The Jewel of Corsica: Palombaggia Beach

Palombaggia beach is the most famous beach on the Island of Beauty for its idyllic setting. Follow our guide and let yourself be seduced by this exceptional destination.
The Jewel of Corsica: Palombaggia Beach
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Corsica with its wild landscapes, its umbrella pines, its white sands beaches, its intoxicating turquoise waters…  There's so many reasons to get lost in this postcard-worthy location on the Island of Beauty.

Palombaggia beach is the most famous of the Corsica beaches  for its idyllic setting. There are many activities to do on this beach and in its surroundings, with family or friends. Follow our guide and let yourself be seduced by this exceptional destination for your luxury holiday.

Laze and relax on the hot sand

Feel the rays of the sun warm your skin, listen to the sound of the waves and the laughter of the children around you. It is this very special atmosphere that this famous beach offers. Take your favorite book and work on your tan for a successful holiday in Corsica.

To best appreciate this paradisiacal landscape, we advise you to get up early. Very popular with holidaymakers, Palombaggia beach is taken by storm and quickly filled. You will also have to pay 5€ to access the parking lot on the beach. Otherwise, park along the road and walk a bit, as there are several accesses to reach the beach on foot.


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Discovery of the underwater flora and fauna

The beaches of Porto Vecchio hide many surprises. The landscapes are magnificent, with their large expanses of fine sand and their trees hanging along the beach ... But the most beautiful jewels of this beach in southern Corsica remain underwater. Put on a mask, snorkel and fins and go snorkeling to observe the seabed. The crystal clear waters of Palombaggia beach are ideal for this activity.

Get closer to the red rocks to access the favorite spot of snorkeling enthusiasts. Small schools of colorful fish, comb starfish, and small octopus are visible in the sandy areas if you pay attention. You will be able to observe many aquatic species, and several protected ones - so you have to be careful of your surroundings here.


A gourmet break 

The secret of a successful vacation is the subtle blend of sporting activities and discovery of local specialties. Palombaggia beach is lined with very popular bars and restaurants. Do not hesitate to reserve to be sure to have a table. Go through the straw huts one by one and smell the food that awaits you.

Eating with your feet in the sand is a rule here. With mediterranean cuisine, seafood and fish, or even grills and pizzas, the choice is varied and adapts to your desires. Da Mare is a Sea Lounge establishment with an exceptional setting. 


Return to the villa

The afternoon is the perfect time to enjoy the swimming pool at Villa Orso in the Porto-Vecchio region. This wonderful house is surrounded by nature. With a view of the sea and a large Mediterranean garden, this rental is a haven of peace, and an ideal base during your holidays.

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Now you know everything! Here is the guide to a busy day at Palombaggia beach and its surroundings. It's a guaranteed change of scenery and an escape for your luxury holiday in France.

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