Where to Stay in Corsica with Children for Unforgettable Memories

Where to stay in Corsica with children? Discover these areas in Corsica with this guide to the best things to do with children on the Isle of Beauty.
Where to Stay in Corsica with Children for Unforgettable Memories
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Corsica is a destination where your children can have the kind of wholesome, outdoorsy adventures that people only dream of. Its immeasurable beauty and diverse landscapes host a variety of activities that will put smiles on your children's faces and bring the youth in everyone

There is no single answer to the question "where should I stay in Corsica with children?" The only given is that you must visit Corsica with children to experience all it has to offer. To narrow down the choice for our guests, we have curated a list of amazing places to see and wonderful activities to do with your family. 

Discover our guide to where to stay in Corsica with children:


Spend a day on the beautiful beaches of East Corsica

The southeast of Corsica will lull you into a heavenly daze with its beaches of soft, white sand. The sea fills vast inlets, creating sweeping bays of bubble-like softness, where the water turns turquoise with the shallowing seabed. Your children will fall in love with the likes of Palombaggia, Rodinara, and Santa Giulia, where endless days of frolicking in the sand and skimming across the bays aboard boats, skis, paddle boards and kayaks will keep your children, and you, entertained. The beaches around Porto Vecchio make it an undeniably idyllic answer to the question of where to stay in Corsica with children. 

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Discover the history of Napoleon 

If you belong to a curious family that loves to listen to tales of love and conflict, then Ajaccio is the place for you. Here, on the west coast of Corsica, surrounded by majestic mountains and shimmering seas, you can learn about one of the most important figures of European history: Napoléon Bonaparte. The notorious military leader and first Emporer of France was born in the picturesque city of Ajaccio. Here, a museum, which is the ancestral home of the Bonaparte family, depicts the early life of the historical figure. It is an intriguing journey of individual and familial tales through the history of the prominent leader and of the island that served as his cradle.


Boat trips and picnics on the Lavezzi Islands

The Lavezzi Islands are a peppering of serene granite islets scattered off the southern coast of Corsica. The vast boulders, which vary from a silvery grey to a rosy hue that burns fiery in the evening sun, hide small beaches and otherworldly coves where fish thrive. Take a boat from Bonifacio for an incredible outing. Be sure to pack a picnic and your snorkelling gear; the soft beaches are perfect for lounging and the crystalline waters are a haven for aquatic exploration!

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Race with dolphins off the coast 

One of our favourite activities doesn't actually happen on the island. Head to the west coast, where the great rocks cascade down towards the lazily lapping sea in the Scandola Nature Reserve. Here, if you're lucky, you will have the best chance of spotting the most graceful of the ocean's creatures - the bottlenose dolphin. Several other species of dolphin have also been known to glide through these waters and frolic in the swell off Corsica's coast. For find out where to stay in Corsica with children for the best chance of seeing these beautiful Mediterranean mammals, simply contact us to find the perfect holiday home that will make your dreams come true!


explore the beautiful hilltop villages

Buckle up and take your rental car along the winding narrow roads through the hills of northern and central Corsica as you enter an entirely new world. Here, everything happens vertically. The road rises and falls with the mountains, dipping into small perched villages that are impossibly stunning. Start your journey in Corte before heading north, through rocky canyons and over spiny ridges, to the towns of Omessa and Sant'Antonino. Or, wind along the coast of Cap Corse until you reach Olmeta-di-Capocorso, where views from the sheer cliffs will take your breath away. The northern side of the island, around CalviÎlle-Rousse, or Basita, is where to stay in Corsica with children if you wish to mesmerise them with these surreal, almost fictional towns. 


go off-the-beaten-track  

The Sanguinaires Archipelago, off the western coast near Ajaccio, is a collection of four small islands that boast enchanting scenery. Strap on your hiking boots and traverse these rugged strips of land with a picnic, dipping into the cool sea for a respite from the summer sun. On one of the islands, you will find an old Genoese Tower, mystically poised at the sea's edge between the vast blue and the purple silhouette of the mountains. The views of Corsica are amazing from here!

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