Your perfect Corsica family holidays

Corsica family holidays are a sunny dream... Discover this corner of paradise full of adventure together.
Your perfect Corsica family holidays

Going on Corsica family holidays should be a must on your bucket list! The Isle of Beauty is a paradise for young and old alike. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea but that's only part of the story. Corsica is full of surprises and new adventures.

Every day, head out on an adventure with your gang. Are you sporty? Ride on horseback along the waves. If you are a family of gourmets, discover the multitude of typical dishes of the island. And for the brave, fly over the cliffs and over the Isle of Beauty.

In this article, you will discover the list of our favourite activities to try out on your next Corsica family holidays, for a truly unforgettable time. Toddlers or teenagers, there is something for everyone.

Corsica family holidays for the adventurous

Are you a family whose holidays rhyme with adventure, and simply basking in the sun is not an option? Then Corsica family holidays are for you. On the island, there are always a thousand things to do and discover: awaken the explorer within you.

Corsica family holidays dolphins

With the younger ones

Going on an adventure also means adapting to everyone's age. Corsica has everything to suit each member of the family.

With the little ones, take the family on a kayak ride to discover hidden coves such as Cala Conca or Roccapina on the south-west coast. Kayaking is one of the best ways to set out to sea without risk.

Depart from Campomoro beach, accompanied by one of our guides. Go around the imposing Genoese tower helped along by the currents and finally reach Punta di Scalonu. If you leave in the morning, you will certainly have the chance to encounter dolphins.

Take a break and swim in the turquoise water, then return to Campomoro for lunch on the terrace at the restaurant "La Mouette". Afterwards, enjoy some time on the beach and later return home for a siesta.

Corsica family holidays aeroplane

With teenagers

Set off on horseback to explore the Corsican maquis. On a ranch near the beach of Tizzano, you will be warmly welcomed with local sausage and cheese. For the little ones, choose a pony for a few laps around the ranch.

If your child is already experienced, a ride of one hour or more in the scrubland will be possible. And for the more seasoned, go bivouacking for two days until you reach the beach of Tizzano. Sleep under the stars on the campground around a wood fire and wake up to the sounds of nature. The closer you get to the sea, the happier the horses are. Finally arrived at the beach, let them stretch out in the crystal clear water.

Corsica has plenty of activities for thrill-seeking teenagers. Take off in a seaplane to fly over the Corsican cliffs and discover the island from a different angle. The best time of day to admire Corsica is, of course, at sunset. For the more adventurous, it is also possible to take a parachute jump, landing right next to Portigliolo beach and sure to give you a thrill.

Corsica for gourmet families

Family is about sharing. We all know that a good family meal brings everyone together, whether it's around a table, a barbecue or in a restaurant. Discover our gourmet moments for young and old.

barbecue Bavella Corsica family holidays

With the younger ones

In Corsica, each region has its speciality, from the lobsters of Barcaggio at the northern tip of the island, the figatelli of the Aiguilles de Bavella, to the oysters of the Etang de Diane. Corsica is an intense and fascinating culinary journey. It is surprising with its fermented cheese "casgiu merzu", which literally means "rotten cheese" in the Corsican language. It is so called because of the maggots that develop in the cheese. Its name is not very appetizing, but taste it, and you will be surprised and charmed at the same time.

With the little ones, after a day at the edge of the natural pools of Bavella, set off on an adventure in the pine forest at nightfall. Go deep into the forest and tell them stories about the elves living hidden here. Their imagination will run wild.

In the depths of the woods, discover a log cabin and catch the scent of a crackling fire. Tonight is barbecue night for the whole family. Enjoy this family experience, tailor-made by our concierge. Savour one of the typical dishes of the region: a lamb mechoui cooked over a wood fire all day long. A change of scenery is guaranteed.

Lunch Porto-Vecchio Corsica family holidays

With teenagers

Corsica boasts many small beachfront restaurants. Cala di Lume is one of our favourites. It is located on the beach of Palombaggia on the east coast, voted the most beautiful beach in France in 2019. With your feet in the sand, taste local products such as the "beignet au brocciu" (fresh cheese doughnut) or lobsters grilled on the barbecue, a real treat! While the teenagers are swimming or sunbathing, taste the myrtle liqueur after your lunch and have a little siesta in the shade of the umbrella pines on the beach.

Carefree Corsica family holidays

For you, summer holidays rhyme with beach, sea and sun. The day starts late and everyone does whatever they wish. You lose track of time and take it slow. What could be better than a day on a boat in the Lavezzi Islands to bask in the sun?

Corsica family holidays Lavezzi Islands

With the younger ones

The Lavezzi islands are the southernmost point of Corsica. This small archipelago of twenty-three islands south of Bonifacio is a true paradise on earth. This is the day everyone is eagerly waiting for during your Corsica family holidays. Accompanied by one of our skippers, simply let yourself be carried away and admire the landscape.

From the boat, the children can observe the marine world under their feet, jellyfish, fish, rays: all the marine fauna is there. After mooring in one of the many creeks, teach them how to swim at the water's edge. Enjoy a picnic on the shore or on the boat. There's no one around for miles: only you and your family - the holiday can begin.

Corsica family holidays boat trip

With teenagers

For the older children, this trip means masks and snorkels. Here, it is the perfect place to discover the sea bed. The water is crystal clear, so you can see to a depth of several meters. With a bit of luck, you can even catch a fish with a harpoon for lunch. From island to island, discover a different view of Corsica, wild and utouched. This is also the perfect opportunity to let them go off on their own adventures on the islets and allow them to explore by themselves.


The house for adventurers

 Villa Colomba Corsica family holidays

A modern house with a futuristic look, Villa Colomba is a large playground on the west coast, near Propriano. Its roof is covered with vegetation and when viewed from the sea, the house seems to disappear underground.

The house for gourmets

Villa Renoso Corsica family holidays

Villa Renoso, near Porto-Vecchio, looks like a traditional farmhouse from the outside. But on the inside, it has all the modern comforts of a holiday villa. It is the perfect bohemian house for Corsica family holidays, with its large terrace that will welcome your long summer lunches.

The house for the carefree

Villa Piana Corsica family holidays

Lost in the maquis, Villa Piana near Bonifaccio is the ideal house to escape from the world. It even has a private access to the sea. It is the perfect house for a break away from everything, and sailing to the Lavezzi Islands without being disturbed.

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