Visit Corsica in Winter: Le Collectionist's Guide

In winter, Corsica reveals its magical and mysterious side. Discover another way of life on the Island of Beauty during the calmest and coolest months of the year.
Visit Corsica in Winter: Le Collectionist's Guide
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Though all the seasons have their charm in Corsica, the Island of Beauty is often considered to be the perfect destination for the summer. And it is not the thousands of tourists who flock there each year who would say the opposite... But once stripped of the restless crowds of the summer months, like the trees of their amber leaves, the island reveals a new face: peaceful and incredibly enchanting.

The refreshing winter wind keeps the crowds away, giving way to the locals. Those Corsican families who have lived in the villages for generations or those who have fallen under the spell of the island way of life and settled there for good. The beaches are empty, revealing the fine sand buried under the towels throughout the summer. Let yourself be tempted by other activities such as cycling, surfing or even skiing! All against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes.

Corsica is a perfect luxury holiday destination, which we enjoy visiting all year round. Discover the best experiences to visit Corsica in winter.

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Visit COrsica in Winter

In summer, the daze caused by the blazing sun compounds the constant bustle of the flow of tourists. The effect of the heat on tired bodies discourages even the bravest from exploring the furthest corners of the island. This chaos of the summer season is revealed by the serenity of winter on the island.

With temperatures that can drop to 2°C on the north side and snow sometimes settling on the summits, Corsican winters can be relatively cold. However, it is not uncommon to see temperatures reach 17°C in November, and 15°C in January and February. The perfect weather to go explore the picturesque landscapes of the island!

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Hit the Slopes:


Who said Corsica and skiing don't go hand in hand? Just as the inland is an incredible playground for hikers in summer, the Corsican mountains are transformed into wonderful ski slopes once winter comes.

You will find several easily accessible resorts on the island: to the south, the Val d'Ese; to the east, Monte Renoso and to the west, near Ajaccio, the Col de Vergio. Put on a pair of skis and glide on the fresh powder, with a sublime view of the sea in the distance. Then, find solace in one of the many bars and restaurants on the island!

Taste the Fruits of the Season:

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September through November represent the best time to visit Corsica for its wine. The variety of soil and the mild climate of the island create the perfect environment for wine production. With less rain and more sunshine than in the rest of France, the Corsican vines produce rosé, red, and even some white grape varieties.

After the harvest period, the wine estates, such as Domaine Saparale, near the old village of Sartène, open their doors to you, eager to let you discover the fruits of their labour.

Explore Corsica by Bike:

In late fall and winter, the weather becomes cooler and drier. This is the perfect time to explore the winding roads of the island. Climb the mountain roads or cross Cap Corse by bike to fully immerse yourself in these exceptional landscapes.

Crisscross the valleys and skirt the cliffs, admiring magnificent panoramas of the sea and the mountains. In winter, you will be alone in the world. The roads are so quiet that you'll feel like the island is yours!


Try the Mythical GR20:

The island is also home to very good hiking routes, winding through the middle of the land. Among them is the mythical GR20, recognised as one of the best hiking trails in the world. 180 kilometres of walking that the summer temperatures can make unbearable.

Take advantage of the temperate climate to challenge yourself! The more adventurous will do the entire GR20 in a fortnight, while novices will be satisfied with a few shorter legs.

Hit the Waves:


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With winter comes the waves. As the sea gets rough, surfers flock to certain areas of the island, like the bay of Ajaccio or Bodri beach.

Put on your wetsuit, grab your board and join them! Visiting Corsica in winter allows you to combine the best of both worlds: hurtle down the snowy slopes in the morning, and slide on the waves in the afternoon!

Treat Yourself to Local Delicacies:


Visiting Corsica in winter has many advantages, the biggest being the culinary scene. From August to January, hunting season is open, providing restaurants and grocery stores on the island with exceptional meats. Here, meat and charcuterie dishes are serious business, prepared in the purest Corsican tradition.

Head to a cabin in the woods, near the Aiguilles de Bavella, to savour a delicious stew of simmered veal. In the evening, share a drink by the fire accompanied by a succulent platter of charcuterie and cheese. Isn't that the best comfort on a cold winter's day?

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