Visit Corsica: our essentials

From North to South, discover what to visit in Corsica for an exceptional and exciting journey.
Visit Corsica: our essentials

Corsica is an ideal destination to go on holiday for culture, bars and restaurants and unspoiled beauty. Exceptional sights, gastronomy and spectacular landscapes await you on your visit to the Isle of Beauty.

When we think about Corsica, some imagine themselves lying on the warm sand of an idyllic beach while others dream of being surrounded by the scrubland discovering the remains of past civilisations. Corsica is all that and so much more: follow our guide to visiting Corsica without missing a beat.


Whether you come for a weekend, a week, or more, the question remains the same: how to plan your visit to Corsica? For us, there are three ways to truly experience the grandeur of the Isle of Beauty. Either go by boat to explore the coast and the secret coves that hide behind the scrub, get behind the wheel of a car to explore the outskirts and lose yourself along breathtaking coastal roads, or trek on foot on the hiking trails in search of the island's remote treasures. 


Visit Corsica by boat 

What if you take a boat around Corsica? The most beautiful towns border the Mediterranean Sea from north to south of the island. We love to have lunch right by some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica (to be published soon) and dive in to appreciate the warmth of the water. Let yourself be guided by the force of the wind and appreciate the unparalleled panoramas in the Isle of Beauty. 

Visit Corsica by car

By car, you can ride freely along the picturesque and flowery roads. It's easy to discover the heart of the island, from the wild nature of the Agriates Desert in the north, to the exceptional white cliffs of Bonifacio in the south. We visit the best villages in Corsica (to be published soon), winding between fields of olive trees flanked by dry stone walls or along the sea to take breaks at each breathtaking panorama.

Explore the hiking trails of Corsica

Corsica is crossed by many trails, each more grandiose than the next. On the mountainous paths, one meets the true wild Corsica and its thermal springs ideal to refresh the time of a break. For the more courageous, it is home to one of the most complete courses in Europe, the GR20. From Conca in the North to Calenzana in the South, the GR20 crosses the most beautiful landscapes of Corsica. Browse our article to discover all the most beautiful trails for hiking in Corsica (to be published soon).

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What is the best time to visit Corsica?

Of course, the best time to go on holiday to Corsica is summer, when the temperatures are the hottest, when you can make the most of the pleasures of the sea and when the island of beauty is overflowing with life and beauty. holidays. But if you are looking for tranquility, here are our other ideal times to visit Corsica , away from the crowds. 


Visit Corsica in May: the magic of the pre-summer

In May, unlike tourists, the heat is already there. Temperatures are often around 25 ° degrees but on the beaches, just a few residents come to enjoy the serenity and take their first swim. In the villages, life follows is as always, as the locals still benefit a little from the quiet around a coffee or a pétanque. And in the countryside: the maquis turns into an explosion of wildflowers. In our article, discover all the reasons to visit Corsica in May (to be published soon).

Visit Corsica in autumn: Tranquility and vibrant colours

At the end of summer, Corsica regains its personality as a small, quiet island. Nature begins to transform: the shimmering colours of autumn stretch over the Corsican scrubland. The sea is as transparent as on sunny days and the landscapes are just as breathtaking. It is only the light that changes: on cloudy days, the sun pierces the clouds and illuminates the cliffs with an almost supernatural light. In our article, find out how to visit Corsica in autumn (to be published soon) with Le Collectionist .

Visit Corsica in winter: Storming the summits

When we visit Corsica, we more often think of its long strips of fine sand than of its mountain ranges. Yet in Corsica, there are multitude of peaks. In winter, they're enrobed in white, and can be visited on skis or snowshoes and where the mountains meet the sea, the view is all the more mystifying. Then in the villages and the markets, we approach local Corsican producers to discover the secrets and aromas of local products. Explore all of our insider tips for visiting Corsica in winter (to be published soon).



