A summer in Saint Tropez with kids

This star-studded seaside town is the perfect destination for families where young children, teens and the young at heart will all find something to love.
A summer in Saint Tropez with kids
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Saint-Tropez, known for its glitz, glamour and stunning beaches: it's probably the last place you would think about bringing your kids. However, this star-studded seaside town is actually the perfect destination for families.

With only 18 summer vacations to spend with our kids, it's definitely worth it to make the most out of the time we have. So, here's our list of must-do's in Saint-Tropez for families of all styles and sizes.

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The Adventurous Family

You're the type of family that loves to go off the beaten path and explore unseen territories. It's the shared adventure that brings you closer. And Saint-Tropez could never fall short of offering up activities to spike your adrenaline.


With young children

Let's be honest: no one wants to haul a crying baby around all day in the heat. Lucky for you, Saint-Tropez is a haven for lazing in the afternoon shade or going for a leisurely hike along the coast.

Strap on the baby carrier and start off in the beachside town of Ramatuelle. Long-forgotten stone arches and pathways mark the coastal path of the Sentier du Littoral. Hidden inlets and coves blend seamlessly into overgrown wildlife and greenery. Stop off for a picnic with a view onto the crashing waves below. This hike is perfect for children because you can go at a slow pace and there are no large hills.

In the late afternoon, return to town and make your way to the Place des Lices. In the center of this square is a pétanque court. Park the stroller in the shade and get ready to play a leisurely game. This game resembling bocci ball is perfect for younger children, because they can have fun trying to roll the balls across the court. Games can last hours, but you can choose when it's time to go home.


With teens

With teenagers there is more freedom for a range of physical activities, and this is the perfect age to share competitive experiences together. For the adventurous sort, we recommend going for a kayak ride to the breathtakingly beautiful Cap Taillat nature reserve.

Hop in a kayak starting at L'Escalet beach just outside of Ramatuelle, then get ready for a good workout as your row your way to one of the most stunning white sand beaches on the Cote d'Azur.

Relax on the beach with your feet in the turquoise water that resembles the Bahamas, and wait for the ice cream boat to pull up and start serving out cold treats: a sweet reward after a hard day's work.

Another thrilling idea for teens is hopping aboard a majestic Scottish sailboat called the Moonbeam, designed by famous yacht-architect William Fife III. Sail on the gusts off the rippling sea and relax on the hull as you sail away from the port. This will be an unforgettable moment for both your teenagers and you. 

The Foodie Family 

You're the kind of family that shares your best memories around the table savouring fantastic food. Lucky for you, Saint Tropez is a cornucopia of gourmet delights ripened by the sun and caught off the coast.

With young children

Who says you can't go out to a restaurant with younger kids? Not us. Saint Tropez has plenty of restaurants on the beach that can entertain the kids while you enjoy a nice meal together.

We recommend going to Les Salins on the Salins beach. In this relaxed atmosphere, the kids can run along the beach and play in the sand with you watching from the table. Les Salins also boasts plenty of options on the menu to please everyone such as pizza, seafood and pasta (all very kid-friendly.) The sunset from this part of the beach is especially beautiful.

With teens

Summers are made for BBQs around the pool in the sunshine. And when the kids are older, they can truly appreciate quality time with the family and even cook alongside you (instead of just watching.)

Start by gathering the tribe and hit the shops in the middle of Saint Tropez. Head to the local's favorite butcher, Boucherie Thierry, to select your spread. Don't forget to grab desert from the Sénéquier café. A couple large, vanilla macaroons topped with summer-ripe raspberries are perfect for everyone to share.

Then, head back to the house and play games with the kids in the garden while the BBQ sizzles on the grill. Nothing says summer vacation like a good, family BBQ.


The Carefree Family

You're the type of family that doesn't really care what you do, as long as you are together. Schedules and plans are never on your to-do list during a holiday. Your agenda is not to have an agenda.

With young children

Start the day off with a relaxing morning next to the pool then hop over to Port Grimaud, only 20 minutes from Saint Tropez. This Venice of Provence is the passion project of an architect, who, in the 60s, recreated all the pieces for a traditional fishing village. We can sail along the canals in a small boat and enter into the multi-coloured fishermen's houses.

It's a beautiful day of exploration with the kids, who can learn to navigate the boat armed with a map of the labyrinthe-like canals. A stop is necessary at the Glacier de la Plage for an artisanal ice cream, before heading to the long beach just next to the port. Its waves are calm and its sand very fine. It's a perfect paradise for children and making sandcastles.


With teens

During summer, the port of Saint Tropez welcomes sailboats from all over the world. Every year, from the 26th of September to the 6th of October, the Voiles de Saint Tropez joins together the most beautiful boats in the world for a legendary competition in the little port.

Bring your teenagers to admire these incredible boats. Then, grab some ice cream at the unmissable Barbarac before doing a tour around the port and letting out your inner child when seeing these giants of the sea. At the end of the afternoon, go on a walk around the citadelle. Then, turn your back to the village and head in the direction of the sailor cemetery. This is where the stories of captains, poets and writers from Saint Tropez all mix together. From up here the view onto the village and the pink and orange sunset is one of the most beautiful vistas. Next, go for dinner at a local institution, the Sénéquier Café, to watch the onlookers pass by.


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The Carefree House

Villa Trudon has that cool, tropical feel you find on the coast of Florida. Its large, cozy living room is the perfect retreat after a lazy morning, when the summer sun begins to shine too bright.

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The Sporty House

With its large gym and huge garden perfect for exciting football games, Villa Pace is the ideal haven for sporty families and adventurers who are always active.

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The Foodie House

Villa Tulum has a modern, open kitchen perfect for cooking together as a family and a large terrace for sharing the meals together.

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