A guide to the best beaches in Saint Tropez: our exclusive selection

From the centre of St Tropez to the legendary Pampelonne Beach, adventure to the best beaches in St Tropez with our guide.
A guide to the best beaches in Saint Tropez: our exclusive selection
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Made famous by Roger Vadim's 1956 masterpiece And God Created Woman, Saint-Tropez's beaches are an undeniable part of the unique experiences this luxury destination offers. This tranquil hamlet, now a choice destination for jet-setting Europeans, conceals dozens of wild and enchanting beaches.

Brigitte Bardot, who became an idol after the film premiered, fell in love with the region and later bought "La Madrague," just a stone's throw from Graniers Beach. Come with us to adventure along Saint-Tropez's mythical beaches.

Best beaches in Saint Tropez


The beach tour


Leave from the port of Saint-Tropez and follow the coast towards Ramatuelle. The Saint Tropez beaches unroll over 10 km of coastline, each more beautiful than the last. Whether in town or hidden in the wild, a long stretch of fine sand or a pleasant cove, each has a unique personality.

When you reach the end in Ramatuelle, discover the region's most famous beach: Pampelonne. This is, after all, where the myth of Saint Tropez was born.

For all you need to know about Saint Tropez, explore Le Collectionist's guide.

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Pampelonne, for those who like it chic


Come discover some of our favourite Pamplonne Beach hot spots here at one of the most legendary beaches in Saint-Tropez, with the Ramatuelle commune as its proud seat.

Over 5 km long, Pampelonne seems like an infinite stretch of white sand and turquoise water dotted with renowned beach clubs, like the famed Tiki Beach.

Getting there:

You can reach Pampelonne Beach easily by car and park in one of the many lots that surround it. Follow the route des plages, or beach route, for easy access.

It's also possible to reach Pampelonne by bus, or even on foot, wandering your way to this celebrated stretch of sand.

Not to be missed:

Stop in at the emblematic Club 55 at the beach's southern end. Originally a family-run hut, this restaurant has become a favourite haunt for locals and informed visitors alike, thanks to its fine cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.

Le Club 55 St Tropez, 43 boulevard Patch Plage de Pampelonne, 83350 Ramatuelle

Our favourite villa near Pampelonne beach:

After spending your day on the sands of Pampelonne, walk home to Villa Grant. In this modern architect's villa with a staggering view of the bay, spirited pop art meets marble, wood, and stone.


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Salins, perfect for families



A little further, set up camp at Salins beach. Far from the city's hustle and bustle, it's an idyllic setting for lunch under a blue Mediterranean parasol with the sea lapping at your feet. Calm and sheltered from the wind, this beach is ideal for families.

In the afternoon, let your children build sandcastles while you bask in the sun from a lounge chair. And if you want ideas of activities for your little ones, see our suggestions of things to do for unforgettable family holidays to Saint Tropez.

Getting there:

Only 6 km from the heart of Saint-Tropez, the majestic Salins beach is easily accessible through the charming Parc de la Moutte.

Simply pull into the free parking lot and take the short shaded stroll to this family oasis. Otherwise, take the route des Salins to discover the beach's private side.

Not to be missed:

Settle comfortably into the Les Salins restaurant, with fish and seafood on the menu. For the youngsters, opt for a table beside the pizza bar, unless you prefer a meal on the terrace to enjoy the view.

Here, Mediterranean flavours inspire the cuisine, though traditional French dishes feature on the menu as well. To complete the picture, take advantage of the private tables at your disposal!

Les Salins restaurant St Tropez340 Chem. des Salins, 83990 Saint-Tropez 

Our favourite villa near Salins beach:

At the heart of the picturesque tropézienne peninsula, Villa Maximus stands out as an ideal refuge, nestled a stone's throw from Salins beach.

A true nest for families, it offers magnificent sunbathed rooms which open onto unspoilt nature and create an idyllic setting with soft summery accents.


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To the north of Pampelonne, Tahiti beach is a less renowned neighbour, slightly harder to access but just as pleasant. Here, you'll find a staggering view of the Cap du Pinet and, like at Pampelonne, both private and public beaches.

Getting there:

Admittedly, Tahiti beach isn't the easiest to get to, but if you're travelling by car, the extra effort is well worth it. Be sure to have a GPS on hand so you don't get lost on the way!

From Saint-Tropez, simply follow la route des plages from Ramatuelle and turn left onto la route des Moulins, which will lead you right to the parking lot at the southern end of Tahiti beach. If you're feeling active, you can also make this trek on foot.

Not to be missed:

Jardin Tropezina is by all accounts a truly secret garden. This peaceful restaurant offers succulent and seasonal Mediterranean cuisine in a provençal setting.

Le Jardin Tropezina, 4 Rte du Pinet, 83350 Ramatuelle

Our favourite villa near Tahiti beach:

At Villa Florence, plunge into the magnificent French Riviera. This traditional home, bathed in light, is ideally nestled in the heart of Saint-Tropez's countryside and offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean with private beach access.