Go for a quick stay in Corsica! Only a 2 hour flight from Paris, the Isle of Beauty is undoubtedly the most exotic French destination to escape the city. Organise a trip to get away from your daily life: where you choose adventure, relaxation, gastronomy or culture, the many faces of Corsica will transport you to another world. Discover all our recommendations for an itinerary for 4 days in Corsica (to be published soon) or simply tell us what you want to do and let us organise your getaway. To devote more time to each visit, land in Ajaccio or Figari and focus on a tour of Southern Corsica in 4 days (to be published soon).


one week itinerary in corsica

Explore the most beautiful sites of Corsica during a dream week. For a one week itinerary in Corsica (to be published soon), Le Collectionist has prepared an exceptional program for you from North to South. You will discover the best of the Isle of Beauty, from unmissable beaches, to magical towns and breathtaking landscapes. 

If you want to take full advantage of each region, choose between the North and the South and discover all our ideas for visiting South Corsica in 1 week or visiting North Corsica in 1 week (to be published soon).  Corsica is one of the luxury holiday destinations that we've fallen in love with and we can't wait for you to have the opportunity to arrive and discover the multiple facets of the island and its treasures.


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Visiting Corsica in two weeks (to be published soon) is easy. Each week has its own itinerary. The first week, we discover the north of the island, its astonishing beaches, its exceptional nature and its typical villages. The second, we take the time to rest from this trip on a secret sandy beach, not far from Porto Vecchio.

In 2 weeks, we take our time, we listen to the local songs, we get lost in the wild nature of the Isle of Beauty, we taste the cusine and the divine wines of the Propriano region. We discover the best establishments, the most beautiful addresses. Corsica has all the time and space in the world to reveal all its splendour. Explore our article to help you organize your two weeks in Corsica (to be published soon).


the PERFECT ITINERARY for travelling around corsica

Follow our itinerary for travelling around Corsica (to be published soon), to take with you during your holidays in Corsica. During this stay you will have the opportunity to enjoy all that the Isle of Beauty has to offer. Rent a car and put your suitcases in the most beautiful villas in Corsica. Every day is a new adventure to live with your loved ones during an unforgettable stay crafted by Le Collectionist. 


Best places to see in Corsica: the must-sees

Corsica has no shortage of incredible places to admire: marvel at the architectural treasures of the Isle of Beauty, sip a cocktail on the most beautiful beach in the region or go hiking in the lush maquis of a heritage site Unesco World. Explore our article on the best places to see in Corsica (to be published soon) to not miss any of these Corsican treasures.

Here are our top 10 places to see in Corsica:

Places to visit in Corsica 

Land of legends and extraordinary stories, cradle of the great Napoleon, Corsica is full of exceptional places to visit and has inspired the most talented artists. We venture into the heart of the cities to browse the museum rooms or we stroll in the wild nature to meet the most mysterious human remains. Lovers of history, painting, archeology, explore this article to find out places to visit in Corsica (to be published soon). Here is our guide of places not to be missed under any circumstances:

  • The ruins of Paomia
  • The Fesh Museum, Ajaccio
  • The Napoleon cave, Ajaccio 
  • The Cathedral, Ajaccio
  • The Chateau de la Punta, Ajaccio
  • The House of Bonaparte, Ajaccio
  • The Museum of Prehistory, Sartène
  • The prehistoric site of Cucuruzzu
  • The ancient city and the archaeological museum, Aléria
  • The Corsican Museum, Corte
  • The prehistoric site of Filitosa
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Top things to do in Corsica

The topology of Corsica offers limitless possibilities. With its mountain ranges, its beautiful beaches and its maquis, this small French territory is a compendium of thrilling activities to experience with your loved ones. Nature lovers or extreme sports enthusiasts, find out in our article on the top things to do in Corsica during your luxury stay. 

  • An exceptional hike on the Customs trails in Cap Corse
  • Climbing for all levels in the Gorges de la Restonica near Corte
  • Rafting in the magnificent Gorges du Tavignano
  • Dive to meet the colourful fish of the Lavezzi Islands
  • Bold mountain biking on the Cuscione plateau
  • Kitesurfing and wakeboarding in Bonifacio bay
  • Snorkeling in the most beautiful reserve: Scandola


Corsica towns to visit 

With strong personalities, the inhabitants of Corsica have built cities in their image: gorgeous, authentic, alive. While not one are alike, they all have that little something that inevitably appeals to us. From large cities to small Corsican villages, explore our selection of towns in Corsica (to be published soon) that you absolutely must visit.

