Visit Provence in winter: landscapes, traditions and gastronomy

Spending a winter in Provence is a magical experience. Put down your suitcases in a warm farmhouse and discover the region in a different light.
Visit Provence in winter: landscapes, traditions and gastronomy
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Soak up the local culture of Provence this winter, discovering the region at its most authentic. Whether in the centre of town, the countryside or by the sea, discover the picturesque landscapes that have inspired the great artists during your winter holidays in Provence.

While sitting on a cafe's terrace, observe the golden winter light on the honey-coloured stone and take in the fresh air. Take advantage of this time to discover the region and soak up the local culture of Provence in winter



There are endless things to do in Provence in winter thanks to the diversity of its landscapes and mild climate. As winter arrives and the crowds of tourists migrate back home, the villages and coasts of the region are sublime and infinitely more intimate.

Explore the alleys of the charming little villages in the golden winter light as described by Daudet, or relax, bundled up in a coat and scarf, on a café terrace by the water. In the city that was the muse of so many painters and artists, observe the vast colours that stretch out in front of you this winter. 


Discover the South of France in winter

Winter is the ideal time to visit Avignon, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence and delve into their rich history from a new perspective.

In Marseille, savour bouillabaisse on the terrace to warm up before setting off to Notre Dame de la Garde to admire breathtaking panorama of the old port and the Mediterranean Sea.


In Avignon, stroll through the streets of the city to discover its grandiose historical monuments. Start with a visit to Fort Saint André and its breathtaking view stretching over the Luberon and the Alpilles. Then, after an excursion to the Palais des Papes for its exhibitions, settle down near the city's legendary bridge facing the sunset.

Follow in the footsteps of Van Gogh and discover all the riches of Provence with our guide. 

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In the heart of Provence's countryside

While traveling the hinterland of the region, become enchanted with the unparalleled scenery during winter in the Provençal countryside. Explore the land of Marcel Pagnol during a hike in the Garlaban, mesmerized by the undulating hills, or that of Cézanne at the bend of Sainte Victoire


Whether you're by the mountainside or surrounded by fields, the villages with small labyrinth-like alleys are a pleasure to explore. Wander through secret passages that guide us towards a discreet church, or marvel besides a graceful fountain at the town square that comes to life on market day

Visit Marseille's bright blue skies in winter

In winter, the climate of Marseille remains mild. When the sun dominates the sky, you can rest on the terrace to enjoy the warmth of its rays, making this region one of the most pleasant during winter.


Settle down in the district around the Corniche, as close as possible to the sea from one of our luxury villas in Marseille.  If, during this period, swimming is reserved for the more adventurous, you can still bask in the glorious sun by taking the streets leading down to the sea and settling down by the water.

Outside Marseille, when winter comes, exceptional calm reigns over the creeks with their steep cliffs. Only the waves interrupt this silence by breaking on the rocks. In the distance, the sea is tinged with shades of blue and shines under the soft light of the luminous Provençal sun



When we think of Provence, it invokes the smell of lavender fields, the memory of the sun and the heat. But in winter, we discover a whole different atmosphere, a land of traditions, that is the perfect place to celebrate the end of the year. 


Feast of Saint Barbara

Provence's Roman heritage can be felt to this day. 20 days before Christmas, the Calendales start, which run from December 4. This first day is marked by an ancestral tradition: the Feast of Saint Barbara where each year the town and village squares come alive. 

Discover Provence's characters for this time of year

Created in Marseille in the 19th century, nativity clay figures called Santons are bought every year at the many Christmas markets that are set up in Provencal towns to represent the characters in the manger. In Marseille stroll through the fair dedicated to them and discover the factory of Marcel Carbonel, a real institution for this art and this tradition which has been perpetuated here for three generations


The Pastrage Ceremony of Provence

The Pastrage ceremony is held in the villages of Provence. It is a tradition inherited from the local shepherds who honoured the birth of the baby Jesus. In the most picturesque villages of the region, we witness the colourful procession of shepherds in traditional clothes and their animals descending towards the churches for midnight mass

Allow yourself to be carried away by the magic of the warm lights and chorus of songs, making for a magical evening. 


From excellent seafood, to wines, and truffles, Provence offers a fantastic culinary scene throughout the seasons from thanks to its abundant and diverse terroir. Between traditions and local treasures, discover three essentials of the region during your visit to Provence in winter.

Truffles: Black gold from Provence

It is from the month of November that this precious black diamond makes its appearance in the markets and on the refined tables of Provence. Stroll through the stalls or discover one of the best restaurants in Provence and indulge in their distinct flavour. Accompanied by a furry companion, hunt down this treasure and then enjoy it, carefully prepared by your private chef for the end-of-year celebrations. 

The 13 desserts of the winter months

An epicurean heaven, feast on the 13 Calendales desserts, local dishes which brings together the best of sweet desserts from Provence. First taste the oil pump, a cake with flavours of orange blossom, then nuts, candied fruit or nougat

The sea urchins of the French Riviera

For lovers of seafood, this is an unmissable event on the shores of the Mediterranean! For three weeks in January, depart from Marseille, and walk along the blue coast and its secret creeks to reach the towns of Sausset les Pins and Carry le Rouet, a tradition that continues and attracts curious visitors as well as insiders.


Provence is a treasure trove of culture and natural beauty to be explored this winter. Immerse yourself in the spectacular Provençal landscape, take part in the unique traditions that mark the local calendars and savour the finest local gastronomy. From one of our luxury villas in Provence, your winter escape promises to be unforgettable.

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