Where to Stay in North Corsica

From modern villas to traditional estates, find out where to stay in North Corsica with Le Collectionist!
Where to Stay in North Corsica
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North Corsica boasts a variety of extraordinary scenery. Waves break on steep cliffs, and fields of flowers stretch towards the fine, sandy beaches, where dense pine forests conceal tranquil oases.

Its centuries-old cities, proudly perch above seas and valleys, the embodiment of Genoese culture. Before you discover the North, you have to choose a refuge: the starting point for all of your adventures and a haven for relaxation.

Discover our selection of luxury villa rentals in North Corsica to see where to stay in this luxury holiday destination. Explore two of our favourite destinations: Calvi, with its magical citadel, and Île Rousse, with its historic charm.

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Where to stay in île rousse?

On the northwest coast of the island, between the sea and mountains, "Lisula" is one of the most beautiful destinations in Corsica. Stroll through the cobbled streets of its old town, to Place Paoli and visit its classical church to take refuge in the shade of its tall palms.

Then, head towards the coast to relax on one of the 3 beaches of Île Rousse, or simply walk the path to the lighthouse. Soon, you'll reach the Genoese tower, which faces the horizon from its perch on the rough, ocher coloured rock. It's best to go there at the end of the day, when the setting sun fills the sky with pink and orange hues, reflecting on the surface of the sea like a mirror.

Here are two stunning villas near Île Rousse, that will allow you to discover all of its treasures:


Villa Rosabelle

Nestled on the heights of the Marina de Davia, Villa Rosabelle overlooks the entire bay. With its immaculate design, it is a stylish departure from typical Corsican architecture. However, its stone walls and lush gardens anchor it perfectly in the surrounding landscape.

Light pours through the large windows, filling the house and spacious terraces.  Tucked between the infinite blue of the sea and the deep green of the mountains, spend your days lounging by the pool without a care in the world. All you have to do is set sail to discover the Agriates Desert, and walk along the wild, flourishing coast before landing on one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. Lotu beach is smaller than its neighbours, and sometimes crowded in the summer, but very intimate during spring and fall. Bathe in turquoise water and relax on the fine sand, with the only company of a few wild cows that make the beach their home.

Villa A Nepita

Villa Frida

Villa Frida is located at the end of a winding road in the heart of the Corsican countryside, a few minutes from Île Rousse. This contemporary house full of bohemian spirit has a breathtaking view of the sea, which can be enjoyed from the living room, thanks to its grandiose bay windows.

Inside, touches of turquoise, yellow and gold combine with light wood furniture, rattan lamps and wicker seats to give this luxurious house an atmosphere that is both chic and bohemian. When the first rays of sun come through the windows, head for the terrace, where breakfast and the heated swimming pool are already waiting for you. Fill up on before leaving to explore, perhaps a hike to the Revelatta Lighthouse?

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where to stay in Calvi?

The Gulf of Calvi is lined with white sand beaches, dotted with trendy bars where you can sip cocktails and swim in the crystal water. It's not uncommon for sailboats and yachts to drop anchor near shore, to complete this picturesque scene.

Be sure not to miss the most beautiful view of Calvi. Take a short walk along the port, past bars and restaurants, until you reach the old town and its luxury boutiques. Then, climb the steps that lead to the Citadel. Once you're past the high stone walls, you can discover a more authentic side of Calvi. With its golden facades, beautiful cathedral and panoramic view of the sea, it is one of our favourite cities on the island!

Here are our two favourite villas to relax in when you visit Calvi:


corsica villa holiday

Villa Modigliani

In the heights of Calvi, Villa Modigliani offers a new perspective on the gulf. On one side, there is the golden citadel and azure sea in the background. On the other, the tip of Spano, with more natural and lush scenery.

The villa is a haven of modernity, with its sleek terrace which fits perfectly into the rugged landscape. Inside, the natural hues pay homage to the nuances of the stunning mountains that surround the house. When the first rays of sun come through the windows, head for the terrace, where breakfast and the heated swimming pool are waiting for you. Fill up before leaving to explore, perhaps a hike to the Revelatta Lighthouse is just what you need to fill your day!

Villa A Nepita

Villa Revellata

A few minutes from the Calvi Citadel, Villa Revellata lies at the end of a private road. Its modern facade houses a chic interior and an exceptional collection of artwork and designer furniture.

Step into the Mediterranean garden to enjoy panoramic sea views, then dive into the infinity pool! Have lunch under the terrace before heading down to the beach to bask in the sun. Then, rinse off in the outdoor stone bathtub and head downtown for dinner at a local restaurant or cook your own meal on the barbecue! End the day by dining the rooftop terrace as the sun sets over the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

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With Le Collectionist, renting a luxury villa in Corsica has never been easier. From the beaches of the Agriates Desert to the flowery fields of Calvi, find all of our recommendations for an unforgettable trip when you visit Corsica.

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