Things to do in St Tropez: unbridled nature and French luxury

Discover our favourite things to do in St Tropez, France's top tier luxury holiday destination, from thrilling activities to beautiful landscapes.
Things to do in St Tropez: unbridled nature and French luxury

St Tropez is authenticity mixed with the purest forms of luxury. In the port, fishing boats rub shoulders with stunning yachts, while the golden and picturesque alleys shelter the luxurious shops of the French Riviera. We come to St Tropez to mingle with the cosmopolitan crowd, enjoy it's liveliness, the bright sun and the beauty of the coast. You too, should pack your bags and head for this luxury holiday destination, first by finding your ideal villa with Le Collectionist and discovering the endless things to do in St Tropez: a haven of refinement in the South of France. 

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top 10 things to do in st tropez

Between luxury and simplicity, St Tropez is a paradise for vacationers in search of refinement. From its untouched natural coasts to its most popular spots and exciting cultural sites, discover our favourite things to do and visit in St Tropez: our top 10 (to be published soon) for memorable holidays with family or friends. Here is an overview:

  • Stop at the Citadel of St Tropez
  • A tour of the Place des Lices market
  • Where to go out at night in St Tropez
  • Have a drink at Sénéquier
  • Bask in front of the yachts of the old port of St Tropez
  • Stroll along the quays during Les Voiles de St Tropez
  • Taste the French Riviera and visit the vineyards
  • Take a boat trip between the three capes of St Tropez: Lardier, Taillat and Camarat
  • Relax in a beach club on Pampelonne
  • Take a tour of the St Tropez Lighthouse
  • Taste the tropézienne tart


With our article what to see in St Tropez (to be published soon) , we lead you to find the most beautiful places to see in the region. Discover the most beautiful beaches, the unmissable grandiose landscapes and the majestic nature of St Tropez.

  • Place des Lices
  • The old port of St Tropez
  • Cap Camarat
  • Cap Taillat
  • Cape Lardier
  • Pampelonne Beach
  • The St Tropez lighthouse
  • Tahiti beach
  • The view from Notre Dame de l'Assomption

A stroll on Place des Lices

From the first hours of the day, St Tropez is buzzing with activity. On Place des Lices, the stalls are set up and the traders start their days. We sit on the terrace of a restaurant in St Tropez to enjoy this relaxed atmosphere under the sun. Under the hundred-year-old plane trees of this picturesque square, pétanque players happily frolic but also give way to the market that happens every Tuesday and Saturday. 



St Tropez is not just about luxury establishments and beautiful beaches. Everywhere in the city, little gems are to be discovered and visited; historical or cultural must-see sites, our team has put together the most beautiful places for lovers of visits and tells you what to visit in St Tropez (to be published soon). Take a first look at our selection below: 

Visit the Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum

While strolling on the Place Blanquis, a building catches our attention, with its yellow facade, its blue shutters, it seems familiar. We linger on the letters displayed in front of the National Gendarmerie . This is the building that served as the basis for the legendary films of the gendarmes of St Tropez with Louis de Funès. Inside, the rooms tell the story of the St Tropez brigades but also explain the city's links with these films which have made it world famous. 

Go up to the Citadel of St Tropez

The citadel of St Tropez dominates the city, overlooking the sea. You have to climb for a while to get there but the game is really worth the effort. From the top of the ramparts, a 360 ° panorama is offered to us. Inside hides a very special and fascinating museum, that of the navy. It teaches day visitors the basics of navigation and the stories of the greatest masters of the seas. The visit continues with a stroll along the water to the mythical lighthouse which watches over the city. 


With Le Collectionist, take the chance to experience the extraordinary: our luxury concierge has listed the most unique things to do in St Tropez (to be published soon). Discover our three favorite and unique experiences below, specially created by our teams: 

Participate in a prestigious competition in the bay of St Tropez

Each year, the port of St Tropez hosts an extraordinary event. The most beautiful sails in the world come together for a week to compete downwind. Embark with experienced skippers, aboard one of St Tropez's most famous boats: the Phenix Dixi. Being an exceptional prototype designed by Guy Ribadeau Dumas, this boat is recognised for its classic elegance and technical performance. Spend an afternoon discovering this majestic boat and the bay of St Tropez. 

Flavour the coast of Provence in the beautiful vineyards of St Tropez

In town or at the beach, on the tables of St Tropez establishments, the Provence coast reigns supreme. With Le Collectionist, enter the world of a renowned château for an exclusive visit. Follow the cellar master through the old vines to the cellars and taste the beautiful creations of the castle. Maybe even take opportunity to bring back a bottle as a souvenir of your holiday in St Tropez! If you're a certified wine lover? Find out more by reading our article: Which vineyards to discover near St Tropez (to be published soon).

