A day in the life on the white sands of Las Salinas Beach, Ibiza

Follow us for a day on Las Salinas beach, Ibiza, between sand and salt, beach bars and breathtaking sunsets.
A day in the life on the white sands of Las Salinas Beach, Ibiza
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At the southern tip of Ibiza, Las Salinas marks the meeting of land and sea. The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean mix with the white sand of the dunes, the lush green of the vegetation and the golden pink of the salt marshes… Las Salinas is a a wondrous Ibiza beach that boasts an incomparable palette of colours to discover.



Waking up in front of Las Salinas

A little behind Las Salinas beach, Villa Lamp is the ideal base from which to spend Ibiza holidays. The iodised air from the sea rushes in through the bay windows. You are awakened by the first rays of sunshine, and the smell of toasted bread blends with the exotic scent of flowers and juniper trees. Rendezvous in the intimacy of the patio or on the shaded terrace for breakfast, with a breathtaking view of the Las Salinas nature reserve.

You can't resist the temptation to take a dip in the pool before leaving the villa and take a few laps in the crystal clear water in the mild sun of an Ibizan morning.

Yoga by the sea

Start your day at 10am when your private yoga teacher will pick you up. Climb on a scooter and ride through the salt flats towards Las Salinas. At this time of the day, Ibiza's most exclusive beach is still quiet. You lay your mat on the fine sand, facing the sea, for a session punctuated by the peaceful undertow of the waves.

On the way back, we walk along the railroad tracks, the remains of the old trains that transported the white sand of the island. Stop in the Las Salinas National Park to admire the choreography of the migrating birds, whose silhouettes are reflected on the sometimes pink and sometimes emerald green surface of the salt flats. Or meet the salt workers of the White Island and learn how to collect salt according to the rules of the trade. Noon will come soon enough, with the sun at its peak, and the fragrant smell of fleur de sel will make your mouth water…


Lunch with your feet in the sand at Experimental Beach

Take shelter from the reeds under the shady terrace of the Experimental Beach Club. This is the unmissable address in Las Salinas, and all of Ibiza. It's busy at all hours of the day and night in this Cap des Falco restaurant. Start your meal with a non-alcoholic cocktail of fresh fruit and cordial ginger, to be sipped with your eyes glued to the azure-blue water. The tapas of patatas bravas, crispy squid, sobrassada de Mallorca and pan con tomate land on the tables as we exchange dishes and laughs, the Spanish way. But a piece of advice: save room for the saffron risotto with prawns as its one of our favourites.

After lunch, you can enjoy coffee with your feet in the sand, while comfortably settled in one of the sofas at Experimental. It isn't uncommon to recognise a celebrity, incognito behind sunglasses on the nearby deckchair.




A LAID-BACK DAY on Las Salinas beach, Ibiza

On holiday in Ibiza, you will be on Spanish time. And if there is one rule you can't break, it's siesta. Laze in the sun, under the shade of a straw parasol, with your feet buried in the warm sand and let yourself be lulled by the music of the beach: the waves coming and going on the shore, lapping against the rocks, and the birds singing…

Meanwhile, children can enjoy the turquoise waters. Las Salinas is our favourite beach for family holidays in Ibiza. The water is warm, clear, and the slope is gentle. You can spend hours on the shore or you can also rent paddles and walk along the shore. The more curious will prefer to go on an adventure, equipped with a mask and snorkel. Where the sea meets the rocks, you can admire posidonia, underwater plants with dozens of silvery fish. Ibiza is the perfect island to discover out of the ordinary things to do in Ibiza.



golden hour at LAS SalinAs 

We wait for the heat to die down before boarding a sailing boat. The captain guides us off Las Salinas Beach towards Formentera. We drop anchor around S'Espalmador, which is a true paradise of white sand in the middle of the Mediterranean. At first glance, it looks like a deserted island. However, the archipelagos of Las Salinas Natural Park are teeming with life: migratory or marine birds, fish and even dolphins… The luckiest of you might even see a flight of pink flamingos making a stop on their journey to Africa.


As the sun sets out into the sea, the landscape is adorned with pink or golden reflections. Champagne is served on the boat and you can have an aperitif alone in this dreamlike setting. Soon night falls on the Balearic Islands, and it's time to return home. As we get closer to the coast, we hear music coming from the beach. 

A Journey to the end of the night

The night is just beginning in Ibiza. Well known for its wild evenings and sleepless nights, the island is a night owl's paradise. We are guided by the light, which attracts us to Beso Beach club. With its terrace made of wood and straw and its vibe of a bar at the end of the world, this restaurant s one you shouldn't miss. The grills sizzle over the wood fire while the ice cubes melt in the cocktails. All the ingredients are there to start the evening in style, in the true essence of the kind of luxury holidays Spain is home to.

You can also go to Chiriguinto Beach Club, to play the chic Robinsons at the table of the French chef, Jerôme Palayer. Here, the atmosphere is quite different: nestled in the middle of the dunes, the restaurant blends harmoniously into the décor. It is as if the world had set up a table on the beach just for us, in the middle of a deserted island. On the menu: Mediterranean flavours reinvented. We enjoy a salt-crusted sea bass from Ibiza or beech wood smoked salmon, accompanied by vegetables. All of this is accompanied by a local white wine, whose lemon yellow colour is reminiscent of the limoncello that is sure to end the evening in a great way.


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