  • Bastia
  • Ajaccio
  • Saint-Florent
  • Ile Rousse
  • Corte 
  • Porto Vecchio 
  • Bonifacio
  • Sartene
  • Piana
  • Llama
  • Centuri
  • Sant'Antonio
  • Zonza 
  • Monticello

What are the most beautiful beaches in Corsica? 

Along the Corsican coast, there are also some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Despite their growing popularity, they have managed to retain a wild and authentic spirit. Discover our favorite beaches in Corsica in our article. Here is a first glimpse:

  • Palombaggia
  • Santa Giulia 
  • Nonza
  • Arone
  • Ostrioconi
  • Rondinara
  • Roccapina
  • Cala verde

things to do in south corsica

Southern Corsica is distinguished by the beauty and the number of its beaches and villages. With so many wonders to discover, we are sometimes worried to miss the most beautiful places available to us. To not miss any of the places to you shouldn't miss, follow our itinerary to visit Southern Corsica (to be published soon) or take a look at our tips below:

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Visit Southern Corsica in 4 days 

For a short stay on the Isle of Beauty, there are some essentials you should know, especially if you decide to focus on the South of Corsica. With heavenly beaches, secret villages, and renowned museums, Le Collectionist invites you to visit Southern Corsica in 4 days (to be published soon).

1 week in South Corsica 

Put down your suitcases in one of our luxury villas in the South of Corsica and go for a dream week in the company of those you love. 7 days are enough to explore the most legendary spots of this French territory. Whether you are looking for Corsican authenticity or the purest refinement of the resorts on the coast, we have taken up the challenge of showing you around South Corsica in 1 week (to be published soon).

Discover the seaside of Southern Corsica: Porto Vecchio and the cliffs of Bonifacio

Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, Rondinara, these beaches have in common an idyllic setting and warm, transparent water. These beautiful beaches are found in the vicinity of Porto Vecchio. Before getting there, walk along the cliffs on the winding path from Partesatu to Bonifacio for incredible views of Sardinia and the Lavezzi Islands in the distance. Then leave for Porto Vecchio for a shopping session in the designer boutiques and for a relaxing afternoon on the most beautiful beaches in Corsica (to be published soon). Then return to the surroundings of Bonifacio to admire the sunset from the citadel clinging to the cliffs. The illuminations of the city make the moment magical, almost unreal.



Explore wild southern Corsica: the Bavella pass and needles

Just a few minutes drive from Porto Vecchio, overlooking the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, we find the Aiguilles de Bavella. These breathtaking rock formations with red and gray dresses are adorned in some places with dense and mysterious forests. We start our route at the bottom of these great peaks to meet caves and crosses lost in the bush. In winter, Bavella is covered with dazzling snow that you can explore on snowshoes. At the end of the path, you reach the Alta Rocca region.


Go hiking in South Corsica: the trails of Alta Rocca 

The land of the lords offers its visitors some of the finest treasures in southern Corsica. For lovers of walking, it is a real pleasure to discover this region bordered by the Bavella massif, the Ospédale and the Cuscionu plateau. It is on these paths that we discover the oldest archaeological sites of the island such as the Casteddu de Cucuruzzu dating from the Bronze Age.

Spend a day at the end of the world in the Lavezzi Islands

At the entrance to the mouths of Bonifacio, the Lavezzi islands stand out as one of the most beautiful panoramas to see in the south of Corsica. Departing from the suspended city, we first walk along the high limestone cliffs and then we venture further to reach the Lavezzi archipelago. Shallow turquoise waters, multitude of limestone rocks, it is an exhilarating experience to live under the Corsican sun.


