's nothing better than meeting the locals. Have lunch with these colourful characters in a small, authentic farm in the picturesque setting of the Aiguilles de Bavella.


Go Diving in Corsica at the Lavezzi Islands:

Discover the richness of the seabed of the Lavezzi Islands near Bonifacio. At the entrance to the gulf, these completely wild islands are a world apart. In the crystal clear water, armed with flippers and a snorkel, between rocks and dancing seaweed, you will discover colourful fish, amazing shells and a feeling of pure freedom. Read all our tips for spending a great day in this exceptional setting in our article dedicated to the magic of the Lavezzi Islands.

Have a Sunset Getaway on the Sanguinaires Islands in Corsica:

Go for a getaway by the sound of the waves and visit the Sanguinaires Islands during your Corsica holiday. This set of four islets of magmatic red rocks (Mezu Mare, Cormorans, Cala d'Alga and Porri) is a sensational place, not to be missed. At the end of the day, admire the sunset from the Genoese tower, trying to recognise the colonies of protected birds that live in the region.


Explore the Calanques de Piana in the Gulf of Porto:

The Gulf of Porto is often called the jewel of Corsica. The only UNESCO natural heritage site on the island, it extends over three incredible areas, the Scandola Nature Reserve, the town of Giratola and the Calanques de Piana. These are all worth a visit, but our favourite remains the town of Piana, which overlooks impressive granite rocks caressed by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. A unique spectacle to discover during a walk or boat trip to explore the rest of the site!

stay in north corsica

Although less popular than the southern region, North Corsica is just as amazing. It is the ideal destination if you want to avoid the crowds while savouring the pleasures of the island. Follow our advice on what to do in North Corsica (coming soon).

Go for a Hike in the Agriates Desert:

A preserved environment in northern Corsica, the Agriates Desert is a beautiful sight to see. Beyond the desert, its peninsula extends from the mountains to the sea. From the rocky ridges, you can quickly pass from the sand dunes and lush fields to the sea and its exceptional beaches. Difficult to access, this reserve is a unique treasure to be discovered via hiking trails!

Visit the Little Villages of Cap Corse:

This is an essential part of a stay in North Corsica. From Saint-Florent, follow the coast to discover the small villages typical of this remote region until arriving at the tip of the peninsula. Explore Nonza, with its black pebble beach and its Genoese tower, Centuri, with its colourful facades and windmills or even Barcaggio and its view of the Agnello tower. You will see that the villages in Cap Corse are as picturesque as they are magnificent. Read our article before setting off to conquer Cap Corse and its most beautiful little villages (to be published soon).


Visit a Historic Vineyard:

The Patrimonio vineyard is not to be missed. Stroll between the old vines under the sun and discover the work of its passionate winegrowers, the unique landscape of North Corsica and take the opportunity to taste its exceptional wines.

Check out more things to do in Northern Corsica.

must-see villages in corsica

Corsican cities are places of character, each with its own identity. Discover Bonifacio, with its cliffs and seaside staircase, or spend an evening in the trendy bars of Porto-Vecchio. In Ajaccio, visit Napoleon's house or the Fesch museum. In the North, explore Calvi and its citadel and enjoy the musical atmosphere during the Calvi on the Rocks festival or discover the small villages at the end of the world of Cap Corse. Explore our article on the most beautiful towns to visit in Corsica:

  • Ajaccio
  • Bastia
  • Calvi
  • Saint-Florent
  • Porto-Vecchio 
  • Sartene
  • Corte
  • Île Rousse
  • Nonza
  • Cargese
  • Bonifacio


With Le Collectionist, renting a luxury villa in Corsica has never been easier. Discover all our favourite activities to experience from the North to the South of Corsica in our experience book.

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