The Most Beautiful Corsican Towns to Visit: Le Collectionist's Guide

Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Calvi: which Corsican villages should you visit? Discover our selection of the most beautiful villages in Corsica!
The Most Beautiful Corsican Towns to Visit: Le Collectionist's Guide
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From north to south, explore the citadelles that dot the Island of Beauty, sample the luxurious local cuisine, and lounge on the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Here is our list of the most beautiful towns to see when you visit Corsica:

Beyond the sublime architecture of historical centres, delicious local cuisine, beaches with crystalline waters, and breathtaking panoramas, Le Collectionist's luxury concierge service will unveil Corsica's most incredible experiences, tailor-made for your holidays. 

With Le Collectionist, finding luxury villa rentals in Corsica has never been easier. Choose one of the most beautiful towns to visit in this magical destination, and let our team take care of the rest.

visit porto vecchio


In the south-east of Corsica, Porto Vecchio attracts visitors from all over the world. It's not hard to understand why: the city's natural environment and exceptional architectural heritage are breathtaking, not to mention its stunning beaches! Discover some of the best things to do on holidays in South Corsica.

Where to stay in Porto-Vecchio

Whether you're after a home with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean, an architect's house with vintage decor, or a garden where you can dip your toes in the water, we have selected our best addresses of where to stay in our luxury villas in Porto Vecchio.

  • Villa Laela for its stunning view and ultra designer decor



  • A Mandria for a cosy holiday with your feet in the water


The best restaurants in Porto Vecchio

The most beautiful beaches in Porto Vecchio

  • Palombaggia Beach, the jewel of Corsica

  • The mythical Santa Gulia Beach

  • The secret white sands of Piantarella

Le Collectionist's must-dos in Porto Vecchio

  • Take a boat trip out from Porto Vecchio's port to enjoy the town's idyllic seaside setting

  • Explore Corsica's wild creeks, the Lavezzi Islands, or even Sardinia

  • Take a helicopter ride to admire the spectacular aerial view of Bonifacio before landing at Domaine de Murtoli, Southern Corsica's most prized domain

  • Go horseback riding on Porto Vecchio's beach

  • Discover Corsica's best cocktails with a private mixologist

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From its stunning limestone cliffs, Bonifacio and its citadel watch over the waters below. With its magnificent architecture, idyllic beaches, trendy restaurants and bars, the so-called "city of cliffs" is one of our favourite destinations in Corsica

See our guide to the Lavezzi Islands, a magical archipelago to the south of Bonifacio.

Where to stay in Bonifacio

Experience Bonifacio from its heights with a view, or stay just a stone's throw from the city centre to enjoy the best bars and restaurants. Wherever you are, we've selected the most splendid vacation homes, featuring infinity pools, on-foot beach access, and former barns.

  • Casa Gianca for a zen ambiance, breathtaking view, and irreproachable decor!


  • Villa du Couvent for holidays lost in verdant nature just a few steps out of the city centre


  • Villa Gallo for a perch on the cliffs facing the Mediterranean


The best restaurants in Bonifacio

  • Enjoy an extraordinary picnic by Jean Antoine Ottavi, the Corsican chef. Seated around an exceptional table, discover a true culinary show in a secret place.

    Locations: an isolated beach, in the middle of the maquis, on the cliffs of Bonifacio, or at the edge of natural pools.

  • Pozzo Di Mastri restaurant. Don't miss Corsican evenings on Thursday nights, where your tastebuds will travel around the island

The most beautiful beaches in Bonifacio

  • The private Maora Beach or a confidential swim

  • Tonnera Beach for a delightful afternoon in the sun

Le Collectionist's must-dos in Bonifacio

  • Explore a hiking trail along the Corsican massifs with our Romano guide

  • Admire the magnificent Ospedale pine forest and enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the hill, Porto Vecchio's bay, the cliffs of Bonifacio, and the Lavezzi Islands. Will you be able to spot Propriano in the distance?

  • Enjoy a traditional and 100% authentic picnic with cured meats and Corsican cheeses, prepared the previous winter by your very guide

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visit ajaccio and the sanguinaires islands


In Southern Corsica, the city of Ajaccio is one of the most fascinating to visit in Corsica. A hub for shopping, food, history and culture, a day in Ajaccio is always worthwhile.

Where to stay in Ajaccio

Ajaccio is just as much a cultural escape as it is one of nature and rest. We've chosen our most incredible luxury villas where you can enjoy zen designs, breathtaking views, and magnificent Corsican beaches.


  • Casa Aqua for an unforgettable view of Corsica's breathtaking landscapes


  • Villa Laricia for beach access just a few steps from the city centre


The best restaurants in Ajaccio

  • The traditional Café de la Plage in the Calanques de Piana

  • The Domaine Lagnonu restaurant, sitting in an idyllic setting with meals that are at once sober, authentic, and subtle

The most beautiful beaches in Ajaccio

  • The inimitable Calanques de Piana 

  • The magnificent Scandola Girolata natural reserve

Le Collectionist's must-dos in Ajaccio

  • Take a boat trip out from Ajaccio's port to enjoy a day out on the sea with family

  • Discover the most beautiful coves and inlets in Southern Corsica by following your skipper from the Sanguinaires Islands to the Scandola Girolata

  • Go horseback riding between sand and water to discover the most beautiful panoramas from the maquis to the sea

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If you are looking for the most festive city in Northern Corsica, then Calvi is made for you. The Jazz Festival, Calvi On The Rocks, and many other events are organised each year in this stunning Genoese city! To help you plan your dream escape, explore our incredible Calvi villa rentals.

Where to stay in Calvi

Behind its well-deserved image as Corsica's festive hub, Calvi is also a town with an exceptional natural heritage. Discover our favourite summer homes among the town's most extraordinary stays: no need to choose between a pool with a view and a private beach.




The best restaurants in Calvi

  • The A Mandria di Pigna restaurant, with a contemporary barnyard feeling and delicious homegrown vegetables

  • The very exclusive Cabane du Lodu, only accessible by boat and loved by all

The most beautiful beaches in Calvi

  • Saleccia Beach, without a doubt one of Northern Corsica's most beautiful beaches

  • Ostriconi Beach, with its authentic atmosphere

  • Acciolu Beach, with turquoise waters

  •  Ghignu, Trave, and Fiume Santu beaches, with a private ambiance

Le Collectionist's must-dos in Calvi

  • Have a private evening on your boat and enjoy the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Corsica while savouring a delicious aperitif with local flavours

  • Ride a quad through the Agriates Desert

  • Create your own customised itinerary through Northern Corsica's highlights, from Cap Corse to the Restonica Valley.

And if you want to experience even more of Corsica's magic, you can visit more of the best villages this infinitely charming island houses. Travel from Nonza to Bastia, Saint-Florent to Corte, or even from Cargèse to Sartène.

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Which town in Corsica should you visit first?
At Le Collectionist, our hearts belong to Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio in Southern Corsica, where the most beautiful beaches, the best restaurants, and the most extraordinary experiences await. Good news: these two Corsican gems are neighbours!
What shouldn't you miss in Corsica?
There are as many things to do on the Island of Beauty as there are days in a year. On the agenda: helicopter rides, aquatic horse riding, catamaran outings, gastronomic picnics on the water, mixology classes at home, and more!
Where to go in Corsica for one week?

Spending just one week in Corsica and still getting a taste of all the Island of Beauty's wonders is possible! Visit North Corsica in one week, stopping at Cap Corse, Saint-Florent, Ile Rousse...

Come with us to visit Southern Corsica in seven days: of course, make stops at Ajaccio and Bonifacio, but also the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio and the Bavella Massif!


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