Visit Corsica in Four Days: Our Guide to the South

Ready for your next holiday? Le Collectionist has everything you need to know for visiting Corsica in four days!
Visit Corsica in Four Days: Our Guide to the South
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Ready to travel the world, but short on time? Then Corsica may be the place for you! Just a 2-hour flight from Paris, the island is an ideal luxury holiday destination for a short getaway, provided you choose your itinerary carefully!

Le Collectionist has everything you need to visit Corsica in four days and make the most of your stay!


Where to go in Corsica for a few days?

It's no secret: Corsica is home to a plethora of idyllic landscapes and picturesque villages where you can unwind for a long weekend. To make the most of your four day trip to Corsica, we suggest you spend your time in South Corsica.

Begin in Ajaccio, and explore the Corsican capital, the Sanguinaires Islands and the rugged western coasts. Maybe you prefer to explore the cliffs of Bonifacio and the Lavezzi Islands, or the heavenly beaches of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio. Whatever your preference, get ready for an unforgettable experience!

4 days in south corsica: our route from Ajaccio

Day 1: Lose Yourself in the Corsican Capital

The first stop on your 4-day trip to South Corsica is Ajaccio. The capital of the island, it is easily accessible by plane or boat, and is full of treasures to discover. Like many Corsican towns, it can be discovered on foot, strolling through the narrow streets of its old town to discover a variety of monuments and cultural sites.

Make a stop at the national museum of Maison Bonaparte, where Napoleon was born and go back in time to retrace the history of the Emperor. Art enthusiasts will also appreciate the Palais Fesch, which houses the Museum of Fine Arts of Ajaccio, where you can discover the great Italian painters whose influence can be seen throughout the island.

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Day 2: Sail to the Calanques de Piana

Wake up early and find the boat that's waiting for you in the marina of Ajaccio. It will take you north of the capital, to the Calanques de Piana. If this name sounds familiar, it's because the village of Piana is considered the most beautiful in Corsica. From the sea, the view of these pink cliffs clashing with the turquoise blue of the water is breathtaking!

The excursion to Piana also includes a stopover at La Girolata. This coastal village, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is only accessible by sea. At the entrance to the Gulf, the remains of a fort watch over ships at sea. Take a dip in the cool water before heading to the Scandola Nature Reserve. Keep your eyes pealed: you may come across a group of dolphins who live in this blue paradise!


Day 3: Head for the Sanguinaires Islands

Located at the entrance of the Gulf of Ajaccio, the Sanguinaires Islands are an essential stopover for any visit. These fascinating islets, which are home to dozens of species of seabirds, can be discovered by sea. You can also reach them on foot, just load your backpack with food from the Ajaccio market, and picnic at the top of the Pointe de la Parata next to the Genoese tower! Whatever your means of transport, don't miss the sunset to see the amber light reflecting on the water, which inspired the name of these mystical islands.

In the evening, return to your luxury villa in Ajaccio. Swim a few laps in the pool to relax after a day of hiking, and toast to unforgettable memories. Book a private chef, who will prepare Corsican specialities while you sip a glass of wine under the stars!

Day 4: Relax on the Southern Beaches

End your stay in Corsica with a well-deserved break. This region of the island is known for its beaches, each one more lovely than the last.

Head north, towards the Sanguinaires Islands, and lay your towel on the beach of Grand Capo di Feno. This beautiful beach, just north of Ajaccio, is particularly popular with surfers. South of the Gulf, the atmosphere is wilder. Between the "silver beach" and its lush pine forest, and Verghia Beach with its pink sand, you'll have trouble choosing which one to see first!

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4 days in south corsica: our route from Bonifacio

Day 1: Climb the Cliffs of Bonifacio

If you are looking for a change of scenery, start in Bonifacio. With its stately limestone cliffs, Bonifacio feels like a portal to another world. Located about twenty minutes from Figari, this mediaeval city is the ideal home base for visiting southern Corsica in a few days. Kick off your shoes in one of our luxury villas in Bonifacio, and enjoy the show!

The upper part of town, perched above the sea, can easily be visited on foot. No need to plan your itinerary: just let your instincts guide you through the maze of cobbled streets. Along the way, you will cross the road to the old Place d'Armes, where the fish market is held, and the Porte de Gênes. Next, see the Sainte-Marie Majeure church, the oldest building in the city, and the market square, where you can see the Sardinian coasts in the distance! If you only have time for two must-sees in Bonifacio, it has to be the Bastion de l'Étendard, where you have an exceptional panoramic view of your surroundings, and the King of Aragon's Stairs with its 187 steps carved into the rock, leading to the sea.

Day 2: Explore the Lavezzi Islands

For the second day of your long weekend in Corsica, it's time to set sail! After a coffee in the port of Bonifacio, board a sailboat and set off to discover the Lavezzi Islands with one of our local skippers. They will take you to this desert archipelago, so you can drop anchor and swim to the beach for an extraordinary picnic. Spend the rest of the day between the fine sand and crystal waters of the Lavezzi Islands.

On the way back, take a detour to Fazzio Cove, where the elements have worn a passage through the cliffs to form a basin of turquoise water. This place is a paradise for divers due to the dozens of species of fish that live below the surface. Other treasures await you when you return to the port of Bonifacio, like the Sdragonato Grotto and the Lighthouse of La Mandonetta!

Day 3: Lounge in the Sun in Porto-Vecchio

Just because you're only spending four days in Corsica doesn't mean you can't take time to relax. Drive to the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, about thirty minutes from Bonifacio, for a day of basking in the sun. Start with a stroll through the city, then go to Belvedere. One of our favourite destinations in Corsica, it has breathtaking views of the Gulf, as well as delicious seafood dishes!


Spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sun at one of the idyllic beaches of Porto-Vecchio. Let yourself be tempted by Palombaggia and its Caribbean ambience, or by Santa Giulia and its natural beauty. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, head to the bay of Rondinara, further south. Either way, stay on the sand long enough to watch the sunset before returning to your luxury villa rental in Porto-Vecchio.

Day 4: Take a Last Look at Corsica in Sartène

Treat yourself to one last adventure in Corsica before flying home. Nothing beats a visit to the "most Corsican of Corsican cities," Sartène. Nicknamed by Prosper Mérimée, this hamlet nestled in the heart of the countryside is one of the most beautiful villages on the island. Since it's only about forty kilometres from Figari airport, you will have plenty of time to discover the scenic streets of its historic centre.

Check out Sainte-Marie church to hear traditional polyphonic songs, or sit down at Mélanie and Laurent's table at the Bergerie d'Acciola to taste lasagna with brocciu in the shade of the trees. You can even take some of these local specialities home as a souvenir!

Whether it be a few days or a few weeks, Le Collectionist is devoted to providing you with an exceptional holiday. Explore all our luxury villas in Corsica to find out more!

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