Our Guide to the Best Corsica Hiking Trails

Visit Corsica on foot and follow in the footsteps of Le Collectionist through the most beautiful hiking trails on the Island of Beauty.
Our Guide to the Best Corsica Hiking Trails
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From north to south, the landscapes of Corsica are always extraordinary. Long strips of fine sand stretch to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. The wild fields are abundant in flora and fauna, and century-old forests run along the valleys to the mountains. Are you in the mood for a trip to this luxury holiday destination?

To discover these natural wonders, a road trip is fun, but the best thing to do is put on your hiking boots and explore the most beautiful Corsica hiking trails the island has to offer. Follow our guide to exploring the Island of Beauty on foot, from north to south!

the mythical gr20

For hiking enthusiasts, the GR20 is an essential stop when you visit Corsica, but be careful! Though it is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe, it is also one of the most difficult.

From Calenzana to Conca, the 200 kilometres of trails allow you to discover the raw beauty of the island. Spend 16 days on the 11 stages of the trail to enjoy this exceptional experience through the mountain ranges that dot the island. From the arid summits of the north to the verdant massifs of the south, this is perhaps the most beautiful hiking trail in Corsica.

Duration: 16 days / 200km

Difficulty level: very difficult


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the sentier des douaniers at Cap corse

At the northern end of the island is a natural reserve, rich in unforgettable natural scenes of lush fields and blue waters.

It takes 8 hours to trek the 19 kilometres that make up this coastal trail. From the tip of the Cape, near Centuri, follow the path to discover many archaeological sites, Romanesque chapels and Genoese towers where you can see the horizon and the mysterious islands of Finocchiarola and Giraglia.

Duration: 8 hours / 19km

Difficulty level: medium

FROM Saint-Florent to Ostriconi: the Agriates Desert

In the north, the Agriates desert is nestled between the sea and mountains. With its 15,000 hectares and 37 kilometres of untouched coastline, it is a real paradise for nature lovers and one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Corsica.

Among the many possibilities for hiking, one path caught our attention: the coastal trail that connects the beautiful towns of Saint-Florent and Ostriconi. A tranquil walk at the water's edge, this scenic road that runs along the coast leads to wonderful little coves, perfect for cooling off and picnicking after hours of walking. But beware, there is little shade along the trails, so remember to bring a hat and plenty of water!

Duration: 2 days / 40.64km

Difficulty level: difficult


The Calanques and forest of piana

Listed as a UNESCO natural heritage site, the Gulf of Porto is located on the west coast of the island. It holds the Scandola reserve, the impressive Calanques de Piana, and the Gulf of Girolata.

While the Calanques de Piana are an essential stop when visiting Corsica, the forest of the same name is less famous. However, it offers a refreshing walk in the shade of tall pines. At the end of the path, you will find stunning creeks, with their characteristic blood-red waters.

Duration: 4h30 / 9.36km

Difficulty level: medium


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the Lake Nino trail

Lake Nino is an unforgettable sight that is an absolute must-see. Bordered by green pastures and high mountains, it is a paradise for the horses and sheep who roam freely there.

The path is not always the simplest, but worth the effort. Start in the heart of the forest of Valdu Niellu with a view of the Paglia Orba and the Massif du Cinto, and get ready to climb the steep trails of the Corsican mountains. Once you make it to the top, take in the gorgeous views of the region below. Look out over the gigantic lake and its lush forests, a 360° panorama that will take your breath away!

Duration: 6 hours round trip / 14km

Difficulty level: medium


the Purcaraccia waterfalls in the aiguilles de bavella

Not far from Porto-Vecchio, the red and grey spires of the Bavella massif overlook the rich forests below. The path alternates between shaded and sunny areas and gives access to marvellous natural pools with fresh, crystal-clear water. Stop here for a refreshing dip in the cool water after your long hike.

To access the Purcaraccia waterfalls, take the road towards the Col de Larone, then follow the path on the mountainside. After about thirty minutes of walking, the first swimming pools appear, framed by rushing waterfalls. You can swim there with a dazzling view of the Bavella massif in the background!

Duration: 2 hours / 3.2km

Difficulty level: medium

corsica villa holiday

The Ospédale forest at Porto-Vecchio

The Ospédale forest is an exceptional place for hiking. This dense and mysterious forest leads to an artificial lake, perfect for swimming and practising water sports with the family!

This vast pine forest is home to many hiking trails. The path that leads to the waterfalls of Piscia di Gallu, among the most beautiful on the island, is ideal for families. Along the way, you will meet wild animals - pigs, cows and mouflons - which will amaze the kids. The forest is also full of activities to please everyone, such as tree climbing, canyoning, horseback riding, and more!

Duration: 1h30 / 4.64km

Difficulty level: easy

With Le Collectionist, renting a luxury villa in Corsica has never been easier. Go on an exceptional adventure through the best Corsica hiking trails, then relax in a stunning villa with a view of the sea. Explore all of our ideas to make the most of your trip when you visit Corsica!

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