Our Guide to The Best Things to Do in Cap Corse

In the north of the Island of Beauty, a narrow peninsula lined with beautiful beaches and picturesque villages stretches into the sea. Follow our guide to discover what to do in Cap Corse and explore this lovely region!
Our Guide to The Best Things to Do in Cap Corse
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Pretty villages, white sand beaches, Genoese towers and wild fields: Cap Corse is a glimpse into authentic Corsica. It's hard to imagine a better experience than a road trip through this luxury holiday destination, ideally located on this stunning peninsula.

Let Le Collectionist take you on a timeless getaway and discover our itinerary of the best things to do in Cap Corse when you visit Corsica.

the perfect itinerary of things to do in cap corse

Bastia: The Starting Point of Your Adventure

Lively and colourful, beautiful Bastia is the ideal starting point for your holiday in Cap Corse. Stroll through its narrow streets and discover the splendour of the Romieux gardens. Have a Corsican breakfast on the terrace of a café in the Old Port and let yourself be lulled by the atmosphere of this idyllic Genoese city. Then, hit the road in pursuit of the most beautiful scenery Cap Corse has to offer!


Stop n°1: The Genoese Tower and Port of Erbalunga

Erbalunga is a small village at the edge of the water which offers a scenic walk. Leave your car and take some time to explore this village, its colourful houses clinging to the cliffside and its Genoese tower, dating back to the 16th century. From here, the view is magical. Get ready to be amazed by the spectacle of the waves crashing against the rough rocks and beaches that line the coast.

Go back down to sea level via a quiet path that will lead you to the fishing port. Sit on the stone dock, warmed by the southern sun, and watch the ballet of boats come and go.


Stop n°2: The Hamlets and Marina of Luri

The commune of Luri is made of 17 hamlets which extend from the centre of the peninsula to the beaches of the east coast. The walk between the different hamlets - Tufo, Santa Severa, Piazza and Poggio - is undoubtedly one of our favourite things to do in Cap Corse. Walk between the different villages and visit their centuries-old churches. Then, explore the wild vegetation of the natural surroundings.

For lovers of the sea, the Marina de Santa Severa is the place to go. The ultimate place for scuba diving, sunken warships are home to beautiful marine plants and schools of fish!

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Stop n°3: Moulin Mattei in the Village of Ersa

The heart of the island, the Moulin Mattei is one of the best things to do in Cap Corse. At the end of the Cape lies a unique windmill with a gorgeous white facade and red tiled roof.

From here, the view is fantastic. The coastline stretches out on each side of Cap Corse and on a clear day, you can even see the coast of Italy!

Stop n°4: The Sentier des Douaniers

On the 19 kilometres of coastline that separates the towns of Macinaggio and Barcaggio stretches a gorgeous hiking trail with breathtaking views of the sea. During the 8 hours of walking that make up the Sentier des Douaniers, you will discover a more authentic side of Corsica, made of dunes, majestic cliffs and idyllic beaches. In the midst of these natural treasures, ancient Genoese towers stand out against the horizon, keeping watch over this beautiful region.

This trail is sometimes the only route to reach one of the most beautiful places in Cap Corse: the cove of Santa Maria. At the heart of the 3 secluded beaches that make up the bay lies the Genoese tower of Santa Maria di a Chjapella. Bathed in clear, shallow water, it's the perfect place to take some photos!

Stop n°5: Centuri

The village of Centuri is a real must-see in Cap Corse. Its soft, pastel-coloured facades, tiny harbour filled with fishing boats and tranquil atmosphere have made it one of the most popular destinations in the region.

By climbing a little, you can visit the mediaeval castle of Bellavista and the small hamlet of Canelle. From here, the views of the city and the sea are wonderful.

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Stop n°6: The Mysterious Nonza Beach

It's impossible to visit Cap Corse without seeing the town of Nonza and its black pebble beach. Perched above the waters, Nonza has one of the most beautiful views in the region.

Walk through the winding streets lined with dark, stone houses until you reach the Paoline tower. There, stop to look out over the Mediterranean Sea and Monte Cintu in the distance. Take the opportunity to tour the Franciscan convent, its Genoese tower, and above all, its famous black beach!


Finish Line: The Citadel of Saint-Florent

Perched on its stone walls, Saint-Florent is nicknamed the "Corsican Saint-Tropez". While walking in the Old Town, visit a local restaurant to experience the delights of Corsican gastronomy: figatellu, coppa and brocciu. They will pair perfectly with a glass of local wine!

Saint-Florent is also a starting point for new adventures. Tomorrow, get back on the road for another unforgettable journey in the Agriates Desert!
For a few days or a few weeks, experience an exceptional holiday with Le Collectionist. Journey from Bastia to Saint-Florent and follow our guide of things to do in Cap Corse. Explore all of our luxury villas in Corsica and start planning your next luxury holiday!

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