Secret beaches Ibiza: best hidden beaches

Secret beaches in Ibiza abound. On the White Island, there exists a beach that will satiate the appetites of all types of coastal adventurers.
Secret beaches Ibiza: best hidden beaches
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Hidden-gems beaches are in no shortage on this Balearic beauty. The magical coastline of Ibiza lures holidaymakers year in and year out with its effortless beauty and the laid-back ambiance that its beaches exude. Find your feet in the sand or submerge and wallow in the sea's weightlessness on the Ibizan coast with Le Collectionist. With us, finding the perfect secret Ibiza beach is a breeze. 

Best hidden beaches in Ibiza

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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The secret beach of Cala Llentrisca


Cala Llentrisca is as secluded as they come on the White Island: the bay's waters were once the exclusive reserve of in-the-know divers and local fishermen whose huts are perched on the shores. This secluded beach is located on the southernmost part of the Es Cubells peninsula, where the verdant trees slump down the hillside towards the emerald bay. The wooden jetties jut out from the shores of this small fishing cove, coaxing you towards the cooling embrace of the sea. It is an excellent beach for snorkeling and ideal for those seeking some serenity. The beach is quite difficult to access, but it is well worth the effort. 

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Shrouded by pine forests: Cala Salada


The pine-crested hilltops give way to the bare coastal cliffs, red in the summer sun, that Ibiza is known for. Below the cliffs lie the still, lazy, impossibly blue waters of the Mediterranean. To one side, quaint fishing huts are pressed against the red-hued rocks, while a small, popular restaurant - a pastel pink soft against the rugged soil - is cradled to the opposite slopes. There is plenty of exploration to be undertaken in this pocket of Ibiza's coastline: glide over the seabed, goggles and masks firmly attached, or ascend the nearby camino to the caves at Ses Fontanelles. 

Sink into the crystal-clear waters of S'Estanyol

This cove is inimitably picturesque. It embodies all of the elements which make Ibiza so unique: rose-tinged rocks that drop into the gently rippling sea; waters so clear from the shelter afforded by a clutch of coastal cliffs; pine trees and hardy foliage flinging their scents into the air. On still days, the water is clear enough for the views from the shore to render snorkeling excessive. It is a vivid insight into the world that exists beneath the surface, where treasures abound, from concealed caves to flourishing sea life. There is even a characteristic hum of merriment oozing from Cala Bonita - the small beach restaurant that welcomes families and surprises its guests with occasional live music performed on the sand.  

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Atop Cala Tarida's fine white sands


Aside from the sheer beauty and enjoyment that awaits on Cala Tarida, one of the best reasons to visit is for what it is home to: Cotton Beach Club. From this haven, you can admire the daily ritual of the setting sun unfurl from the rooftop with a cocktail hanging from your tanned hand. Read our ode to Cotton Beach Club Ibiza here. This beach is a paradisaical place from where to watch the days slip by. The long, arching bay of white sand is perfect for the sun worshippers and those who enjoy frolicking in the shallows. 

Cala es Canaret: A hidden gem

This little-known beach is a paradise that the public has only recently been allowed to plunge into the pleasures of. Presiding on the shores is a house with a white tower. The only access to the beach was through this property. However, the magnanimous owners granted a thoroughfare, affording those who quest for quietude a new secret beach on the shores of the White Island. The beach is unspoiled in terms of facilities, but it is lavishing and rich in the sandy and rocky seabed it boasts. Its blue waters, which lap gently against the rocky beaches and boats, shimmer in the summer swelter. This beach is on the north side of the island.

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Recline on the flat rocks of Punta Galera

Each step down the rocky facade of this striking stretch of coastline will bring you closer to the bliss of Punta Galera. Lay back and soak up the rays on the platform-like rocks or plunge from these red-hued shelves into the azure sea below to cool off. The rocky terrain means there is a wealth of discovery and adventure to be had beneath the glittering surface. Beware, however, that the lack of natural shade means it is best to visit this beach in the cooler hours of the day. This is a sun-drenched hippy haunt that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Stunning views of Es Portitxol's quiet bay


Es Portitxol is the best-kept secret of locals and regulars; an in-the-know destination where quietude and ease prevail. The beach appears in glimpses through the pines, easily mistakable for a transparent mountain pool if it wasn't for the familiar scents of salt that sway on the sea breeze. The rustic shacks that cling to the water's edge give the beach a rustic and almost-forgotten feel, as though you have rediscovered this serene cove after it has faded from the island's memory. The encircling cliffs provide a complete stillness to the water, so be sure to don your goggles for some subaquatic exploration. 

Playa Cala Xarraca: Fishermen's huts and turquoise water


The strikingly blue water and the rocky and sandy fringes of this bay make it a much-vaunted beach for both snorkelers and photographers. A huddle of houses, which seems to be at the mercy of a swelling tide of towering pines, perches above the beach at one end, while a sheer cliff of orange and ochre and freckles of green peers down on the bathers. One of the more peculiar, yet enticing, aspects of this beach is the natural mud baths at one end. No doubt the combination of sun, sand, sea, and mud will have you feeling rejuvenated. 

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