The Best Places to Visit in Italy During Christmas

There is no better place to experience the magic of the holidays than Italy. That's why we've selected the best places to visit in Italy during Christmas!
The Best Places to Visit in Italy During Christmas
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The holidays are a time to gather with your family and enjoy each other's company. Some prefer to meet in the comfort of their home, while others will want to escape for a luxury holiday with their loved ones. Around the world, the magic of Christmas is in full swing with light displays, markets and holiday cheer. In Italy, the season of giving is more authentic and traditional.

In this luxury holiday destination, Christmas traditions are deeply rooted in the culture but differ according to the region you're in. Across the country, the options are endless and each has something unique to offer. Between delicious food and the magic of the holidays, discover the best places to visit in Italy during Christmas. Buon Natale!

The best places to visit in italy during christmas: our TOP five

Glide around Rome

You know the saying, “all roads lead to Rome”. The Eternal City is a perfect destination for Christmas. To start, take a trip to the small market in Piazza Mazzini, more intimate than the one in Piazza Navona. It is located around a magnificent fountain, surrounded by nature. The atmosphere will make you feel like you've stepped into an enchanted village as the smell of holiday spices makes your mouth water. While the musical notes of a festive song fill you with Christmas cheer, head to the Auditorium Parco della Musica ice rink for a joyful moment with family or friends.


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a unique christmas in naples

In Naples, Christmas traditions are very important. Especially the santons, small painted figurines that have an entire street dedicated to them: Via San Gregorio Armeno. Pop-culture and religious figures rub shoulders with music stars and politicians, a classic symbol of Christmas in this Italian city. Take a little gourmet break at the Pasticceria Carraturo and let yourself be tempted by an Italian pastry. Ending the day with a refreshing walk on the beach is a unique way to experience the charm of the region in winter. You can enjoy the landscape all to yourself, with the only sound of the gentle ebb of the waves and the cool breeze to keep you company.


indulge yourself in sardinia

Generally, the weather is mild in Sardinia during the Christmas holidays. With no snowstorm on the horizon, you're free to discover the countless treasures on the island. As in the rest of La Botte, the Christmas spirit is very important to the locals. This is an opportunity to meet people living in the land of their ancestors. A peaceful, cheery atmosphere takes hold of Sardinia during the low season and makes it an ideal place to go in Italy for Christmas. The Cagliari Christmas market showcases local crafts, so you are sure to find small gifts for your loved ones. As for the cuisine, don't miss the malloreddus, a kind of Sardinian gnocchi, with the famous panettone for dessert!


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the magic of puglia in ALBEROBELLO

We've saved the best for last. Going to Alberobello in Puglia during the Christmas period is a truly magical experience, which will appeal to the little ones, but also to the grown-ups! The Trulli, traditional houses of the region, light up and give the impression of a cheerful Christmas village. A stop at the picturesque Christmas market is mandatory. As for gastronomy, enjoy a seafood dish accompanied by a vintage from the region and be sure to taste some salame di cioccolato, a very popular Italian speciality during the holidays.


Now that know the best places to visit in Italy during Christmas, you have all the info to make your trip special when you visit Italy. For even more places to visit, check out guide to visiting Italy in December. Finding your luxury villa rental in Italy has never been easier. Explore our collection and contact your Tailor to make your luxury Italy holiday an extraordinary experience.

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