The Crush: Experimental Beach, Ibiza's spot for those in the know

Summer-loving and swaying in the sunshine of Ibiza, Experimental Beach is all about mouth-watering cocktails, mediterranean cuisine, and breathtaking sunsets
The Crush: Experimental Beach, Ibiza's spot for those in the know
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We've said before that walking in to Experimental Beach is like stumbling across paradise. It's where views, drinks, music and food all converge at the perfect point, and time. It's our favourite sunset spot, and where you'll find us laying on a beach chair during an Ibiza holiday.

Experimental Beach is a permanent but ephemeral spectacle that we come back to year after year. Only opening its doors from Mid-April until the last of summer fades in October. Almost like a transient display, it's a place to plan for. It's an experience that is anticipated throughout the year on the island. It's the place for those who are looking for a piece of the island that only those in the know are privy to. We call it our own secret utopia.

experimental beach

Experimental Group

You may have heard of the Experimental Cocktail Clubs around the world. There are clubs in New York, London, and Paris. The group is known for its sumptuous drinks, exceptional quality, and rich interiors. For cocktail-lovers, walking into an Experimental Cocktail Club is almost like walking into the Louvre. With dim lighting, high ceilings grand chandeliers, and luxe fabrics, the vibe of most of the group's clubs are the same. However the new outpost set in the Balearic island of Ibiza is a contrast to the usual dim-lit yet luxe aura of the group's other cocktail clubs.

Experimental Cocktail Club's other locations are set in speakeasy-style streets or unmarked doors in the middle of Sentier in Paris. But Experimental Beach is the light and breezy sister that can be found dancing in the sunshine, and kissing the sea. It is summer-loving and utterly distinct from the usual atmosphere Experimental Cocktail Club is known for. This beach club's decor is all about the bohemian vibe of Ibiza. With nautical touches, bright coloured glassware, natural wood, and breezy shades of white and blue, this beach club is made to delight in the sun.

experimental beach

ibiza cocktail

ibiza beach club

A beachy twist

The group is known for their experimental approach towards rare and unusual alcohol and spirits. But when we are sitting in the centre of ECC Beach, the wanderlust spirit of Ibiza is apparent.

A special aspect of Experimental Beach is that aside from the usual drinks-only menu at the group's other clubs, food is also on the menu. Just as exciting, the head chef used to work at El Bulli and El Celler de Can Roca, ensuring that we always have an excellent gastronomical experience. With an emphasis on fresh fish and ingredients, it's the perfect place to experience the classic French roots of ECC with a union of Ibiza's mediterranean flavour.

Our picks:

What we can never go without at Experimental Beach

experimental beach


We're suckers for the octopus a la plancha and prime rib steak served with french fries. Who says meat can't be enjoyed at the beach?


Our favourite choice is the Pimm's Punch. It comes with pomegranate and is served in punch bowls in the form of conch shells and pineapples. If you're not a cocktail fan, fear not, as the wine selection has been compiled by a top sommelier from Paris.


Make sure to call in advance and reserve a luxe boho sun-bed that sits in the sand. It's our favourite spot to face out towards the turquoise waters, and enjoy the view.

experimental beach

ibiza cocktails

Sunset soundtrack

Whether relished with friends, lovers, or alone, Ibiza sunsets are an unforgettable way to end the day and usher in the night.

ibiza bartender

Naturally, most of Ibiza's sunset chasers head to the west coast for the sunset. But those who are in the know on the island of Ibiza, head to Experimental Beach. It has excellent views of the Mediterranean all the way to the top of the iconic Es Vedra.

The beach club hums with activity at every hour. A perfect union of restaurant, beach club, and bar: Experimental is the place to be. Experience its magic while sipping on fun and sumptuous cocktails served in a pineapple, and excellent ambience. Of course, you can't miss the magic of the Balearic sunset and nature's breathtaking show.

Experimental Beach has a soundtrack that's meant to be enjoyed by the sea. With a mix of beach bossa, chill electro, and reggae, it's a recipe of tunes that will get you swaying to the beat. DJs start playing right before sunset until the evening, unless a party breaks out in typical Ibiza fashion; spontaneous and exhilarating.

Address: Playa des Codolar Salinas  View on a map
Telephone: +34 664 33 12 69

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