Explore: Our very best summer holiday destinations

Spend each summer how it should be spent - relaxing and exploring new and wonderful places. Embark on a voyage of discovery to these destinations to fill your summer with the joy you deserve.
Explore: Our very best summer holiday destinations

The best SUMMER holiday destinations in the world

The beginning of every school year, from a young age, sees clusters of kids huddled across the playground, excitedly recounting tales of exotic destinations, some nearby and some remote, that have been chartered over the course of the summer. Immerse yourself in the joy of finding the perfect way to spend family summer holidays (to be published soon) with this guide. 

With this list of our best summer holiday destinations, you can find your next summery escape to enjoy with the entire family, young or old. With Le Collectionist, set sail with the family for new shores and fresh pastures to immerse in novel experiences and cultures, or simply to escape quotidian life for some relaxation. We aspire to make each and every trip a personalised voyage on which to craft unique and unforgettable memories with those you love in some of the best summer holiday destinations in the world (to be published soon)

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The Best summer holiday destinations in EUROPE

In the months of summer, Europe comes alive: the countryside bursts with produce and the scents of spring, shedding the dormancy of winter; beaches are no longer places left deserted by the deterring weather; and national parks, once again, beckon visitors to traverse their contours and paths. Here are our best summer holiday destinations in Europe (to be published soon). Or read our itineraries for the best summer holidays in Europe and the best summer destinations in Europe (to be published soon)

Read more about where to go on holiday this summer (to be published soon) with our guide.



The French capital, the City of Light, is a beacon of romance. But it is far more than that. There is a side to Paris beyond what is shown in romantic films from bygone eras. And it only makes it all the more interesting. In parts, its rough-around-the-edges feel gives it an edginess that isn't shown in the unfailingly elegant films. It's not only beautiful, it's cool. Gaze longingly at the Eiffel Tower, but also don't spend the whole time sopping and gawping. Go to the trendy bars, drink beers alongside the canal, and embrace the busyness of the sometimes heaving streets.


With its thriving history and culture, staggering cityscapes and proximity to the charming countryside, Florence is an idyllic destination to embark on a city break. The food alone is an attraction, making this city one of our favourite places to go in the summer (to be published soon).

Indeed, Stendhal Syndrome, the quickening of your pulse and perhaps even fainting in the face of great beauty, has become known as Florence Syndrome after tourists fainted on arrival or when basking in the brilliance of art and views in the wondrous Tuscan capital. 



Beyond its draw to the cultic fans of Game of Thrones and other films, Dubrovnik holds an aura of intrigue. Its fortress-like walls that plummet into the clear sea appear to hem in the undulating terracotta roofs. Small alleyways reveal quaint restaurants and lively pockets of the city.

Beaches, like platforms, can be found at the bottom of steep steps, where beautiful people spend their days plunging from the rocks into the brilliant blue water below. The Pearl of the Adriatic has flourished back onto the global travel scene and is a must-see seaside city. Discover more of our summer vacation (to be published soon) ideas here.



St Tropez

Unlike Dubrovnik, which has had a revival over the past couple of decades, St Tropez has been a stalwart of the European beach holiday scene for yonks. And with good reason. A summer holiday to St Tropez has fallen on the wish list of the famous and the obscure, the rich and the poor.

While St Tropez is famous for its beach clubs, like the renowned Club 55, and its libertinage lifestyle, it is also a place of inimitable natural beauty. Spend afternoons reclining into a delectable lunch of Mediterranean dishes, diving into the markets of Ramatuelle, or exploring the wild and rugged reaches of Cap Taillat and Cap Lardier. 


There is an effortlessness to this gem of an island in the Mediterranean, despite its immense glamour and non-stop party vibes in the summer. Because of the variety in its picturesque landscape, Ibiza has a lot to offer everyone: beach clubs and bars galore for those with a penchant for a night on the town; tucked-away beaches for the adventurous souls; and the interior has a bucolic charm that effortlessly puts one at ease. The Bohemian way of life has a lulling allure that is entirely irresistible. 



This secret treasure on the Portuguese coast is an absolute pleasure to be fortunate enough to visit. It is unlike the aforementioned destinations in its inherently and entirely laid-back way of life. Comporta is unpretentious and free. Though one will be likely to cross paths and brush shoulders with people of prominence in the worlds of design, art, and business, one can't help but shed notions of hierarchy and ego.