Admire the most beautiful sunset in Corsica: the Sanguinaires Islands 

"Imagine a reddish island with a fierce appearance; the lighthouse at one point, at the other an old Genoese tower where, in my time, an eagle lodged". This is how Alphonse Daudet describes the bloodthirsty islands, 4 small islets off Ajaccio, separated from the rest of the world by endless water. At nightfall, the magmatic rocks are adorned with a blood red color that would have given its name to the archipelago. A show to discover from the Genoese tower or the Sanguinaires lighthouse.

Explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Calanques de Piana by kayak

Discover the local legends that surround the creation of the unique site of the Calanques de Piana. The red rocks sculpted by time and the sea spray sink into the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean. Around, the maquis takes back its rights and lodges fishing birds which will show you where the caves carved by the sea are hiding.




Discover here our best addresses for visiting Haute Corse. Start your journey with the wild Cap Corse then venture into the mythical towns of Saint Florent, Calvi and Bastia. Follow all our advice to discover the essentials and secrets of Northern Corsica. 

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Visit Haute Corse in 1 week

The wildest part of Corsica is a fantastic getaway for a dream week with your loved ones. From west to east, we discover timeless settings, as if preserved from any human mark, but also magnificent cities and paradisiacal beaches. Follow our advice for planning a visit to North Corsica in 1 week (to be published soon). 

Things to do in Cap Corse

If one had to choose only one destination in Corsica to discover all its majesty, it would perhaps be this narrow peninsula in the north of the island. Condensed with the spirit of the island of beauty, between beautiful beaches, rich scrubland and pretty villages by the water, Cap Corse is a must on a trip to visit Corsica, especially the black pebble beach of Nonza, Centuri and its fishing port. Follow our itinerary of things to do in Cap Corse (to be published soon).


The Agriates desert and the village of Saint Florent

It is by following the long rocky ridges and the maquis of the magnificent Agriates desert (to be published soon) that we arrive at Saint Florent. We take the path to admire the beauty of Agriates. Former agricultural granary of Corsica, this "desert" is a real reserve for the local flora and fauna and brings together nearly 35km of idyllic beaches. At the end of the road, Saint Florent and its imposing fortress, allow us to admire the contemporary exhibitions which coexist in harmony with this 13th century building.

Bastia and its old town 

Explore the most Genoese of Corsican towns. Bastia is one of the largest towns in Corsica, yet it has managed to retain a certain authenticity. Its colorful facades and its mountainous relief backdrop make it one of our favorite destinations in northern Corsica. Discover Bastia, its old town, its old port and all the buildings that bear witness to the human activity of yesteryear in the North. 

Calvi and the Ile Rousse, the Balagne region

Stretching from the mouth of Regino at the foot of the Monte Cinto massifs, Balagne is a must-see destination and region for visiting Northern Corsica. From the top of the medieval citadel of Calvi, you can admire the entire bay, the port and the city. In summer, it is a party place bathed in music and laughter. 

Not far from there, we explore the seafront and the old town of Ile Rousse. Under Babbù's eye , we stroll through Paoli Square, between the alleys golden by the sun to discover the Phoenician architecture. 



At Le Collectionist , we are constantly on the lookout for exceptional villas to offer you the perfect setting for a dream vacation. From the north to the south of the island, put your suitcases in the best areas in Corsica (to be published soon) and settle into our most beautiful luxury villas to let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of life on the island of beauty. 

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Where to stay in North Corsica

Explore our selection of extraordinary places and villas in our article where to stay in North Corsica (to be published soon) or explore our entire collection of beautiful holiday rentals in North Corsica between Ile Rousse and Calvi. Choose between a house on the water's edge, a revisited traditional residence or a farmhouse lost in the bush and soak up the special atmosphere of the North of the Isle of Beauty.

Where to stay in southern Corsica

Find your pied-à-terre in our collection of luxury villa rentals in South Corsica , a stone's throw from the beautiful beaches and charming towns of Southern Corsica. Architect house in Porto Vecchio perched above the water or a typical house with a dream pool, you will surely find one that will capsize you. 

With Le Collectionist , renting a luxury villa rental in Corsica has never been easier. Trust our tailors to organize your ideal vacation on the coast or in the countryside of the Isle of Beauty.

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