One Week in North Corsica with Le Collectionist

Go on a road trip through the most authentic part of the island and discover our itinerary for one week in North Corsica.
One Week in North Corsica with Le Collectionist
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More natural and tranquil than the South, North Corsica is full of character and tradition. Discover the mythical cities of Bastia, Calvi or Saint-Florent, and explore the most beautiful scenery in Corsica while tasting the local cuisine! Pack your bags and set off to spend one week in North Corsica.

With Le Collectionist, visiting Corsica has never been easier. Explore the most beautiful landscapes the island has to offer and plan your dream stay in this luxury holiday destination!

OUR guide to one week in NORTH CORSICa


When you decide to visit North Corsica in a week, the best way is to start in the town of Bastia. With its tiled roofs and picturesque streets, this large city has managed to retain its historic charm. On your first day, take time to visit the citadel, Romieu Gardens, old port, and beautiful churches of the old town.

Then, head north of Bastia to immerse yourself in the local culture by following a wine-tasting route! Stop to visit some of these cellars, in particular those of Patrimonio, known throughout the world for their delicious wine.


Days 2-3: CAP CORSE and nonza

It's in the far north of the island, in Cap Corse, that you'll find the most beautiful landscapes. Drive along the coastal road and gaze out at the sea, taking time to explore the unique character and breathtaking views at each destination you visit along the way.

In Nonza, wander the streets under the sun until you make your way to its famous black sand beach. Near Erlabunga, get ready to discover one of the oldest marinas in all of Corsica! Halfway between land and sea, Cap Corse is a must-see and well worth a two-day visit.

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Then, head west along the scenic coast until you see a large citadel, rising out of the rock above the sea. The town of Saint-Florent is situated in one of the most beautiful gulfs in northern Corsica and lies at the edge of the gorgeous Agriates desert and its idyllic beaches.

This untamed land is an ideal refuge for many animal and plant species. You can explore this green desert by Jeep, on a wilderness safari, or by boat. Make sure to check out Saleccia Beach, a quiet strip of golden sand with warm, crystal-clear water for an evening beach picnic!



The next day, leave for the region of Balagne and its beautiful villages. First, there is Calvi, with its citadel and festive atmosphere. Sitting on the high walls of the citadel, treat yourself to the stunning views of the city below, the bustling port and the blue sea, stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Île Rousse is considered to be a true luxury destination in Corsica. Visit its centre, Place Paoli, and walk along rows of shady trees and quaint shops. Then, take a stroll along the sea, near Les Îles Rousses. On this path, heavenly beaches and historical monuments are a delight for any hikers that pass through. Keep walking to the Pietra lighthouse, for a 360° view of the Balagne coast!

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Even though the Gulf of Porto is actually located in South Corsica, its central location makes it an essential stopover during a week-long trip in North Corsica. Located in the heart of the Scandola nature reserve and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Gulf of Porto is an ideal place to spend a day in Northern Corsica.

Board a boat to sail along the coast and discover this exceptional area from the sea. With its gorgeous red cliffs, the Scandola reserve and its 900 hectares of protected vegetation offer magnificent views of natural beauty. Explore the caves that dot the area before heading towards the Girolata peninsula to see the famous Calanques de Piana. There, you can unleash your inner adventurer and explore this stunning natural wonder!



To end your stay in North Corsica, visit the former capital of the island. An ancient stronghold, the city of Corte overlooks the valley, offering absolutely magical views of the surrounding mountains. As you wander its cobbled streets, you will feel as though time is standing still in this beautiful hub of Corsican culture.

In the afternoon, take the car back to the Gorges de la Restonica. A paradise for seasoned hikers, it is filled with shaded paths that wind through the trees. Stop for a refreshing swim in one of the natural rock pools, and cool off after a day of hiking under the warm summer sun.

Follow our guide to spending one week in North Corsica to find the activities that will make your holiday unique! Le Collectionist offers exceptional, tailor-made stays for you and your family. Choose from our collection of luxury villas for rent in North Corsica and set off on an adventure with the ones you love!

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