Go fishing from the St Tropez port

Wake up in your luxury villa rental in St Tropez in the early morning and join the old port to meet Yohann on his boat and have him help you discover the best-kept fishing spots in the bay of St Tropez. After, return to the port with your catch of the day and stop at the market to find some vegetables and herbs to prepare a fantastic barbecue on your terrace facing the sea. 


In St Tropez, the beaches all have an identity. They can be bustling and famous, calm and wild, bordered by fine sand or have scrub tumbling down from the cliffs. Take the time to discover them all in our article on the most beautiful beaches of St Tropez (to be published soon). Here is the list of our favorites:

  • Pampelonne beach
  • Fontanette beach
  • Ponche beach
  • Graniers Beach
  • Canoubier Beach
  • Tahiti Beach
  • Moutte Beach
  • The Salins

And if you are more of a lover of lazing about on the fine sand, explore our article on the most beautiful sandy beaches in St Tropez (to be published soon).


things to do in the st tropez area

Being ideally located, St Tropez is an pathway to the French Rivierra. Let us help you discover the most beautiful destinations in our article on what to discover around St Tropez and the best activities around the village in our article things to do in the St Tropez area (to be published soon).

Which vineyards to go to near St-Tropez?

In the St Tropez area, the countryside is covered with vines for which the wines of the region are famous. Take advantage of an afternoon and follow in our footsteps to find out which vineyards to go to near St Tropez (to be published soon).

  • Domaine de la Touraque 
  • Chateau Volterra 
  • Torpedo
  • Chateau des Marres
  • Chateau Barbeyrolle

Day trips to the bay of St Tropez

Embark with a skipper aboard a boat to explore the bay of St Tropez (to be published soon). We spend the morning between the different Capes bordering the Gulf, then we choose a beautiful beach to stop at for a picnic and a dip. We head back to the port at sunset to admire the golden light and the pink hue that shines across the sea and the coast of St Tropez. 

Day trips around St Tropez

The countryside of St Tropez is definitely worth exploring. All around this mythical city, there are pretty villages off the beaten track. In the sunny squares of these small towns, we chat with the locals while playing a game of pétanque. And for sea lovers, we walk along the water in search of the most beautiful beaches and secret coves. 


A hike in Massif des Maures

Massif des Maures is covered with a deep green forest and fiery red rocks. You can explore the hiking trails amidst oaks and hundred-year-old chestnut trees and the more you climb the slopes, the better the views of the sea get. There's also a multitude villages to discover in the heart of the massif, and to discover them, there's nothing better than to embark on a road trip in Massif des Maures (to be published soon) .

Walking in the footsteps of Brigitte Bardot

Did you know, the mythical beach from the film And God Created Woman is not really located in St Tropez? You have to take a drive and go a little further to the beautiful Pampelonne beach in Ramatuelle. This is where we will find the setting of Roger Vadim's film, specifically on the terrace of Club 55 where the team used to stay. While extremely posh in summer, the beach has still managed to retain its wilder aspect, which you can discover during a walk with your feet in the sand as you take a stroll along the most beautiful beaches of St Tropez (to be published soon).

Explore the Venice of Provence: Grimaud and Port Grimaud

As you walk around Port Grimaud, you're immediately struck by the uniqueness of this lakeside town. Born from the imagination of a sea lover, architect François Spoerry, Port Grimaud is built like a small, colourful Provencal village set on the water. The canals intersect and offer a unique stroll between the houses dressed in astonishing decor: columns, trompe-l'oeil and statues of regional figures. You can also explore the city on foot, take a break on Place du Marché, or discover the old town of Grimaud which is perched on height. 

Visit the village of Sainte Maxime

In Sainte Maxime, we tour the Provençal markets to discover the natural resources of the region, taste local varieties, and bring back souvenirs. The rest of the day is spent getting lost in the small alleys and in the botanical garden of Myrtes, facing the Gulf of St Tropez. Here, we cool off in the shade of the Mediterranean flora, then we head to the sandy beaches of Sainte Maxime to enjoy a multitude of water sports. Our favourite: Elephant Beach, described by Jean Bruhoff in the first novel of a hero who marked all childhoods, the famous Babar.


what to do on family holidays to st tropez

With kids, St Tropez is an ideal haunt for families, as the village offers many visits and activities which will delight children, adolescents, and adults alike. From adventures at sea, discovering nature in the wild or days spent at the beach, find out what to do on family holidays to St Tropez (to be published soon) in our dedicated article. Here is an overview:

Take a tour of the Butterfly House

A true museum, the Butterfly House is the culmination of the hard work of the painter Dany Lartigue. He was passionate about these graceful insects, and displays more than 35,000 species through his paintings in the heart of this museum. With its protected, unknown, and exotic species; this museum is a unique place that will fascinate the whole family.

