Where to Go at Christmas with Family, the Best Christmas Destinations

Find where to celebrate Christmas as a family with our selection of the most beautiful festive destinations, whether you want to play in the snow or lounge on the sands.
Where to Go at Christmas with Family, the Best Christmas Destinations

If spending Christmas as a family is a must for you, but you don't know yet where to go in December as a family, this article is for you. Find the perfect places to go as a family at Christmas and New Year with our selection of luxury rentals for the festive period

There are plenty of destinations to go to as a family at Christmas. Whether you want to relax under the winter sun, enjoy a white Christmas on the slopes, immerse yourself in French festivities or to organise a city escape to wander among the stalls of the Christmas markets, consult our selection of the most beautiful spots for spending Christmas as a family

go as a family towards the winter sun

Are you dreaming of spending Christmas as a family in the sun? With Le Collectionist, turn your dreams into a reality. End the year on a high note with idyllic holidays under the winter sun


  • Why we love it here: Marrakech is the perfect destination if you are looking for a change of scene with your family this Christmas. Choose from our selection of family villas in Marrakech and discover the vibrant souks and rich culture of Morocco

  • Weather in December: in December, Marrakech promises a mild and sunny climate, with temperatures ranging from 15 °C to 22 °C.

Wondering what to do during your family holidays in Marrakech? From the bustling streets of the Medina, the picturesque palaces and gardens and the Agafay Desert dunes, your littles ones won't be bored during your Moroccan escape. 

Discover our selection of the best things to do in the Red City with our complete guide to Marrakech


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The Cyclades 

  • Why we love it here: if you are still wondering where to go for Christmas as a family, have you thought of the Cyclades? With their peaceful ambiance, lack of summer crowds and their pleasant weather, fall under the charm of Mykonos, Paros and Antiparos or even Sifnos in December. 

  • Weather in December: at the end of the year, the sun is always shining in the Cyclades. The archipelago boasts of average temperatures ranging from 13°C to 20°C in December. 

Dreaming of the sun at Christmas as a family? Choose from among our family-friendly villas in the Cyclades and spend your winter days perfecting your tan on the magnificent fine-sand beaches

For more inspiration, consult our selection of the best activities for your family holiday in Mykonos


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Saint Barthélémy 

  • Why we love it here: if you are searching for a less-conventional family Christmas holiday, St. Barths is the perfect place. Instead of bundling up in thick winter coats, get plenty of Vitamin D under the Caribbean sun and work on your tan while you wait for Santa Claus to stop by.

  • Weather in December: in December, the weather is idyllic in Saint Barths, clear skies, very little rain and temperatures of around 25 °

The festive season is the ideal time to organise a luxury family holiday in the Caribbean. Experience the magic of Christmas differently in St. Baths, doing your Christmas shopping in Gustavia's artisanal boutiques, visiting the Christmas market under the winter sun then heading back to your St Barths family villa for a delicious Christmas dinner under the palm trees! 



Christmas on the slopes 

If you are wondering where to go in December as a family for a traditional winter holiday, head to the Alps to celebrate Christmas on the slopes


  • Why we love it here: jewel of the Swiss Alps, Verbier is the perfect ski resort for winter sport enthusiasts and foodies. With some of the best off-piste skiing in the word and a multitude of delicious restaurants, heading to Verbier is always a good idea! 

  • Weather in December: in December, in Verbier, the average temperatures range from -2 °C to -9 °C and it snows around 15 days of the month! 

What could be better for escaping at Christmas with your children that a skiing holiday in Verbier, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Spend your days riding up the Médran or Savoyleres ski lifts, or even visiting the postcard-perfect twinkling village, then heading back to warm up in the comfort of your family chalet in Verbier.


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Val d'Isère

  • Why we love it here: with its slopes for all levels, its legendary après-ski and its picturesque Christmas market, Val d'Isère is one of the best stations in the French Alps to visit as a family in December

  • Weather in December: in December, snow falls for 10 days on average over the month on the peaks of Val d'Isère and the temperatures range from -1°C to -9°C. 

If you are wondering where to go for Christmas as a family, rent a family-friendly chalet in Val d'Isère! Spend your Christmas Eve taking on the fresh powder, then gather your loved ones in one of our luxury chalets for an unforgettable Christmas dinner




  • Why we love it here: Courchevel is an iconic resort in the French Alps, part of the vast Trois Vallées area. Let its unrivaled skiing conditions, Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury atmosphere seduce you.

  • Weather in December: in December, the snow starts to lightly fall in Courchevel but the temperatures can drop from -1 °C to -9 °C

From activities for kids, luxurious spas and picturesque cafés high up in the mountains, all the family will delight during your luxury stay in Courchevel. For an unforgettable Christmas evening, choose from a gourmet meal in one of the resort's Michelin-starred restaurants or a delicious dinner with your loved ones, prepared by a private chef in your family chalet in Courchevel


A-father-sad-on-a-coach-next-to-a-decorated-christmas-tree-watching-his-blond-son-and-daughter-play-with-wooden-toys-on-a table-covered-in-books


Wondering where to go as a family in December? Why not immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere which reigns over the French countryside in the festive season? 


