Why we love Cotton Beach Club in Ibiza

At the Cotton Beach Club, Ibiza comes to life, with great views, good food, and a beautiful beach.
Why we love Cotton Beach Club in Ibiza
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Although there is no shortage of great restaurants and day clubs in Ibiza, the Cotton Beach Club will always have a special place in our hearts. Because of this, every time we return to the island, we head here to take in the chic, all-white décor, the excellent local cuisine, and of course features jawdropping views across the Mediterranean.

The Cotton Beach Club in Ibiza lies about 25 kilometres from Ibiza Town and 12.5 kilometres from San Antonio. We like that it’s not in the heart of one of the cities but is still easy to get to. And so, soon after it opened, in 2014, it quickly became one of our favorite places to spend a languid beach day. It's also one of our favourite sunset restaurants in Ibiza. Here are some of the reasons why we, as well as islanders and jetsetters alike flock to this special place.


The Beach

Set to impress, Cotton Beach Club is above Cala Tarida beach, on Ibiza’s southwest coast. The beach is sandy, and the sea is clear of seaweed and rocks. Although it is public, as most of the island’s beaches are, it is generally a low-key place. This luxurious Ibiza beach club has sun loungers available for daily use—just send an email or call to reserve them—and offers service on the beach. A stairway that’s about 25 meters long connects the club to the beach.



The Vibe

Cotton Beach Club's design is polished and stylish, with everything in white. The crowds tends to be sophisticated, though there is a welcome come-as-you-are vibe going on. Officially, there's a casual chic dress code, but the glamorous guests are somewhat less bohemian in style than you might expect to encounter during your Ibiza holidays.

During high season, there is a DJ every day (though the specific timetable can change from day to day) that plays great music. The Champagne lunches on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are legendary.



The Restaurant

With its stunning view over the sea, the Grand Terrace's luxury restaurant serves Mediterranean food and sushi. One of our must-dos when on the island is to do a la carte dinners after beach hours as the sun sets. For instance, standouts on the a la carte menu include, 36-month cured Iberian Bellota ham (from acorn-fed pigs) with bread and tomato, salt-baked sea bass with Ibizian herbs, tomato and burrata salad, and the Cotton roll, which is premium sushi made with torched Norwegian salmon, avocado, cucumber, and tempura flakes, with wasabi mayonnaise and unagi sauce. 



The Cotton Beach Club has one of Ibiza’s most extensive wine and cocktail lists. There are more than a dozen Champagnes, some served by the magnum. For table wines, the cellar stocks some of Spain, France, and Italy’s top bottles. The cocktail list features all the classics you can think of, frozen drinks, margaritas, and signature drinks like the Cotton Island, a sweet concoction of vodka, Jack Daniels whiskey, Southern Comfort bourbon, blackberry liqueur, sweet and sour mix, and a top-off of Sprite. There’s a good selection of natural juices and non-alcoholic cocktails as well.


Your Family

While the Cotton Beach Club may not be the most family-friendly place in Ibiza, well-behaved children are welcome. The management asks only that they be able to sit at the table and dine with the adults in your group. There is no children’s menu per se, but the kitchen can prepare some kid-friendly dishes—just ask your waiter to find out the options.

Small dogs are allowed in the restaurant, provided they are on a tight leash and remain calmly next to their people.


The Cotton Lifestyle Store

For fans like us, the Cotton Beach Club is not just a destination but also a lifestyle. And having distinctive, gorgeous, and ethical clothes is part of it. That’s why we love visiting the Cotton Lifestyle Store as much as the restaurant. The boutique is powered by the popular Ibizian brand Kurru Kurru. Although the items are always on trend, they are a revolt against fast fashion. All of the party dresses and beachwear is crafted in Ibiza and made of biological silk from Italy with chemical-free, vegan prints.

The store also presents a well-curated variety of international labels and some of Ibiza’s most in-demand designers. A smart collection of accessories rounds out the offerings.


Weddings and Events

If you’re hosting a big party, the Cotton Beach Club is a fine place to do it. The entire space can be privatised for a single event, and they have a lot of experience in hosting lavish gatherings. The Champagne is sure to be flowing.

It’s an especially romantic setting for dream island weddings. The combination of the sleek, all-white design and the stunning natural beauty all around it makes for beautiful background for saying your vows or toasting your new life together with your family and friends.


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