Explore the magic of the Lavezzi Islands

Cast off from the lofty limestone cliffs of Bonifacio to an enchanting speckle of granite islets: the Lavezzi Islands. Here, you will find summer bliss.
Explore the magic of the Lavezzi Islands
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Situated off the south coast of Corsica, a small archipelago has something big to say. But these islands let their beauty do all the talking. The scattering of granite boulders and beaches and islets emerge from crystalline waters with an allure that has drawn inquisitive visitors from the shores of Corsica for years. Whilst the islands are located 4km from the Corsican mainland, they remain one of the fundamental reasons that Corsica has become the recipient of the sobriquet "Isle of Beauty". 


On your Corsica holidays, there is no shortage of marvellous things to do; this is what makes it one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations. Most people who visit Corsica will find that their holidays could even be filled just with trips to this small archipelago. The Lavezzi Islands modestly flaunt a wealth of activities, whether plunging into the azure rocky inlets, snorkelling from the soft, white-sand beaches, or exploring the mighty boulders that line the shores and peer from the calm surface. With this guide, you can find some of the best things to do on a day trip to the Lavezzi Islands. 

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How to get to the Lavezzi Islands

Throughout the summer, there is an hourly shuttle from the picturesque port of Bonifacio to the islands. The shuttle will ferry you to Lavezzu Island - the largest in the archipelago - which is a 30-minute journey. You can then spend the day discovering the island at your own pace, before catching an hour-long ferry back, during which you can lap up the views of the islands and the towering white limestone cliffs of Bonifacio.

You can rent your own boat if you have a licence, rent a private boat with a skipper, or opt for a full-day cruise. Our favourite thing to do is pack a picnic, board a rented boat with a skipper or one of your party at the helm, and spend the long summer days wending between land and sea in this watery idyll.

Best things to do on the Lavezzi Islands

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Picnic on the fine-sand beaches of Lavezzu Island


Lavezzu Island is the largest in the archipelago. Here, the cascading boulders cradle quiet beaches. In the nooks and crannies of inlets, the sea gently slaps and slurps against rocky fringes. Pack a picnic, an umbrella and a spacious blanket to lounge on for a feast on these sunny shores. As you will see below, there are plenty of reasons to stay atop these beaches for the entire day. The beaches are wild; rugged terrain intersperses the boulders and the beaches that boast a fine and soft surface.

For us, Lavezzu Island is the best to visit, as there are also a number of attractions. Saunter up to the Santa Maria Chapel. The Chapel once housed pilgriming monks between the 10th and 16th centuries. There are also two cemeteries and a lighthouse, which promise for a mesmerising walk across the small island's untamed terrain. For those who are in awe of the workings of nature, try to find the rock that looks just like an elephant! One of the nearby rocks that roundly juts from the sea was the site of a shipwreck. There is now a memorial that peers from behind the rocks, like a party hat of stone, that is a great place to visit or admire from Lavezzu Island.

Swim in the turquoise waters from your rented boat


The best thing about renting your own boat is the freedom that comes with it. Zigzag between the coves until you find a secluded spot to make entirely your own. From here, you can plunge into the uniquely turquoise water for a cooling dip. The water is afforded plenty of shelter from the wind and any disturbances by the surrounding islands and rocks, making it immensely clear.

In parts, the boulders are big enough and the water deep enough for the thrill-seekers out there to have a bit of fun. Make sure to check the depth before you go, but then feel the rush as you clamber up the boulders and leap, soaring for a second, before breaking the surface of the refreshing blue below. 

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Dive into the treasures of the Mediterranean Sea around the islands

One of our favourite activities to do on luxury holidays in France to Corsica is to strap on our BCD and an oxygen tank, don flippers and a mask, and peruse the magical world that exists beneath the sea's shimmering surface. There is a particularly bountiful trove of treasures that exists in the waters around the Lavezzi Islands. Most of these waters fall under the protection of the islands' nature reserves, protecting the marine life and making this a brilliant adventure of the submarine world. The rocks give way to glorious canyons that score the seafloor and make for an awesome trip to the islands. 

Snorkel between the granite rocks


As has been mentioned, the waters of the Lavezzi Islands are especially clear. With a snorkel and goggles, there is excellent visibility and the recesses of the boulders that spill beneath the surface are a haven for the wide range of fish species that inhabit these shallows. The peppering of granitic islands boasts some of the best snorkelling in Corsica. With a rented boat you can drop your anchor in one of the most serene coves that encircle the Lavezzi Islands and dive into a different world with your mask and flippers fastened tightly!

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