Stroll Through the Most Beautiful Beaches in Corsica

Corsican beaches are more than an idyllic place, they are a stunning change of scenery in the heart of Europe. Follow along as we stroll through the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Beauty.
Stroll Through the Most Beautiful Beaches in Corsica
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With golden sand and turquoise waters surrounded by fragrant pine forests, the beaches of Corsica remind us of Bora-Bora. Full of wild beauty and pink granite, set off to discover the twists and turns of the Corsican paths. Behind the olive green hills, aquamarine creeks and mysterious black sand beaches, Corsica is more than just an idyllic place. It holds secluded natural areas where majestic whales still glide through the sea, offering astonishing landscapes that will transport you to distant lands. The beaches of this luxury holiday destination are a stunning change of scenery in the heart of Europe. Come with us for a stroll through the most beautiful beaches of Corsica to learn more!


The idyllic beaches of Porto-Vecchio

On the beaches surrounding Porto-Vecchio, the Caribbean never seems far away. At the end of the path, you'll come across a lagoon with crystal clear waters, beaches lined with fine sand and the smell of pine and the balmy air. Here, you can dive into a dream of Mediterranean relaxation. Hidden gems, these Corsican beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.

In South Corsica, explore the legendary beach of Palombaggia, just a stone's throw from Porto-Vecchio. On this beach lined with sparkling white sand and turquoise blue water, you could spend the whole day lounging under the sun. Topped with red granite cliffs and ancient emerald pine trees, it offers a magical view of the Cerbicale Islands. There are also plenty of beach bars to have a cocktail: Tamaricciu, I Pini, Casa di Lume.

Nearby, crystal coves line the gorgeous coast. There are usually free spaces in the car park near the paths leading to the beaches, even at the height of the summer season. Populated with silver dolphins and schools of colourful fish, Santa Giulia beach is a dream for snorkelling enthusiasts! A little further on, Rondinara beach is a delight for nature lovers.

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the wild beaches of corsica

To discover these beaches, you have to get lost along the Corsican paths or take to the sea in search of secret coves. Delicate and rustic, these beaches merge sea and mountains, vast expanses of white sand and imposing rocks. They hide behind colourful hills of brown chestnut trees, soft green fields and purple lavender.

The Calanques de Piana are a beautiful escape into a wild region, populated by rare birds and overflowing with underwater life. The only way to discover its gorgeous coves is by sea. Board a sailboat with your hair in the wind and salt on your skin to discover its secluded beauty. The best time to visit is in the afternoon when the pink hue of the rocks is at its peak.

Cada D'Agulia beach, near Porto-Vecchio, can also only be explored by boat or after a 3-hour walk. Unleash your inner adventurer to explore this beauty, but remember to bring supplies and fresh water for an afternoon in this timeless natural site!


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the most beautiful volcanic beach

Corsica is full of contrasts. For a getaway on its black sand beaches, head for the west coast.

Explore the famous Nonza Cove, where the forest-green mountains bathe in emerald water. Silver pebbles dot the black sand beach and the sweet smell of fig trees fills the air. Climb to the top of the tower that overlooks the beach to admire the breathtaking panorama, one of the most beautiful on the island! Lose yourself in the small, medieval village of Nonza, strolling along its steep streets lined with palm trees and fuchsia bougainvillaea. Sit at the table of a shady café to sip a Corsican beer with notes of myrtle, chestnuts or herbs from the fields.


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