One Week in South Corsica: Le Collectionist's Guide

From the rocks of the Sanguinaires Islands to the idyllic beaches of Porto-Vecchio, check out our favourite excursions for one week in South Corsica!
One Week in South Corsica: Le Collectionist's Guide
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With its magnificent landscapes and Mediterranean climate, Corsica never fails to attract visitors from all over the world. South Corsica, in particular, is renowned for its fine, sandy beaches lined with pine trees and turquoise waters, making it the perfect luxury holiday destination.

From the stunning rocks of the Sanguinaires Islands to the idyllic beaches of Porto-Vecchio, spend one week in South Corsica with us as we reveal our favourite locations in the South!

A week in South Corsica: what to visit

Planning one week in South Corsica but not sure where to start? Check out our guide to find out where to go! Le Collectionist has crafted two seven-day itineraries for your time in the South. You can follow them to the letter, or focus on the destinations that appeal to you the most. To help you choose, we've listed our five favourite destinations to see when you visit Corsica:


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Ajaccio and the Sanguinaires islands

Immerse Yourself in Corsican Heritage:

A must-see in South Corsica, the capital of the island has many treasures to discover. For history and art lovers, this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Corsican heritage! While strolling along the streets of the city, you will come across many monuments, churches, palaces and museums, such as Maison Bonaparte, where Napoleon was born.

In addition to its rich cultural heritage, Ajaccio is also home to natural wonders, such as the beautiful Sanguinaires Islands, an archipelago of crimson rock that marks the entrance to the Gulf. If you visit South Corsica, give yourself half a day to get there by boat, and watch the sunset on the rocks!



Spend Some Quality Time:

South of Propriano, on the seaside road to Bonifacio, the village of Belvédère-Campomoro has withstood the ravages of time and the floods of tourists who come to visit each year. Strolling between the fishermen's houses, you can escape the passage of time for a few moments in this enchanted haven.

Belvédère-Campomoro is also home to the tallest Genoese tower in Corsica, proudly watching over the bay. To reach it, you have to take a hiking trail along the sea, breathing in the smell of sea spray and Aleppo pines. We suggest you go at the end of the day, when the temperatures are milder, to see the gorgeous sunset!


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Bonifacio & the Lavezzi iSlands

Views that Will Take Your Breath Away:

It's impossible to visit South Corsica without going through Bonifacio. At the southern end of the island, this city defies the laws of gravity. The citadel is perched on high limestone cliffs, more than seventy meters above the sea! All around it stretches the magnificent blue hues of the sea and sky. Stroll the shaded alleys of the old town to discover the most beautiful views of the city, and descend the 187 steps of the King of Aragon's Stairs, if you dare!

Do you have vertigo? Don't worry, because there are still many wonders hidden at sea level. The port of Bonifacio, wedged between the cliffs, is a unique sight to see before boarding a boat and setting sail to explore the magic of the Lavezzi Islands!  Another activity you can't miss is renting a sea kayak to go along the cliffs of the city. You will have access to secret beaches and caves with breathtaking blue waters!


the gulf of Porto-Vecchio

Bask in the Beautiful Beaches:

Porto-Vecchio, in the south-east end of Corsica, is known to be home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. During your week in South Corsica, you have to visit at least one. Among our favourites is Palombaggia, often cited as the most beautiful beach on the island. Its turquoise water and red rocks evoke a distant island in the Caribbean Sea, while being just a few minutes from the centre of Porto-Vecchio. You can also opt for Saint-Cyprien, just north of the Gulf. This beach is less crowded but just as heavenly. Come early in the morning and reserve a table at the Cabanon Bleu for lunch with your feet in the sand!

If you're not a fan of lounging about, we recommend Rondinara beach. This natural wonder will amaze you with its white sand and azure water. The elements have formed two peninsulas there, which unite to create a stunning scene. Further north, the bay of Santa-Giulia, bordered by a lagoon, is also ready for a photoshoot. If you prefer to dive under the surface, the calm and shallow waters of Santa-Giulia form a shelter for many marine species, which makes it a wonderful spot for snorkelling or diving!


the Massif de Bavella

Discover the Heart of the Island:

The last of our favourites is actually located on the border of Haute-Corse. The Massif de Bavella is dominated by the Aiguilles of the same name, which pierce the sky at an altitude of more than 1200 meters! If you visit South Corsica for a week or more, you will probably want to see something different, and you're sure to find it in these mountains full of bubbling rivers and waterfalls!

Adventurous spirits will enjoy rushing down the rivers in a kayak, while others will prefer to hike up the rocks in search of natural pools. After an invigorating swim in the refreshing water, all that's left is to relax in the shade for a well-deserved rest.


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