Things to do in St Tropez in April: Between luxury and relaxation

A guide on things to do in St Tropez in April: a comprising of quaint strolls and authentic luxury recommended by Le Collectionist
Things to do in St Tropez in April: Between luxury and relaxation
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Spring has already made its first appearance, and with it, the abundant nature of the St Tropez coasts comes back to life. Temperatures at this time of the year are among the most pleasant in France. By the Old Port, terns and egrets sing as if to remind sailors who have gone to sea. With a temperature of 12 degrees in the morning, we're far from summer clothing, but the first rays of the sun are perfect for having breakfast on the terrace. In the afternoon, temperatures rise again, and allow for a pleasant visit of St Tropez. With Le Collectionist, find out our favourite things to do in St Tropez in April.

The month of April in St Tropez is synonymous with space and tranquility. St Tropez, a chic destination full of luxury, nevertheless retains a particularly picturesque atmosphere during this period. We regard it as the perfect time to go on holiday to St Tropez and go off the beaten track.

For all you need to know about Saint Tropez, explore Le Collectionist's guide.

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So now that you've decided to go, how do you get yourself to St Tropez? The beautiful St Tropez in the South of France welcomes holidaymakers from all over the world every year. You can land at the Nice airport and take the train towards the St Tropez bus station. For a simple journey, contact our luxury concierge to upgrade your arrival with a vintage car: a must-have for a holiday in St Tropez! 


In April, St Tropez regains its identity as a quaint, pretty fishing village. When strolling through the cobble-stone district of La Ponche, we immediately understand why this city inspires art and artists alike. You can stroll through a maze of flowery alleys, souvenir shops and rustic cafes all day. There are countless places to discover all over St Tropez. Here are some of our favorites: 


Go up to the citadel of St Tropez

The view is incredible from the rooftop of St Tropez's 17th century citadel where you can see the whole Gulf and the city. On the way down, we begin a tour of its maritime museum which tells us the history of the navy and the mythical port of St Tropez. Conclude with a walk along the embankments of the port, to the lighthouse, for another view of the sea. While still so calm at this time of the year, the panorama over the bay gives this place a restful and serene aura. 


Have a coffee in the Old Port

In April, the colourful fishing boats have not yet given way to luxury sailboats. From the terrace of Sénéquier, we observe the parade of these boats by characters who are just as animated. Then walk along the quays to discover the statue of the Bailiff of Suffren.  




Take a walk to the market of Place des Lices

On the mythical Place des Lices, the plane trees are home to pétanque players. The square is animated and passers-by take advantage of the sun to take a tour of the market. We stroll between the stalls to stock up on souvenirs and local produce that we take back to the villa, and so tapenade, socca and aioli will garnish the table for a lunch facing the sea.  




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Other charming Provencal villages are available to you not far from St Tropez. Take the time to discover them during your holidays in St Tropez. You can also embark on a sailboat to explore the magnificent bay of St Tropez, and navigate between the 3 Caps: Taillat, Camarat and Lardier.

A boat trip in St Tropez

In April, sailboats are the ideal way to conquer the sea. Hoist the sails and feel the force of the wind leading you to other horizons as we sail to Cap Camarat, the pearl of the Gulf of St Tropez. We stay a good distance from its lighthouse, to better observe the palettes of blues and greens that form this breathtaking view. Then, we stop off in front of Pampelonne beach, an iconic place if there is one, and for the more courageous, take a dip in the water. 


In the footsteps of Brigitte Bardot

On sunny days, we fill a basket with a book and a beach towel, sunglasses on, and set off to discover the beautiful beaches of Ramatuelle. We lie down on the warm sand to enjoy the rays of the sun, and the more daring enjoy the first swim of the year. 

Walks in Port Grimaud: Provençal Venice 

We take the whole family by car to head to a town that looks like little Venice. We start by visiting the old town on foot. Then, we board a barge to walk along the canals. Looking around, we marvel at the facades and shutters in a thousand colours of this unique village. 


A bucolic visit to the Sainte-Maxime Botanical Park

Sheltered by the Massif des Maures, the birthplace of the famed Babar is a must-see during a stay on the peninsula of St Tropez. Visit the Myrtes Botanical Park, an exceptional breath of fresh air to discover the Mediterranean flora. We end our visit by the marina and in the afternoon, we relax on the fine sandy beaches that surround this renowned resort; in particular, at Elephant Beach which inspired the most famous French elephant in the world. 

An invigorating walk at Cap Lardier, in Croix Valmer

La Croix-Valmer is one of those villages which has managed to retain it's authentic character. The old town shelters precious vestiges, old walls and windmills. With its beautiful beaches and abundant vegetation, it is the perfect haunt for adventurers and hikers. We begin an invigorating exploration on the coast of Cap Lardier, in the shade of pines, surrounded by wild flowers.   




With Le Collectionist, finding your ideal villa to rent in St Tropez has never been easier, explore the most beautiful scenery of the French Riviera and discover all our experiences in St Tropez.

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