Act like pirates in the Gulf of St Tropez

Offer your children an extraordinary adventure organised by our concierge, for an afternoon under the St Tropez sun. Embark on a boat and set off to conquer the waters of the bay, and who knows? You might even stumble upon treasure!

Spend a day on the beautiful beaches of St Tropez

What could be better than a day at the beach to bring together all the generations? Whatever St Tropez beach you choose, there is something for everyone. The little ones can build sandcastles and play by the shore, and the older ones can try their hand at water sports. You can lay back, be lulled by the sound of the waves, and enjoy the unparalleled sunshine of the French Riviera.



St Tropez is also a living haunt and as soon as the sun goes down, the atmosphere of this small port is transformed to welcome jet-setters and revellers from all over the world. The day is not to be outdone, as on the beautiful beaches of St Tropez, the most famous beach bars broadcast house music in a chic and festive atmosphere. Discover all our advice on where to go out in St Tropez.

St Tropez beach bars

With your feet in the sand, enjoy a drink on the sun bed of an upscale beach bar. Around us, customers come from everywhere, and some even ring a bell. There's Club 55, Tiki beach, Nikki beach, the multitude of names that make the beaches of St Tropez famous. Discover our favorite beach bars in St Tropez.

The hottest restaurants in St Tropez

Between secret places, Michelin-starred restaurants, unmissable institutions or new popular spots, the gastronomic scene of St Tropez offers its visitors a wide choice. Explore this article and make a list of the hottest restaurants in St Tropez.

Nightlife in St Tropez: Partying in St Tropez

From the start of the evening, we make an appointment in the most beautiful beach bars on the beaches of Pampelonne. At sunset, the sound of the waves on the beaches fades to give way to the sound of music from the bars and the laughter of customers. After that, you just have to join the mythical institutions to continue to enjoy this pretty city until the end of the night. Discover where to party in St Tropez (to be published soon).



Of course, we know the French Riviera for its summer atmosphere. The streets, beaches, restaurants, bars and hotels of St Tropez fill with music and laughter, and this is when the coast is most lively. But the climate is pleasant all year round in St Tropez and Better still, outside of the great holiday periods, this old small port and its surroundings find a more authentic aura. Visit off season and discover the French Riviera as you have never seen it during our three favorite times of the year:

Things to do in St Tropez in April

In April, spring is already well under way, and we take advantage of the return of fine weather to laze on the terrace of the harbour cafes. Around us, the streets are peaceful, and only the locals of this peaceful town wander the streets going about their usual business. This is the perfect time to visit the city in peace and to explore the surroundings of St Tropez. Read our article to find out the best things to do in St tropez in April (to be published soon). 

Things to do in St Tropez in May

The month of May often marks the return of visitors to the French Riviera. The most exclusive restaurants open their doors and the first luxury yachts come to anchor in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Yet the general vibe is still serene, the crowds of the summer months are still far away, and the countryside and gardens are adorned with vibrant flowers. You can start to venture out on the water a little later in the day, without fearing the chilliness of the evening; and even have the first swim of the year. Find your luxury villa in St Tropez and read our article: Things to do in St Tropez in May (to be published soon). 

Things to do in St Tropez in Winter

The real St Tropez also resides outside the summer months. The possibilities are endless: stroll in the alleys of the city, in the areas nearby, go on an excursion in the wild, fill up with vitamin D and even, with a little luck, lunch on the terrace in the sun on windless days. We particularly like the village atmosphere that emanates from St Tropez during this period: we replace cocktails with a hot coffee accompanied by a tarte tropézienne on the terrace of Senéquier. And at the beginning of the year, the areas close to St Tropez are tinged with brilliant yellow with the flowering of mimosas. Spend the winter in St Tropez by reading our article: Things to do in St Tropez in winter (to be published soon).


With Le Collectionist , discover all the luxury holiday destinations to experience exceptional vacations with your loved ones. Unearth your luxury villa in St Tropez from our extraordinary collection.

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