The ideal French Countryside vacation

Traveling with Le Collectionist holds the promise of an extraordinary French countryside vacation. Discover our favourite experiences in Provence.
The ideal French Countryside vacation
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Traveling with Le Collectionist holds the promise of unique luxury holidays in beautiful luxury holiday destinations. From the turquoise water of the Mediterranean to the greenery of the Luberon, we design your tailor-made holidays in our extraordinary villas in Provence. Lay back and rely on the know-how of our Tailors to discover our favorite experiences in the region.

Between gastronomy, sports, culture and nature, there are a multitude of options available to you. Whether you plan to be with family or friends, share precious moments with your loved ones by following our luxury travel guide.

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VISIT the french countryside in provence

A hot air balloon ride at sunrise

Provence has a multitude of facets to discover, from hilltop villages to old ports, from Mont Ventoux to Pont du Gard, you will always have something to discover. Why not take to the skies to see this sublime region from above? In the early morning, set out to watch a hot air balloon inflate at an impressive speed. Then, climb into the basket and soar above the colourful countryside of the Alpilles and see how its picturesque villages wake up to the golden light of the sunrise.

The lavender fields bloom from June to July and enhance the landscapes with their powerful and deep colour. If you're a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a family on the hunt a memorable experience, an early hot air balloon flights are a great option.


Rally in vintage car

Get behind the wheel of a vintage MGA, Mustang or Mercedes Pagoda for a retro-looking ride on country roads to have an extraordinary day on the most beautiful roads of Provence. Drive by the lavender fields and breathe in their bewitching fragrance, admire the seaside and their sparkling water, or let yourself be tempted by the long roads adorned in umbrella pines giving it a captivating atmosphere.

With our Tailors and our partners, plan your rally day itinerary. You can take a break in a typical local restaurant or make yourself comfortable in the core of nature for a picnic in the countryside. This experience is perfect whether you're with your kids or your friends, because who doesn't like a road trip?


Glide above the vines

Take off in the middle of the vines and, like a dragonfly, observe the hills and villages of the Alpilles. Once in the air, savor the silence and the vineyards as far as the eye can see. It is a  unique experience to live and see in ProvenceFor your first experience, you will have the opportunity to do a gentle baptism, as light as a bird's flight. The bravest can try out an introduction to aerobatics to feel all that flight has to offer.

SUCCUMB TO THE provençal life

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Have a gourmet snack in the fields

You don't need a luxurious tea room to enjoy one of the best snacks of your life. Sit in the middle of the fields for a cascade of entremets, desserts and fruit pies from the garden, accompanied by wines from the region.

Slide the grass through your fingers as you peck at the basket of strawberries, or feel the wind in your hair as you sip your fresh fruit juice: a relaxed atmosphere perfect for a luxury family vacation in France .

Hunt for truffle

During your holidays in Provence, why not discover the secrets of black gold with a truffle grower and his faithful companion and follow the leader in search of this special ingredient.

In the heart of nature, your guide will share anecdotes with you during this hunt for truffle in the heart of nature. After the effort, then comes the reward: learn to handle and clean the truffles before trying your harvest.


A private tasting at Château de Romanin

The vineyards of Provence, along with the lavender fields, are one of the emblematic landscapes of the region. Based on soil between clay and limestone, the terroir and the Mediterranean climate make these vintages remarkable; the work of the winegrowers gives rise to robust red wines and fruity or floral rosés.

Open the doors of the mysterious cellars of this magical castle for an exclusive tasting of the estate's wines. Since 1988, Château de Romanin has been using biodynamic techniques which aim to maximise the synergy between the vine and its environment.


With Le Collectionist , your holidays in Provence will be seamless thanks to our luxury lifestyle concierge services.  

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