  • Why we love it here: if you don't know where to go at Christmas as a family for a peaceful holiday, why not head to Normandy? Gather your loved ones in one of our large country houses in this picturesque region of France and celebrate the festive holidays in a warm, intimate atmosphere

  • Weather in December: in Normandy, in December, the air is crisp and the temperature can vary from 7 °C to 14 °C

If you are wanting to recharge your batteries in complete peace before the new year, choose among one of our luxury family villas in Normandy. Celebrate Christmas in a green haven for an unforgettable family stay in Normandy


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  • Why we love it here: from the lavender fields of the Alpilles to the olive groves of Luberon, Provence has so much to offer. In December, there's an enchanting atmosphere in the lush fields, offering the perfect backdrop for your winter holidays in France

  • Weather in December: despite the cool breeze that blows throughout the region, the sun is always shining in Provence and the temperatures sit from around 8°C to 15°C. 

What do you say to staying in one of our luxury country houses for your next Christmas family holiday? Discover Provence as a family and spend your days strolling through the region's picture-perfect natural landscapes. On Christmas Day, prepare a delicious meal using the best local products in your luxury family-friendly villa in Provence


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  • Why we love it here: with its heavenly beaches and its impressive mountain ranges, Corsica, known as the 'Isle of Beauty', lives up to its name. This jewel, situated in the south-east of France, is the ideal place to visit at Christmas with children

  • Weather in December: In December in Corsica, the temperatures are generally mild with averages from 8 °C and 17 °C and the sun still shines

Visit Corsica in winter to discover its peaceful charm and avoid the summer crowds. After spending Christmas Eve strolling or cycling through the island's natural landscape, return to your Corsican family villa and gather your troupe for a delicious Christmas meal prepared by a private chef. 



a Christmas city escape

Still unsure where to go for Christmas as a family? What about diving into the magical ambiance of one of our favourite cities to celebrate the festive period? 


  • Why we love it here: There's something about Christmas in Paris that's just magical. From the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower to the festive window displays in the high-end shops, enjoy an unforgettable experience for your next Christmas family holiday in France

  • Weather in December: in December, the temperatures range from 5°C to 13°C in Paris. Lucky visitors might even see snow fall on the rooftops of the capital!  

From the many Christmas markets, the lit-up streets and the delightfully decorated artisanal boutiques, the whole city is alive with the spirit of Christmas. Choose between a delightful dinner in one of our luxury Paris family villas or a meal with your loved ones in one of our cosy homes around Paris, in the île-de-France


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  • Why we love it here: If you are wondering where to go as a family for Christmas for a cultural holiday, head to Florence. Steeped in history, visit its charming streets and monuments and experience the magic of Christmas in Italy

  • Weather in December: In December in Florence, the temperatures are still mild, ranging from 8 °C to 14 °C

Discover a traditional Christmas in Italy during your stay in one of our family-friendly villas in Florence. You can spend your days exploring the city's lively markets and historical sites, immersing yourself in the magical atmosphere that reigns throughout the cobbled streets. 


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Cape Town

  • Why we love it here: Dreaming of spending Christmas with your family on the other side of the world? Cape Town and its breathtaking landscapes await, to end the year in style. Escape the monotony of winter on your family break in this South African gem. 

  • Weather in December: in December, Cape Town boasts of the perfect weather, with its temperatures reaching from 20 °C to 30 °C. 

Step out of the ordinary this festive period, under the palm trees in Cape Town. Spend your afternoon stretched out on the fine-sand beaches or hike through the region's lush forests. Then return to the comfort of your family villa in Cape Town to unwrap your presents under the South African sun

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Where should you spend Christmas as a family?

Still unsure where to go for Christmas as a family this winter? Follow Le Collectionist's advice and organise a family Christmas holiday that suits you. 

Wanting to spend the festive period under the winter sun? Head to Marrakech, in the Cyclades or St Barths

Seeking something traditional? Celebrate Christmas on the slopes in Verbier, Val d'Isère or Courchevel

Otherwise, recharge your batteries in the heart of the French countryside, in Normandy, Provence or Corsica

If you're hoping to spend Christmas in the city with your family, we recommend visiting Paris, Florence or Cape Town and immersing yourself in the festive and lively atmosphere. 

How can you make your family Christmas unforgettable?

Every year, December is the perfect opportunity to gather together and celebrate Christmas as a family

Where ever you decide to unwrap your presents, with Le Collectionist, your festive period will be unforgettable. Our luxury concierge will organise unique and out-of-the-ordinary experiences throughout your stay, calling on the best experts in the region especially to prepare a delicious festive feast for your family. 

Where should you go at Christmas with a baby?
To spend a relaxing Christmas with your littlest ones, gather your troupe in one of our peaceful French country houses and savour the region's traditional charm as a family.
Where should you go at Christmas with a large family?

Wondering where to go at Christmas with a large family? With Le Collectionist, uniting your loved ones to celebrate the festive season has never been easier. Choose from among our luxury winter sun villas or our luxury chalets in Europe's most iconic skiing resorts to spend an unforgettable Christmas as a family.


Whether you decide to spend Christmas as a family under the palm trees, on the slopes, in the countryside or in the city, with Le Collectionist your festive period will be unforgettable. Choose the destination that suits you and let our luxury concierge service take care of the rest. 

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