The Ideal French Countryside Vacation: Best Rural Villages in France

Enjoy a French countryside vacation with your family : discover the best rural towns and villages to visit for the perfect French country getaway
The Ideal French Countryside Vacation: Best Rural Villages in France
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Escape to the French countryside in one of our luxury rentals in France. Whether in a villa near Paris or a secluded countryside getaway, choose one of our rural holiday rentals to retreat from the rest of the world. 

Recharge in one of our French countryside homes in the Île de france 

Settle by the hearth in your French countryside home near to Paris, in the Île de France. Just a stone's throw away from the chaos of the capital, retreat to your idyllic cottage-style villa with your loved ones for a countryside getaway. 

Maison Gabrielle

Domaine Merida

Go on a bike ride through the lush countryside 

Pedal through the spectacular forests and rolling hills in the Île de France, breathing in the fresh air and taking a mental photograph of the picturesque landscapes. Discover the area's rich biodiversity, taking a pair of binoculars to try to identify woodpeckers, swallows, robins and thrushes. Children will delight bird watching as the wildlife of fairy tales flutter their wings before their eyes. 

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Unwind in your rural retreat in Provence

Provence is a slice of heaven, where the sweet scent of the thyme and lavender fields will lull you into a state of pure serenity. For your dream countryside getaway, choose one of our villas in the most picturesque towns in Provence where gardens form a cocoon of flowering rose bushes and local plants, looking as if they are straight off the canvas of one of Paul Cézanne's masterpieces. 

Mas des Citronniers

Domaine des Myrtes

Hunt for truffle

During your holidays in Provence, why not discover the secrets of black gold with a truffle grower and his faithful canine companion in search of this special ingredient.

In the heart of nature, your guide will share anecdotes with you during this hunt for truffle. After the effort, then comes the reward: learn to handle and clean the truffles before trying your harvest.

A private tasting at Château de Romanin

The vineyards of Provence, along with the lavender fields, are one of the emblematic landscapes of the region. Based on soil between clay and limestone, the terroir and the Mediterranean climate make these vintages remarkable; the work of the winegrowers gives rise to robust red wines and fruity or floral rosés.

Open the doors of the mysterious cellars of this magical castle for an exclusive tasting of the estate's wines. Since 1988, Château de Romanin has been using biodynamic techniques which aim to maximise the synergy between the vine and its environment.

For more inspiration on how to make unforgettable memories, explore our guide to the best things to do in Provence


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Spend time with family in a country villa in brittany or normandy

Let yourself be lulled by the cadence of the rippling waves, looking out towards the horizon from your rural retreat. Brittany and Normandy are the ideal spots for a French countryside vacation, with timeless style and rich history.

Choose from a quaint cottages or a magnificent Belle Epoque manoir to step back in time. Wander through the French gardens and curl up around the fireplace, day dreaming of dancing the night away at balls and knights in shining armour. 

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Villa Assia

Head on a roadtrip in vintage car

Get behind the wheel of a vintage MGA, Mustang or Mercedes Pagoda for a retro ride on country roads. Drive along the coast, admiring the sparkling azure waters or let yourself be tempted by the long roads and breathtaking landscapes.

With our concierge, plan your road trip itinerary. You can take a break in one of Normandy's exquisite restaurants or make yourself comfortable in the core of nature for a picnic in the countryside

Uncover more of the area's best kept secrets with Le Collectionist's Normandy travel guide.


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Feel at peace in a country rental in bordeaux 

Fall under the spell of Bordeaux, a truly romantic region with its rolling vineyards that are dotted with châteaux with their candle-snuffer turrets as well as ivy-clad stone villas. From the alcove in your dream French rural holiday home, peer out towards the lush landscape of Bordeaux, a region made for daydreamers and poets

Chateau de Cadourne

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A hot air balloon ride at sunrise

To discover the breathtaking nature in Bordeaux, why not take to the skies to see its grandeur from above? In the early morning, set out to watch a hot air balloon inflate at an impressive speed. Then, climb into the basket and soar above the countryside and see how its picturesque villages wake up to the golden light of the sunrise.

Afterwards, choose from our selection of Bordeaux's best restaurants to satisfy your appetite for innovative twists on the region's finest produce


Be enchanted in your rural home in dordogne   

Retreat to the French countryside in Dordogne to immerse yourself in some of the most breathtaking landscapes in all of France with rolling vineyards and mustard fields. From your rural holiday rental, the best way to explore its history is by putting on your walking boots and setting off to explore the region's viticultural heritage, of course stopping off at one of the châteaux for the complete cultural vineyard experience

Clos de Vérac

Domaine de la Huppe

Glide above the vines in a plane 

Take off in the middle of the vines and, like a dragonfly, observe the hills and villages. Once in the air, savor the silence and the vineyards as far as the eye can see. It is a  unique experience to live and see. For your first experience, you will have the opportunity to do a gentle baptism, as light as a bird's flight. The bravest can try out an introduction to aerobatics to feel all that flight has to offer.


make memories in your rural villa in the basque Country

In the unique Basque Country, the landscape and culture work hand in hand to create the perfect backdrop for your countryside getaway. Lounge on the stunning beaches, perfecting the art of doing nothing, or try your hand at surfing the waves in Biarritz. Then retreat back to your quintessentially Basque villa for an evening under the stars with your loved ones

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Villa Selentia

Have a gourmet snack in the fields

With both French and Spanish influence, the cultural richness of this region is reflected in the phenomenal gastronomy. For your picnic recreate the pintxos served at the region's bars, with croquettes or slices of bread served with goat's cheese or local ham. Sit in the middle of the fields for a cascade of entremets, accompanied by sangria

To get a flavour of the Basque Country's rich gastronomic culture, browse through our selection of the best restaurants in Biarritz and Arcachon Bay

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With Le Collectionist, escape to the French countryside in one of our luxury villas to unwind and make unforgettable memories that you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come. 

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