With your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand, a feeling of bliss is only natural on this stretch of untamed Atlantic coastline. While unpretentious, there are some amazing properties that sit beneath towering pines and perch on the nape of the rolling dunes. Read about how effortless your summer beach holidays (to be published soon) can be with us here.



Deauville and Trouville, Normandy

The picture-perfect towns of Deauville and Trouville, with their long beaches, broad and gradual when the tide is out, are great places for families to spend their luxury escapes from life in the city. Proximity to Paris isn't the only reason Deauville and Trouville have historically been so popular amongst wealthy Parisians.

In the summer, the beautiful beaches come to life with colourful umbrellas and throngs of people. The spaciousness that these beaches boast means that there is still plenty of room for play: the thuds and thumps of bat and ball and the occasional game of beach football are the soundtrack to languid days on the beaches of Normandy. See our Normandy travel guide for some of the best things to do while in this stunning region, or read our Normandy beach holidays article for an insight into the best spots.


Cap Ferret

The beaches of Cap Ferret are as large as they are plentiful. Large strips of white sand wrap around the headland, giving variety to the sandy bliss that abounds in the area. Most of the beaches are gradually sloping and offer areas of shallow water that are perfect for children to swim in.

If you are travelling with older kids, speak to your dedicated holiday tailor to arrange an afternoon of waterskiing or wakeboarding the mirror-like surface of the basin of Arcachon, or a lesson on how to surf the Atlantic waves in the Bay of Biscay. 



Amalfi Coast

Wend your way along the winding roads that hug the coastal cliffs from Positano to Ravello. The Tyrrhenian Sea ripples beneath vertiginous drops, catching sunlight in shimmers at the peak of the day. Here, the towns and villages don't live by architectural norms and the rules of gravity. 

Dine on the terrace of a restaurant that seems to be teetering on the edge of the world, or pad out from your amazing villa only to be greeted by expansive views of the sea. Hidden coves and grottoes entice swimmers and the inquisitive to explore nooks and crannies in the gleaming blue waters. For some excellent tips, read our guide to luxury holidays on the Amalfi Coast.

Lake Como

Not much needs to be done to make your stay in Lake Como memorable, when all you have to do is look out of the window of your hillside villa and be greeted with the most breathtaking view. In the northern region of Lombardy, cradled amongst the still mighty foothills of the Alps, Lake Como is a place of staggering, otherworldly beauty. It's no surprise George Lucas chose this as the backdrop for a place of galactic wonder in Star Wars: Episode II. 

The flatness of the lake comes into stark contrast with the lofty peaks that surround it. Scattered along the gently lapping shores of the lake you will find colourful towns that dance with the freshness of Alpine air, the scents of Italian cuisine hitching a ride on the light breeze. 

Read our in-depth guide to the best summer holiday destinations in Italy (to be published soon).




Mykonos is an island where worries are left at the thresholds of the yachts, planes, or whatever modes of transport the jet-setters who love this island so much use to get there. The pace of life on the Island of the Winds can be as fast or slow as you make it: wander the markets and meander the shores, or race like the island's epithet through the amazing nightlife. Unlike the waters, it is unclear whether the island has a heavenly aura by nature, or because of the whitewashed towns that sit above the turquoise sea.

Everything about this island appears, at least on the surface, to be in mimicry of the sea: bright blue domes crest white buildings, like inversions, or mirrors, if you like, of a turbulent and white-cresting sea. The only colour, however, that comes close to challenging the brilliance of the sea is the endless sky.


Some say that the rising prices on Paros have rendered the nickname "a poor man's Mykonos" outdated. In truth, the island's beauty dispelled that lazy axiom long before pomposity holidayed to the Greek islands. The island actually benefits from a charm in its quietness that its better-known neighbour lacks.

Small towns, rich in history, litter the island beyond the reaches of the island's port capital. Hidden treasures abound, from water sports to tucked-away taverns that secretly wish to be stumbled upon. 


best summer holiday destination to discover NATIONAL PARKS 


The region of Provence-Alps-Côte d'Azure is one of great variety. Spend the morning summiting the peaks and conquering the climbs of Luberon, or explore the thriving wetland of Camargue National Park atop a horse. Marvel at the wildlife that inhabits the park, from the graceful pink flamingoes to the menacing black bulls and the mystical white horses that roam the terrain like apparitions.

