Holidays in South Corsica: The must-sees

The Isle of Beauty's southern wonders await discovery on your holidays in South Corsica.
Holidays in South Corsica: The must-sees
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Corsica, the jewel of the Mediterranean, lives up to its name of Isle of Beauty. The sun-drenched island may be relatively small but the natural contrasts in its landscapes are awe-inspiring. If you have been daydreaming about long stretches of white sand and rugged mountains, the south of Corsica will be the perfect anchor point for your luxury France holidays.

The coast is scattered with stunning resort towns, such as Bonifacio, Propriano and Porto-Vecchio, known for their small coves and peaceful beaches. The south blends a hypnotic mixture of culture, beach and history perfect for a taste of the dolce vita.

Long white sand beaches

The south of Corsica’s natural reserves possess some of the most stunning beaches: fragrant pine trees and maquis, long stretches of white sand and crystal clear waters. The immense Plage de Palombaggia, a twenty minutes’ drive from Porto Vecchio, is Corsica’s most famous beach and often voted one of the most beautiful in Europe.


Facing the stunning archipelago of the Cerbicale Islands, the vast sandy stretch is lined with small dunes and pine trees that provide shade during the hottest months. Some smaller, more confidential beaches nearby, such as the Plage de la Folaca and Plage d’Acciaju, offer colors just as striking and sand just as white.

The Iles Lavezzi off the coast of Bonifacio are a scattering of uninhabited islets forming a protected area known as Les Réserves Naturelles des Bouches de Bonifacio. Their waters certainly wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean. For those who get bored sunlounging, the translucent waters of the Lavezzi archipelago make for the island’s best snorkelling.

Boat trips from Bonifacio

The indisputable star of Corsica is the fortified city of Bonifacio, France’s southernmost city. The medieval citadel is the ideal starting point for a boat excursion along the coastline. Located on the island’s narrow limestone peninsula, the inlet is a peaceful harbour that welcomes yachts from all around the Mediterranean.

This very port is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. After a quick visit of the medieval city that admirably blends both French and Italian influences, the best way to experience the bay of Bonifacio is by boat. Admire the dramatic white-chalk cliffs the Haute Ville is perched on before exploring the grottes marines (sea caves) and calanches (inlets) that surround the coast of the old town.


Tapping into Corsica’s rich history

The island is home to beautiful nature reserves, secluded villages and stunningly well-preserved prehistoric sites. Sartène, dubbed by Proper Mérimée “the most Corsican of Corsican towns” is the perfect starting point for an exploration of Corsica’s rich history. Its Musée Départemental de Préhistoire Corse et d’Archéologie displays fascinating archaeological findings.

Over 500 prehistoric sites have been found in the region of Sartène, the most notable being Filitosa, the megaliths of Cauria and the Alignment de Palaggiu that still contain many unsolved mysteries. Filitosa is fascinating for its statues and menhirs while Cauria’s megalithic monuments of standing stones and dolmens are the best preserved in Corsica.

Enjoy the romantic town of Porto-Vecchio

Often dubbed “Corsica’s Saint Tropez”, the glamorous town of Porto Vecchio 25km north of Bonifacio is known for its beautiful harbour and lively dining scene. The city between sea and mountain makes a great anchor point for those who wish to explore the renowned South Corsica beaches and road trips on the col de Bavella.

The town was founded in 1539 by Genoese governors who chose its location for its proximity to natural resources. Today, Porto-Vecchio is the place to indulge: delicious restaurants line its narrow streets and during the season, its nightlife is in full swing.

Explore the Alta Rocca


The Alta Rocca is the mountainous zone delimited by the Bavella and Ospedale massifs and the Cuscionu plateau. The mountain chain is considered the most beautiful in Corsica due to the impossibly rich flora and fauna of its panorama. The protected landscape offers a spectacular and varied scenery of evergreen forests of Laricio pines and villages suspended over rocky cliffs, showcasing the island’s unique relief.

Make sure you do not miss the iconic Aiguilles de Bavella: an incredible massif of red granite spikes. Come spring, bright pink calamint flowers line the footpaths. Outdoorsy types will be spoilt for choice: hiking, canyoning, horse riding and rock climbing.


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