Visit Corsica in Winter: Weather, Snow and Activities for a Winter Corsica Break

Enjoy a winter break in Corsica: follow our guide to find the best activities to enjoy Corsica from December till February.
Visit Corsica in Winter: Weather, Snow and Activities for a Winter Corsica Break
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Corsica is usually thought of as a summer destination but why not discover the magical and mysterious side to Corsica in winter. Once the island sheds its heaving summer crowds, as the trees do with their amber leaves, it reveals a quiet and modest beauty that will enchant you. 

Take the path less travelled and spend your holidays in Corsica next December, January or February for an unforgettably authentic escape. A truly wonderous place, Corsica is the perfect backdrop for your festive Christmas and New Year celebrations to spend quality time with loved ones

What is the winter weather like in corsica? 

Corsica in December

  • Corsica weather forecast: the climate in Corsica in December is often mild, allowing you to explore the wonders of this beautiful island in its low-season serenity
  • Average temperature: 9.6°C 

Corsica in January 

  • Corsica weather forecast: as the weather in Corsica drops and the air becomes crisp, embrace the lack of tourists to explore the island's inimitably picturesque landscapes
  • Average temperature: 8.6°C 

Corsica in February 

  • Corsica weather forecast: by February, Corsica is well into into seasonal transformation, with the air carrying a refreshing chill and the landscape often crystalised with frost
  • Average temperature: 9.0°C 

Ski the mountains of Corsica in winter


Who said Corsica and skiing don't go hand in hand? Just as the inland is an incredible playground for hikers in summer, the mountains are transformed into wonderful ski slopes by the Corsica winter climate, perfect for those seeking a white Christmas this festive period

Wondering where to ski in Corsica? You will find several easily accessible resorts on the island: to the south, the Val d'Ese; to the east, Monte Renoso and to the west, near Ajaccio, the Col de Vergio. Slide on a pair of skis to glide through the fresh powder with views of the cobalt blue sea below. Then, find solace and warmth in one of the many bars and restaurants on the island!

For more skiing inspiration, check out our curated selection of the top skiing resorts this winter.

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enjoy the fruits of the vine this winter in corsica 


September to November is the best time for visit Corsica for its ambrosial wines. The variety of the soil on this small, yet continent-like island and its climate create a perfect environment for wine production. With less rain and more sunshine than the rest of France, the Corsican climate produces fine rosés and red wines in particular. 

After the harvest period, the wine estates, such as Domaine Saparale, near the old village of Sartène in South Corsica, open their doors to you, eager to let you discover the fruits of their labour.


explore corsica by bike this winter 

With the onset of the cooler months, cycle the around the island or across the Cap Corse, the northern tip of the island, to immerse yourself in these exceptional landscapes. Here, the roads wind across the undulating terrain, offering excellent panormas of the sea and the mountains. These challenging cycle routes are made more pleasant in the cooler months, and the roads are far quieter, which makes you feel like the island is yours to conquer!

To discover all the best that this stunning region has to offer, unearth the best spots in our guide to Cap Corse


Hike the Corsica GR20 in winter

The island is also home to some excellent hiking routes that zigzag their way through the mountainous interior. Among them is the mythical GR20, recognised as not only one of the best Corsica hiking trails, but one of the best hiking trails in the world

More adroit hikers will be able to tackle the spectacular 15-day route that spans a full 180 km along picture-perfect routes, while more laid-back hikers can dip in and out on shorter trips. The blaring summer sun can make these treks unbearable, but the early winter months can often provide the perfect temperatures in Corsica for some challenging mountain exploration.

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hit the corsican waves this winter


With winter winds, comes the waves. As the sea gets rough, surfers flock to certain areas of the island, like the bay of Ajaccio or Bodri Beach in CalviGrab your board, put on your wetsuit and join them! Picture this: a morning of shredding the fresh snow on the slopes followed by an afternoon of flying down the faces of perfectly barrelling waves

Looking for a beach escape this winter? Why not also browse through our guide to Cap Ferret in winter for more inspiration. 

Corsica winterY culinary delights


One of the biggest advantages of visiting Corsica in winter is privileged access to its culinary scene. In December and January in Corsica, the hunting season brings a plethora of local delicacies to local restaurants, all prepared in accordance with Corsican tradition.

Retreat from the cold into a restaurant for a warming and wholesome slow-cooked veal stew. In the evening, share a drink by the fire accompanied by a succulent platter of charcuterie and cheese that are the best of French and Italian traditions.

Also intrigued by how the Bel Paese transforms over winter? Discover our guide to Italy during winter for the perfect winter sun escape. Equally, get your fix of culture on a city break this winter where ancient streets come alive with Christmas markets and frosty charm

What is the best month to visit Corsica?

In the summer crowds flock to Corsica for good reasons: its beautiful beaches, sunny climate and picturesque villages all make for the perfect summer holiday. However, as the flock of tourists fly back home, there is a feeling of complete authenticity that is ushered in with the dancing, cooling winds

The weather is relatively mild compared to other parts of Europe, with Corsica in November and December perfect for adventurous hikers. Although the weather in Corsica in January and February can be frosty, it's mountainous terrain transforms into a skiing haven

Explore our luxury villas in Corsica for your perfect holiday! 

Is Corsica warm in winter?

With temperatures in Corsica reaching as low as 2°C on the northern side of the island and snow sometimes settling on the mountains, Corsica can get chilly.

However, it is also not uncommon to see temperatures reaching as high as 17°C in November and 14°C to 15°C in January and February. The perfect weather to explore the spectacular landscapes of the island and then retreat to the warmth of one of our luxury villas

What is the climate like in Corsica?

Corsica climate is mild all year round thanks to its privileged location in the Mediterranean Sea. During the winter, on the littoral the weather is more consistently pleasant while in the mountainous region the weather is quite low and experiences lots of precipitation. 

With average temperatures ranging from 12.6°C in November to 8.6°C in January, Corsica transforms itself over winter into a serene haven that is at its most authentic self. 

Thrill seeking? Read our guide to the top things to do for an adventure-packed holiday

What is the hottest month in Corsica?

August is the hottest month in Corsica with average temperatures of 22.1°C, however during the day these often stretch up to 29°C. 

Discover how to make the most of Corsica's sunny climate with our guide to the best things to do in Corsica across the island.


With Le Collectionist, find your perfect luxury holiday home in Corsica this winter to return to after a day of exploring the island's shores, mountains and flavours. Take part in activities like cycling and surfing and skiing on the peaceful landscape and coast. In Corsica in winter, even the simple act of walking along the beaches on a crisp winter's day unearths a wild and welcoming side of the island! Come and see for yourself! 

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