Discover the bay of Saint-Tropez from east to west

Discover the bay of Saint-Tropez along its coastline and its beaches with Le Collectionist.
Discover the bay of Saint-Tropez from east to west
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The one called the peninsula, where the bay of Saint-Tropez is actually divided into three distinct bays, which go from Sainte-Maxime in the east to Cavalaire in the west. Three postcard settings that each have something different to offer.

From the Old Port to the large expanses of sand of Pampelonne, passing by the landing beaches, follow Le Collectionist and discover the bay of Saint-Tropez along its coastline.

For all you need to know about Saint Tropez, explore Le Collectionist's guide.

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When you arrive by sea, like Guy de Maupassant aboard the "Bel Ami" or Paul Signac on the deck of the "Olympia", the Gulf of Saint-Tropez seems to welcome you with open arms. Yachts and sailboats rush into this enclave of azure water to reach their refuge: the Old Port and its Lighthouse, which marks the entrance to the bay of Saint-Tropez.

Walk along the quays to the Lighthouse

Start your exploration of the bay of Saint-Tropez from the beginning. At the entrance to the Old Port, the lighthouse watches over the gulf. Walk along the quays, where the sailboats mingle with their miniature reproductions, on the paintings of the artists who exhibit their works, and climb on the ramparts. They will take you to the foot of the Lighthouse, from where you will have a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. In the distance, you will guess the beaches of Sainte-Maxime and that of Port-Grimaud, the next stages of our journey.


Laze under the sun on the beaches of Sainte-Maxime

The bay of Saint-Tropez is bordered, on the east side, by the countless beaches of Sainte-Maxime. Each one has its own personality: La Madrague is a paradise for snorkelling enthusiasts; La Nartelle beach is ideal with children; Elephants beach, made famous by the comic strip "Le Voyage de Babar", looks like a Caribbean island... But our favorites go to Pointe des Sardinaux, a natural sand peninsula flourishing and wild, and at the Croisette beach, from where there is a panoramic view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.


Stroll along the canals of Port-Grimaud

The bay of Saint-Tropez conceals in its heart an astonishing treasure, between the Provençal village and the lakeside city. It is as if Saint-Tropez had met Venice. To visit Port-Grimaud, you have two possibilities: you can get lost in its maze of narrow streets punctuated by bridges and glaciers; or you can stroll along the water, taking the canals. But whatever your final choice, you can only marvel at the beauty of this extraordinary place, an architect's and sailor's dream come true.


Step into a postcard at Cannebiers Bay

This tiny "bay within a bay" of Saint-Tropez is a real masterpiece. It also inspired the work of the painter Henri Matisse. Only a few minutes from the center, it is a refuge for holidaymakers and locals looking for calm. We install our towel there, on the fine sand, and we admire the view of the sailboats at anchor. A few lucky ones have put their suitcases close to the sand, sheltered by the cypresses, in the residential area that borders the bay of Cannebiers. This is the case of the sumptuous Villa Muscade, a magnificent Provençal residence with private access to the beach.


Surely you have already heard of the mythical bay of Pampelonne in Saint-Tropez. Located at the extreme south of the peninsula, it faces the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea. In reality, it is made up of dozens of small coves and bays which together form Ramatuelle beach.

Be alone on Les Salins beach

It's hard to believe, and yet there is a beach with unspoiled nature less than 10 kilometres from the center of Saint-Tropez. Salins beach is a sandbar punctuated with pine needles and Posidonia, typical algae of the Mediterranean Sea. The waves are sometimes raging there, and you have to walk a little between the rocks to find the perfect spot to put your towel down, but the effort is worth it. Once there, you are alone in the world. On family holidays in Saint-Tropez, we advise you to take a break at the beach restaurant of the same name, from where you have a panoramic view of the bay.

Hang with the stars on Pampelonne beach

Made famous by Brigitte Bardot and the film "And God Created Woman", Pampelonne beach is a mythical place in the bay of Saint-Tropez. Today, artists and writers have given way to jet-setters, who roam the beach clubs. Nevertheless, its 4.5 kilometers of fine sand are a paradise for swimmers, and a privileged setting to enjoy the sun, comfortably installed on an immaculate sunbed.


Do a stopover in the cove of Bonne Terrasse

You have to walk to the extreme south of Pampelonne beach, where the sand meets the rocks of the coastal path, to arrive at the Bonne Terrasse cove. Restaurants and beach bars have now replaced the fisherman's huts, but the small cove has lost none of its charm of yesteryear. Located just above Cap Camarat, it is an excellent stopover point to refresh yourself during your hikes along the coastal path.


The three Caps de Saint-Tropez – Camarat, Taillat and Lardier – separate the bay of Pampelonne and that of Cavalaire, further to the west. On the beaches of the latter, the atmosphere is quite different, and the posh beach clubs gladly give way to sandcastles. We then discover another face of the bay of Saint-Tropez, one that we had perhaps not suspected: a family and friendly landmark, where we like to return year after year.


Play with the waves on Gigaro beach

Gigaro beach is at the entrance to the coastal footpath, which runs along the steep coast of the peninsula to Ramatuelle. It is quite busy, especially because you can do a large number of water activities there, such as jet-skiing, the emblematic sport of the bay of Cavalaire. Rent a sea scooter and launch yourself at full speed on this sea of ​​oil. You can also choose another, more leisurely cruising pace, by opting for stand-up paddleboarding and following the path by the sea.

Stop time on a landing beach

Less well known than its cousins ​​in Normandy, this beach at La-Croix-Valmer nevertheless saw the Allies land in 1944. Today, there is no place left from those times of war, quite the contrary. This long sandy beach is a paradise where you like to meet up with your loved ones. Children can splash around in the shallow water or dive from the top of the wooden pontoon, while parents bask in the sun.

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