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Canoubiers, for a day under the sun


Follow along the coastal path towards Canoubiers beach. Less popular than Salins, this beach is particularly appreciated by locals. Only 200 meters long, little slice of paradise is the perfect place to laze the days away from one of our best villas with a private beach.

Sunbathe on the fine sand and dive off the dock to cool off. As the sun sets, rent a paddleboard from the sailing club to catch the sun's last rays from the sea and take one final dip in the blazing water.

Getting there:

Canoubiers beach, only a few minutes from the centre of town, is accessible via la route des Salins. Get there easily by car, bus, or even on foot! If you choose to drive, you'll find a free parking lot along the road behind the beach.

Not to be missed:

Let the bold yet authentic flavours of chef Colinet's Mediterranean cuisine enchant you, sublimated by irreproachable service.

Restaurant Colette by Sezz151 Chem. des Salins, 83990 Saint-Tropez

Our favourite villa near Canoubiers beach:

Villa Trudon is an architectural jewel in the middle of a verdant landscape, in perfect harmony with its warm, wood interior. Here, enjoy lounging in the richly furnished library, or stretching your legs on the tennis court for a spirited game.


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Graniers, beach and coves for sailors


Just a few steps from Saint-Tropez's village, find a small secret creek with turquoise water. From Graniers beach, take a ride through the Cap Taillat natural reserve in a transparent kayak.

For an unforgettable experience with the whole family, set out nice and early for a chance to spot dolphins!

Getting there:

To reach Graniers beach, you'll have to take a path with the same name. Pass by a marine cemetery before arriving at the entrance to the beach. If you're driving, there is a free parking lot in the immediate vicinity of the beach.

Not to be missed:

Come lunchtime, head to one of the best beach restaurants in Saint Tropez and dine under the white parasols or the floated wood pergola of Les Graniers restaurant. On the menu: seafood or barbecued meats, to feast on with your feet in the sand.

Les Graniers, 1 Plage des Graniers, 83990 Saint-Tropez

Our favourite villa near Graniers beach:

Once your day out at sea is over, come home to keep the good times rolling at Villa Latifolia. Why not host a ping pong tournament or enjoy the beautiful wooded terrace during an aperitif with family?


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La Moutte, for the initiated


La Moutte is one of the most wild beaches along the coast between Saint-Tropez and Pampelonne. With a mask and snorkel in hand, you can spend your days here exploring the unspoilt seabed.

Once back on land, why not visit the Chateau de la Moutte's gardens? It's one of our favourite things to visit in Saint Tropez!

Getting there:

A secret spot and one of our favourite beaches in Saint Tropez, La Moutte beach is completely protected thanks to a generous donation from Anette Troisier de Diaz. While it seems private, it's entirely possible to swim there.

Although access is usually limited to residents, it's possible to park beside the La Moutte path and walk down to the sea, indicated by a second barrier at the bottom of the descent.

Not to be missed:

Ferme des Lices is the only viticultural cave of its kind in Saint-Tropez, offering exceptional red, white, and rosé wines.

Locals instinctively know where to find these precious nectars, true jewels of top-of-the-range production. Why not let these subtle aromas tempt you?

Domaine La Ferme Des Lices, Chemin des Treilles, Parc de la Moutte, 83990 Saint-Tropez

Our favourite villa near La Moutte beach:

With its sumptuous stone facade, Villa Sea View is an ode to simplicity and modernity. Its luxuriant garden offers a staggering view of the Mediterranean's endless blue stretch.


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Brouis, for wild landscapes


Find this beautiful stretch of sand in the Croix-Valmer commune, just beside Ramatuelle. This pleasant cove offers a breathtaking view all the way to Cap Lardier. A sanctuary for the more adventurous, you'll be sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the summer season! 

Getting there:

Account for a roughly 45 minute long walk from Gigaro beach, or an hour and a half from the L'Escalet parking lot. Whatever path you choose, you'll be privy to a magnificent panorama all the way to this secret beach.

Not to be missed:

Located on Gigaro beach, not far from Brouis beach, the Couleurs Jardin restaurant offers a breathtaking view of Gigaro bay, the islands of Hyères de Levant, Port-Cros, and Porquerolles.

The restaurant is tastefully decorated and fits perfectly into a natural seaside garden. Chef Nicolas and his team offer a selection of seafood dishes every day.

Couleurs jardin, 1242 Bd de Gigaro, 83420 La Croix-Valmer

Our favourite villa near Brouis beach:

In the heart of La Croix-Valmer, hang your hat at Villa Guiseppa. In this haven of tranquility and greenery, you can lounge on the elevated terrace and enjoy views of the surrounding nature.

While you tan, why not take a look at our favourite things to do in Saint Tropez and plan the perfect itinerary?


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Laze the day away at Cap Taillat


One of the top 10 things to do in St Tropez, the tip of Cap Taillat and Cap Lardier form a lush nature reserve in the heart of the Mediterranean. The land abounds with oak and pine trees rustling in the sea breeze, while the sea glows under the midday sun.

