Extraordinary picnics by Jean-Antoine Ottavi

Corsican chef Jean-Antoine Ottavi makes picnics an art of getting back to basics. Take a seat at Mother Nature's table, on the Island of Beauty.
Extraordinary picnics by Jean-Antoine Ottavi
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Originally from Ghisonaccia, Jean-Antoine Ottavi is a child of the Island of Beauty. It was his grandmother who passed down the passion for cooking and good produce. This new age chef delivers gastronomy from his codes and his madness, to create an innovative culinary experience that allows you to go back to basics with his chic picnics in the middle of nature.

Have an intimate moment with the island that’s magical and timeless with a table set on the beach or in the middle of the forest. This is how he, as a chef, proudly showcases his Corsican terroir: by venerating products in season to create dressages like works of art, that are sublimated and mixed with international inspirations. 


Instinctive cooking

After training in Ajaccio, Jean-Antoine Ottavi sharpened his blades with several chefs, including a certain Paul Bocuse. He finds inspiration everywhere: a new flavour, the emotion of music, the creativity of social networks... But the primary inspiration is the products of the Isle of Beauty, which continue to amaze this local of the land.

His cuisine is instinctive, varied, and with influences that cross borders. Lulled by his limitless curiosity, Jean-Antoine Ottavi decided to share his know-how and his creations in the middle of nature, so that each of his experiences would be unique and unlike any other.

Each of Jean-Antoine’s sophisticated picnics is a bespoke, exceptional creation. The chef takes his products from the best producers on the island and does not give in to ease in preferring to select only the best of what Corsica has to offer. He creates the menu with his guests, emphasising the food and wine pairing, which is dear to him. He is also responsible for table decoration, with tableware and designer linens. His one-day clients usually ask for more and, for some, end up becoming regulars.


Communion with nature

For Jean-Antoine, the notion of the ephemeral is essential. When the chef moves, he takes only the bare necessities. This experience leaves no room for the superfluous and forces him to go back to the essentials, as the nature and landscapes of Corsica are the main actors of his outdoor picnics.

My philosophy is: one-third location, one-third what you eat, and one-third sharing with others.

Eating with your feet in the sand while watching the sky ignite has this magical feeling. The atmosphere of the forest is more protective as you dine under the trees in a peaceful and preserved cocoon. And of course, it is essential for Jean-Antoine to leave the premises in the state in which he found them. This is the heart of Jean-Antoine Ottavi's approach: a complete communion with nature with the utmost respect.


Corsica’s untouched natural beauty

Whether you’re in the island’s west in Ajaccio, or it’s south in Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio you’ll find idyllic landscapes and raw unfiltered beauty emanating from the smallest grains of sand on the ground to the biggest leafy trees in the sky. Lay on white-sand beaches, surrounded by wild nature, and transparent, warm water no matter where you are.

Villa Caramontinu

Villa Caramontinu is a boho villa with plunging sea views and stunning design, spectacularly located between both the sea and the scrubland. Our ideal way to discover these surroundings is through a horseback ride discovering all the best Corsican panoramas. Whether it’s with a ride inland through the famous pozzines or by the bay of Santa Giulia, you’ll be surprised by the Corsican beauty just a few moments away from home.



Casa Gianca

Casa Gianca is a seaview-lover’s paradise, with stunning panoramas of the bright blue from almost every corner of the house. Though to see Corsica at its best, head to Plage de Cala Longa just 15 minutes from Casa Gianca, hop on a boat, and discover its hidden creeks and crystal clear waters.



Casa Venti Legni

Casa Venti Legni and its charming traditional-bohemian decor is a firm favourite because it’s just a few steps from the beach. Just 10 minutes from the house, discover Cala Rossa, where you can take a moment to breathe in the salty sea air. Be surrounded by wild nature with the deep blue of the Mediterranean on one side and ridges covered with chestnut trees on the other.


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