The most unique things to do in St Tropez

Discover the most unique things to do in St Tropez with this guide to the exquisite, magical, and, quite simply, thrilling experiences on offer.
The most unique things to do in St Tropez
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Summery St Tropez days conjure images of laid-back coastal bliss, admiring the sun’s arch from the comfort of a sun lounger or a world-famous beach club with a condensation-clung cocktail hanging from a limp hand. Idleness is the prevailing characteristic of holidays in St Tropez, which there is nothing wrong with. But why not opt for something a little more daring, a little more peculiar, unique, or memorable? Any holiday can be spent watching the days slip, but those will just blur into the sun-dazed ether of the summer’s swelter. 

With these unique things to do in St Tropez, you can rise from your horizontal slumber and become part of the landscape, the culture, and the people. Here at Le Collectionist, we offer a range of the most unique things to do in each destination to provide personalised holidays. 

For all you need to know about Saint Tropez, explore Le Collectionist's guide.

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Cast off from a fishing village in the early morning

Embark on a boat with a man whose wisdom of the sea and its inhabitants will leave you stunned. Yohann is a master of fishing who will impart his wisdom on you with a morning of fishing along the picturesque shores of St Tropez. Fishing is an art that Yohann is passionate about.

As they say, give a man a fish you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime. With Yohann, you really are learning from the best. Depart at sunrise and begin the morning of fishing as the rising sun catches the motionless surface of the sea. Return with a basket of the freshest fish for a feast in the evening. If you want the fruits of the sea to be cooked by a personal chef, simply arrange for one to prepare your meal with our conciergerie. 


A daring day trip along the coastal cliffs

Some of the best holiday experiences are those that strike fear into your heart. Stories that animate dinner table conversations aren’t those of hot hebetude and lazing around villa pools, instead, they are about bungee jumping and sky diving and thrills that will leave an indelible mark on your memory of the holiday.

One of our favourite experiences for those seeking a thrill is to traverse the great granite faces that line the shores, like a rampart of natural grandeur, of the French Riviera. This is one of our favourite unique things to do in St Tropez. The climbing routes hang over the glistening Mediterranean and will leave in awe of the natural wonder that this region boasts.


Potter around Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is a place of architectural peculiarity. This small seaside town, a short distance from St Tropez, is the fruition of architect Francois Spoerry’s (seemingly fevered) dreams. Known as the Venice of Provence, the town was constructed into the marshlands in mimicry of Venetian canals and the fisherman-styled houses of St Tropez.

Take a boat along the canals to admire this modern creation. Venture inland to explore the picturesque perched village of Grimaud, before reclining into a long, lazy lunch alongside the canal, where you can watch the boats chug by whilst devouring delectable seafood. Our favourite place to dine here is La Calypso, a French restaurant in St Tropez that produces lip-smacking Mediterranean dishes. 



Clamber the coastal paths of Cap Camarat

The natural beauty of St Tropez is often ancillary to the luxuriating villas and world-famous beach clubs of Pampelonne Beach that shot to stardom in the wake of Brigitte Bardot’s performance in And God Created Woman. There are those who reminisce about the days when St Tropez was a simple fishing town perched amongst the stunning scenery, but often their voices are drowned out by the clamour of trendiness and glitz. By exploring Cap Camarat, you are paying tribute to the roots of this inimitably beautiful stretch of coastline in France’s south.

The beach clubs of St Tropez and the villas exist because of this beauty, not the other way around. So, strap on your walking shoes and discover the scrubland that appears beyond the plane trees, visit the vineyards, frolic in the shallows of tucked-away beaches, and lap up the views of this granite headland! When you get too hot, simply plunge into the azure waters that lap against these beautiful shores. This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable of the unique things to do in St Tropez.

Become a local: Play petanque in Place des Lices


In the shade cast down by the dancing branches of the gently swaying trees, you will find the locals, all adorning smiles and summer clothes. Follow the dull thuds that punctuate the hum of St Tropez’s centre to the square in the town’s heart. Place des Lices is where you will find the elderly locals playing petanque in the late afternoon when the day begins to cool.

Play this national sport that originated in Provence with the jolly locals before heading for a sundowner in one of the seaside bars in the port. Another must-try whilst you are in St Tropez is the famous Tarte Tropizienne from the best place for them: La Tarte Tropezienne just off Place des Lices. 


Sample the French Riviera’s finest wines

The French Riviera and its surroundings are home to some of the much-vaunted wines. The vines of these wineries have been cascading in their tangled regimentedness down towards the sea for generations. One of the best ways to learn about this craft is to follow a cellar master through the paces of winemaking and wine tasting. Domaine La Tourraque is one of our favourite places to learn the traditions of this fine craft. Learn all there is to know about the terroir of the region by sampling the grapes.

Sail the waters of the Cote d'Azur: Les Voiles

One of the most unique things to do in St Tropez is to participate in the famous Voiles de St Tropez regatta aboard the moonbeam. Our conciergerie our more than enthusiastic to arrange this one for any of our visitors, so simply get in touch for this exhilarating experience. The famous Moonbeam - a Scottish vessel - will carry you across the waters of the Mediterranean. 



To find more, read about the best things to do in St Tropez.

With Le Collectionist, you can spend your luxury holidays in France doing the most unique things in our destinations. Simply speak to your dedicated holiday tailor to make your dreams come true in our luxury holiday destinations. Explore our St Tropez villa rentals to springboard discover these unique things to do in St Tropez on your next trip. 

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