Outings with family in Normandy: Our best ideas

Normandy is a land of history and exceptional landscapes. Come and discover our best ideas for a holiday in Normandy with the family.
Outings with family in Normandy: Our best ideas
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When we talk about a trip to Normandy, the excitement is not always there for children. Yet this region is full of legends, fascinating stories and exceptional landscapes to discover with the family. From Viking invasions, through the epics of Richard Coeur de Lyon and the landing on the beaches of the Normandy coast, the region has tons of surprises to ignite the passions of the young.

Discover the treasures of Normandy

With princesses, knights and fortified castles, this is a program that can definitely make your children smile. Embark on a journey into the past and become the heroes during your stay. 

Adoubement at Chateau Gaillard 

"How beautiful she is, my one-year-old daughter! Voila, a Gaillard castle!" This is the sentence that the Duke of Normandy and King of England said at the sight of his majestic fortress in the 12th century. Start your journey in the footsteps of the great Richard the Lionheart of Andelys. In addition to a trip to the heart of French history, the Chateau Gaillard and the surrounding villages offer a superb panorama of the region which will delight art and literature lovers alike.


Follow the investigation at the historic Jeanne d'Arc in Rouen

If there is one French heroine whose history has spoken to us, it is Joan of Arc. Discover another facet of its epic through an immersive judicial investigation in the heart of the archiepiscopal palace of Rouen through the Historial Jeanne d'Arc. Children will be particularly fond of the interactive course offered from room to room. It is a must-see in the region.


Chateau de la Falaise

Through staging, replicas, films, tablets and 3D, the Chateau de la Falaise or Chateau Guillaume-le-Conquérant has reinvented itself to become a place for learning fun history. It is an astonishing return to the France of the 12th and 13th century that awaits you in this stronghold, where many illustrious characters lived. Built by the Dukes of Normandy, birthplace of William the Conqueror and witness to his first feats of arms, the walls of this medieval castle are full of fascinating stories and legends. 



Les Médiéviales de Bayeux in Calvados

Welcome to the Middle Ages!  Les médiévales de Bayeux, is the third medieval festival in France. It takes place during a weekend in July. This cultural event is unmissable. Since 1987, the city of Bayeux has hosted these great festivities within it, which allow you to relive the richest historical period of Normandy. The Grand Parade brings together more than 500 dancers and artists who bring the streets of the city to life with enchanted shows linking magic, lights and history. Through reconstructions, attractions, markets and a medieval mass at Bayeux Cathedral, all the ingredients are there to make this family outing in Normandy very exciting. 


Linger a bit at Musée de Bayeux to see the Bayeux tapestry. A true testimony of the time, this fresco, nearly 70 meters long, recounts the conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy. The museum also offers a commentary specially adapted for children, which will allow them to visualise the great adventures.


Festyland in Caen 

Festyland is the largest amusement park in the region. This is the perfect place to enjoy a family afternoon in Normandy. The park brings together several atmospheres to suit everyone: Belle Epoque, Viking, Pirate, Medieval, and between laughter and thrill this stunning park has all the attributes necessary to spend extraordinary moments with your children.

Immersion in the village of Ornavik

Enter the lives of women and men of the time thanks to experimental archeology. Discover the methods of making objects, buildings, clothes and witness the compelling reconstructions of battles and daily life between the 10th and 11th centuries. In the village of Ornavik, everything is done to ensure that the experience is complete, and the kids will have the chance to put on the costumes of yesteryear and participate in the various workshops offered throughout your visit. 



Normandy has more than 620km of coastline. Between Upper and Lower Normandy, wild beaches and tourist beaches, pebbles and fine sand, your choices are vast. Sit on one of the many beaches in the region, take a moment to relax, picnic, fish or participate in the activities offered in the region.

The city of the sea in Cherbourg

The Cite de la Mer is located in the former Transatlantic Maritime Station. It's a unique museum of its kind. During your tour of Cite de la Mer, through the rooms and the various exhibitions, you can relive the adventures of the explorers of the ocean abyss, rediscover the history of the Titanic as you have never seen it, and even visit an atomic submarine. Since 2019 the museum also takes you through the discovery of "the ocean of the future", as it guides you through the mysteries of the ocean, from the incredibly large to the infinitely small. 

The beaches of Haute-Normandie 

La Côte d'Albâtre and its breathtaking panoramas await you. Whether you are out for a walk on the paths overlooking the channel or taking a boat trip along the cliffs, you cannot help but be stunned by the verticality of its natural structures which dominate the landscape. Particularly famous, the beach and the cliffs of Etretat are natural wonders to discover with the family. During the high season you can relax there while the youngest have fun with their little hands in the pebbles. 


The beaches of Basse-Normandie 

Let us now guide you to the fine sandy beaches of Basse-Normandy. There are so many of them, however, off the beaten track, that we decided to take you to the Chausey Archipelago. Far from the very chic beaches of Deauville and Cabourg, this group of islets and islands is much less popular with tourists. Here you will take advantage of the surrounding calm, go fishing with the children, or for a sea trip to discover these lands which they say are as numerous as the days in the year. 


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