Morning, day, and night: Where should I go out in St Tropez?

When asking "where should I go out in St Tropez?", you will find there is always a new side of St Tropez to discover amongst the evening's festivities.
Morning, day, and night: Where should I go out in St Tropez?
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The Cote d’Azur.. The French Riviera.. Both of these titles imbue a sense of sophistication, beauty, and glamour. Images of beautiful people floating through lavishing bars and restaurants, all set against a backdrop that is the natural beauty of the region. No other place embodies this more than St Tropez. But it is all this and much more. St Tropez is a place where people are drawn not only to its elegance and natural wonder, but also to its tradition and implacable earthiness. 

One of the most difficult things to get right is the question: where should I go out in St Tropez? The answer is that there isn’t only one place for this. St Tropez holidays are all about seeing its quirks, lesser-known and often-clashing elements existing in blissful union. Bring each blissful day along the French Riviera to an end with these amazing places for cocktails that will leave you smacking your lips and music that will ease you into the spirited evenings of St Tropez. 

For all you need to know about Saint Tropez, explore Le Collectionist's guide.

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Like a star: laze in the beach clubs until the evening sets in

As one of Europe’s best luxury holiday destinations, St Tropez attracts people from all walks of life. The beach bars are where you will most likely be rubbing shoulders with stars and celebs

Follow in the footsteps of Brigitte Bardot: Le Club 55

When the cast of And God Created Woman set foot on the sleepy shores of St Tropez, they unwittingly left a lasting footprint in the fine white sand of the area. One of the establishments that is more than an extra in the cast of St Tropez’s rise to fame is Le Club 55, which opened its doors to Brigitte Bardot and her fellow crew members, offering refreshments and a warm, south-of-France welcome. Since those sultry summer days in 1955, this elegant, yet unpretentious, beach club has beguiled guests with its signature crudités and laid-back atmosphere

One of our favourite things to do in St Tropez: spend long afternoons here dipping in and out of the sea after a lavishing meal. Once the sun begins to set, immerse in the merry atmosphere by grabbing yourself a cocktail and watching the sky light up in its iridescent orange and purple glow


A stalwart of the beach clubs: Nikki Beach St Tropez

Nikki Beach is where the young and the young-at-heart go to spend their lively summer days on the shores of Pampelonne Beach. Take your place on a sun lounger or one of the shady tables that are scattered around the large swimming pool for an afternoon of good vibes and the sounds of summer. This is a failsafe answer to your question of "where should I go out in St Tropez"?

While Nikki Beach has a festive atmosphere throughout the day, it truly comes alive in the evening, where people lap up the last hours of daylight with refreshing drinks and lively music. The pool can often be seen at the centre of a teeming party, where beautiful people bask in the sun and sea breeze to some music that pours from the decks of a world-renowned DJ


Pampelonne beach’s trendy youngster: Indie Beach

Indie Beach is a bohemian-chic beach bar reminiscent of Ibizan summers. Started by three young locals, Indie Beach injects a youthful dose of energy into the arm of the St Tropez beach club scene. Flit between lounger, lunch, and sea during your seemingly endless summer days in this, one of our favourite places to spend your luxury France holidays.

The restaurant is effortlessly trendy and serves delectable dishes of both Argentinian and Mediterranean cuisine. As the day edges on, the atmosphere becomes vibrant an the laid-back house music ushers in an evening of feet-in-the-sand festivities for a beach party that you will wish never ended.

Evening cocktails: To the port or the beach clubs?

French Riviera finery in Le Tigrr

Head away from the port to Hotel Ermitage, where Le Tigrr’s sumptuous rooftop awaits. This is a great sunset spot, as the sky and the interior both seem to mimic the bar’s namesake: the mystical tiger. In the forests of the night, Le Tigrr brings you a menu of delicious cocktails to round off yet another blissful day.


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Passersby and masts: Bar du Port

Located right on the port of St Tropez, there aren’t many better ways to witness St Tropez’s spirited-yet-peaceful evenings as the day begins to wind down. Bar du Port is a sophisticated bar with an interior of wood and leather that glows in the warmth cast down by the discreet lighting. Come here for some apéro and a cocktail as you watch boat owners disembark for an evening on the town and couples sauntering along the quay.

Hôtel de Paris St Tropez: L’Atrium Bar

This contemporary and cosmopolitan bar in the 5-star Hôtel de Paris boasts an extensive cellar. The Head Barman has a passion for his craft; he brings together a variety of flavours with utmost precision. After a cocktail, move up to the hotel’s famous restaurant: Le Pationata. Here, the Michelin-star chef will grace you with his flavoursome and inventive culinary ode to the Mediterranean


Dance the night away in St Tropez, France

Whilst going out out is not for everyone, it can provide the perfect ending to a day in St Tropez; a cherry on top of the youthful and vigorous side of St Tropez's summers. This is the real answer to the oft-asked question of "where should I go out in St Tropez"?

Party until the early morning in Gaïo

Known as the first clubbing experience in St Tropez, Gaïo has become one of the best-known and most-loved nightlife settings for the St Tropez summer. What makes this such a great experience, is that it offers an excellent dining experience before the nighttime revelries begin. Come early for a delicious meal before kicking back your chair and charging onto the dancefloor.

Many famous people have passed through these hallowed corridors to submerge in the joy of a night out, French-riviera style. The celebrations and partying at Gaïo will mark the pinnacle of your day

where to stay in st tropez?

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