For a luxury family holiday - Corsica has our 3 favourite destinations

Between idyllic landscapes, culinary discoveries and extraordinary encounters: choose Corsica. Pack your bags and set off to discover the Island of Beauty!
For a luxury family holiday - Corsica has our 3 favourite destinations
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It is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular destinations for families, year after year. The Isle of Beauty is synonymous with incredible adventures for the little ones and incomparable pleasures for the older ones. Quickly, pack your bags and take your tribe to Corsica for a weekend...

luxury family holiday in corsica with kids

A bucolic weekend at Propriano 

For a luxury family holiday, Corsica is the ideal destination to arouse your children's curiosity. So let's go to Propriano! Located in the southwest of the Isle of Beauty, this small town is known for its Roman remains and archaeological sites. But it is above all one of the most sumptuous bays in Corsica, a refuge for marine animals and rare birds. Take your tribe to meet the fauna and flora, for a luxury family holiday in Corsica.

A game of hide and seek with dolphins

Embark your whole family on a kayak and discover the secret creeks of the Gulf of Valinco. Here the sea is calm, and the youngest will be able to splash around without risk, while the older ones will paddle. A piece of advice: leave early, with your arms full of sweets for lunch time. The iodized air whets the appetite and the beach of Cala Conca is the perfect spot for a picnic.


Tell the children to watch out for the horizon. If you are attentive, you may see the imposing curves of a whale or the slender silhouette of a dolphin in the distance. It is not uncommon for a family of dolphins to approach, to race with visitors. Enough to fill the eyes of your toddlers (and yours too) with stars! 

A horseride in the maquis

You have an appointment less than ten minutes from Propriano, at the Hacienda equestrian centre. Your horse is already waiting for you, all you have to do is get in the saddle


You have two choices: head towards the sea, for a swim on the back of a horse, or head inland. Fill your nostrils with the pure air of the Corsican maquis, punctuated with shrubs, aromatic herbs and wild flowers. A stroll in the heart of nature, which will end with a tasting of Corsican honeys, with sweet and fragrant flavors, in the shade of a chestnut tree.

luxury family holiday in corsica with everyone

An authentic weekend in Ajaccio

From the mainland, it only takes a few hours to reach Ajaccio by plane. Located in the west of the island, the capital is the ideal destination to discover Corsica for a family weekend. Between gastronomy, idyllic landscapes and alleys full of history, you will find there a perfect sample of the island life.


Discover the Corsican specialities

A weekend in Corsica with your family is perfect to tantalize your children's taste buds. Start the day with a tour of the Ajaccio market: spices, cheeses, honey from the maquis and, of course, the inevitable Corsican charcuterie. The most greedy will rush to taste the coppa, the figatellu and the lonzu... Good luck not to give in to the temptation to bring some back in your suitcases!   

In an adventurous mood? Rent a car and go into the bush. Join the aiguilles de Bavella, located about two hours from the capital, for an extraordinary lunch, selected by our private concierge. Let yourself be guided by the scent of fire and herbs to a log cabin where your host is waiting for you. On the menu of this barbecue Corsican version: a lamb mechoui slowly cooked over a wood fire.

A supernatural sunset

When you reach Corsica by sea, they are the ones that mark the entrance to the Gulf of Ajaccio. The Sanguinaires islands, rocky and flamboyant, rise with dignity above the big blue. Embark from the port of Ajaccio to discover these rocks full of mystery.

First stop on the largest island of the archipelago, the Grande Sanguinaire, for a hike. Take your time: the landscape is worth the linger. Once you reach the top, stop for a few minutes to picnic with the bay of Ajaccio

Come back down just in time to catch the boat and admire the sunset over the Sanguinaires islands. An unforgettable memory of your luxury family holiday in Corsica!

luxury family holiday in corsica with teenagers

A lazy weekend in Porto-Vecchio

There comes an age when traveling with your children is no longer synonymous with sand castles... The island of beauty also abounds in paradisiacal beaches where parents and teenagers will be able to bask. If you are looking for sun and turquoise water, it is definitely in the region of Porto-Vecchio that you should put down your suitcases for your family holidays in Corsica!

A one-way ticket to the Caribbean

It's no longer a secret that the most beautiful beaches in Corsica are in Porto-Vecchio. It would be difficult to say which one is the most fabulous. There is Palombaggia of course... With its white sand, crystal clear water and sunset coloured rocks, this Caribbean island like beach is one of our must-see stops for your family holidays in Corsica!



You can also go to the bay of Santa Giulia. The sea is calm there and the water is shallow, ideal for families. Rent an XXL paddle and walk along the sand... The first one that falls offers the aperitif! Sit under a straw umbrella and sip a fresh fruit cocktail with your feet in the water. A weekend in Corsica with your family is reason enough to toast.

A villa right on the shore

For your stay in Corsica, take your family out on the water by renting one of our villas with your feet in the water. Looking for a refuge to find yourself? Put down your suitcases at Villa Baggia. Located at the entrance of the gulf of Porto-Vecchio, this beach hut 2.0 has a direct access to the beach and sea views. Unless you prefer to swim in the intimacy of its heated swimming pool...

You can also opt for the Villa Cacciafora, nestled in the bay of Saint-Cyprien. This beach, as discreet as it is exalted, is still unknown to tourists. During the day, there is a calm Olympian atmosphere, favorable to early mornings and naps on the warm sandy beach. It is after sunset that it comes to life, as the music gradually rises from the beach bars. Perfect for a stay with (big) children or teenagers! 


Still undecided? For luxury holidays, with Le Collectionist, you can explore all of our luxury villa rentals in Corsica, from Ajaccio to Porto-Vecchio and discover our ideas for your Corsican family holidays.

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