Getting there:

There are several paths to the magnificent Cap Taillat. For the shortest route, simply drive to Escalet beach and the Pointe du Canadel. Alternatively, opt for the coastal path which will take you there in a few minutes.

If you prefer a longer walk, start from Gigaro beach in La Croix-Valmer and follow the zigzagging path that reveals Cap Lardier's dazzling landscape before finally reaching Cap Taillat.

Not to be missed:

Start your visit at the family-run La Tourraque winery. Here, the steep coastline, covered by rich vegetation, slopes down to the coast and gives way to raw cliffside before meeting the sea. Discover Saint-Tropez's natural environment by hiking the trails of Cap Taillat and Cap Lardier.

Domaine La Tourraque2444 Chem. de la Bastide Blanche, 83350 Ramatuelle

Our favourite villa near Cap Taillat:

With its contemporary look, Villa Pauline reflects the dynamic and fresh Saint-Tropez. Enjoy your lunch on the terrace perched above the Mediterranean. And, for an afternoon of absolute relaxation, head to Escalet beach.


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Flolaudis cove, for divers


Flolaudis cove is a wild and preserved place on the Saint-Tropez coast. Still confidential, this well-shaded beach is bordered by scrubland. Le neighbouring Chateau Emile Ollivier was acquired by Napoleon's former minister, who lends his name to the property.

On the Flolaudis beach, you feel alone in the world. When swimming, think to bring shoes as the sea bed can become quite rocky. Divers in particular flock to this Saint Tropez beach.

Getting there:

To reach the Flolaudis cove, we recommend parking in the lot near Salins beach. From there, you can follow the Sentier des Douaniers which will lead you to the cove via a small staircase.

Not to be missed:

In the evening, the St Amour restaurant offers Asian-style fusion cuisine, prepared by the talented Master Koy.

We guarantee that you will add it to your list of unique things to do in Saint-Tropez.

La Tartane Saint-Amour, Chem. des Salins, 83990 Saint-Tropez

Our favourite villa near the Flolaudis cove:

After a long day of diving, come home to Domaine des Salins, in a setting combining woodwork and contemporary decoration. Settle into your room for a well-deserved break before sipping a spritz on your raised terrace.


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Culture at Ponche and Fontanette beaches



On the edge of one of the oldest parts of Saint-Tropez are the two neighbouring beaches of Ponche and Fontanette, one of sand and the other of pebbles. Locals meet here for traditional festivals and popular gatherings.

Come to savour your morning coffee on the terrace a few feet from the water. Take a dip before heading off on the Sentier du Littoral towards Ramatuelle, discovering the other beaches of Saint-Tropez. And if you are tempted by a boat trip, come aboard the unmissable Phenix Deixi.

Getting there:

The twin beaches of La Ponche and Fontanette, nestled at the foot of charming fishermen's houses, can only be reached on foot from the port of Saint-Tropez or the citadel. A ladder is available for access to the sea.

Not to be missed:

Le Patio, a distinguished Michelin-star restaurant part of the Le Yaca hotel group, has welcomed many stars. Its refined Italian cuisine, made with fresh products directly imported from the Boot, will delight your taste buds.

Le Patio, Bd d'Aumale, 83990 Saint-Tropez

Our favourite villa near Ponche and Fontanette beaches:

Just a few steps from the centre of Saint-Tropez, Villa Nathalia and its contemporary yet authentic atmosphere welcome you for a chic and refined stay.

Dive into the turquoise blue pool or sip a cocktail around the bamboo bar, lulled by the garden's tropical atmosphere.


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other frequently asked questions

What to do with family in Saint Tropez ?

There are so many things to do with family in Saint Tropez! First of all, you can spend a day enjoying the sun, sand and sea on one of the beautiful beaches in the area, like the famous Pampelonne beach.

Then, take a stroll through the picturesque town streets to discover trendy boutiques and art galleries

Finally, be sure to sample the local cuisine in one of the hottest restaurants Saint Tropez has to offer, where you can enjoy fresh and tasty Mediterranean dishes. Whatever activity you choose, you can find it in our Saint-Tropez family guide.

What are Saint Tropez's best beach bars?

Saint-Tropez is known for its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and its summer spirit. But did you know that the city is also home to some of the most iconic beach bars on the French Riviera?

The beach bars in Saint-Tropez offer a unique experience, combining a magnificent sea view, a relaxed atmosphere, and fine dining. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to sip a cocktail as the sun sets or a beach restaurant serving a delicious lunch, Saint-Tropez offers plenty of choice.

Where to stay in Saint Tropez ?

If you're after a luxury rental in Saint-Tropez, you will find it in our catalogue! 

With their elegant architecture, top-of-the-range facilities, and spectacular views of the Mediterranean, our private beach villas are the perfect setting for a dream holiday in Saint-Tropez.

Whether you are looking for a family home or a getaway between friends, Le Collectionist won't disappoint.


To discover all our secret addresses while you explore the bay of Saint Tropezfrom East to West, peruse our guide to Saint-Tropez.

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