In the summer months, the Calanques National Park's mesmerising scenery is a joy to explore. Walk the coastal paths until you reach a tucked-away rocky inlet. The shelter in these rocky coves, where the sea sits still amongst the cascading boulders, is the perfect place to cool off after the heat of the hike. 



Corsica's rich and ample natural reserves and parks are scattered across the island and its shores. From towering peaks in the centre of the island, to chalky cliffs that pitch into the Mediterranean below.

In the north, the Agriates Desert sits with its rugged back to the island, while in the south waterfalls burst from sheer rock faces and form clear streams that perennially carve the landscape, creating crystal-clear pools in parts. Discover more with our favourite things to do on a luxury family holiday in Corsica.



Best summer holiday destinations outside Europe

Fancy a summer holiday in any month other than the summer months? Sometimes those cravings for brightness and vitamin D are insurmountable; itches that cannot be scratched unless you give in to their demands. These two destinations are amazing to visit all through the year, but, for different reasons, they are better enjoyed during the spring and autumn. Or, bring in the year in style on your new year holidays in the sun (to be published soon).


Whether you wish to wander the streets of Marrakesh's maze-like medina, getting lost in a blissful daze, a joyous haze, of piquant aromas and colours drawn from a dreamlike palette. Or, if you'd prefer to sink into a week of wellbeing between sea and sand in a villa near Essaouira, then Morocco is a great place to visit in the spring and the back end of summer when the temperatures are more bearable.

From Marrakech, the Atlas mountains are a stone's throw away. Rent a villa in the Palmeria or a riad in the labyrinthine centre. In Essaouira, dive into high-octane pursuits like kitesurfing, before drifting off during a massage or Shavasana at the end of a freeing yoga class. 


St Barts and St Martin

These paradisiacal islands will unfailingly serve up a bulging fruit bowl of tropical enjoyment to their guests on arrival, with a frosted, sugar-rimmed glass of plushness to wash it down. St Barts has no shortage of thrilling, relaxing and luxuriating things to do. The island is known for its idyllic beaches and excellent luxury shopping, while water sports and marine exploration abound.

St Martin's Dutch side, on the other hand, is known for its vibrant nightlife, spurred on by the local rums. The French side is known for its clothing and the delicious fusion of French and local Caribbean cuisine. For more tips on what to do in Saint Barthélemy, read St Barts: Holiday destination. Explore some of our best villas for private beach holidays.


With Le Collectionist, we have a number of villas that are a glove fit for the perfect family holiday. These three villas and destinations are among the many which serve as the backdrop to our clientele's family vacations. 


Villa Majoris, Comporta

This classic Comportan cabana is only a short walk from the beach. For kids, that is already a selling point. Villa Majoris backs into dunes overlooking the area's famous rice paddies, sheltered from the gusty Atlantic. Inside, the villa has trendily captured the meaning of laid-back Comportan living. It is fisherman-chic, as it might be described, but less pretentious sounding.

Sprawl out beneath the sun-slicing slats of the pergola while your kids frolic in the pool. Restaurants and beach bars are within walking distance, allowing you to embrace, unreservedly, the blustery, free-spirited ways of Comporta. This is the perfect villa for your luxury beach holidays with family.

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La Cabane de Marie, Cap Ferret

La Cabane de Marie is so enveloped and shrouded in, almost a part of, the surrounding vegetation that it feels like a secret. The breeze whispers and shushes through the leaves, which are so verdant they almost glow in the sunlight. In the summer, the shade is a refuge from the heat of the day.

The large windows allow the breeze to glide through the villa, carrying the scents of the flourishing greenery. The 12-guest villa, with its pool and football table, is perfect for large family groups. It is launching pad from where to explore the rest of Cap Ferret.

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Villa Difolia, Corsica

On the southern tip of Corsica in the natural park of Bonifacio, just on the outskirts of the town, sits Villa Difolia, a discretely elegant single-storey villa. Travelling with children can sometimes prove to be somewhat challenging, but in Villa Difolia your luxury holidays to Corsica will be a breeze. Saunter to the nearby shops each morning for fresh bread from the boulangerie, or just to get out of the house for a bit.

The villa opens up onto an infinity pool and a Mediterranean garden with views over Bonifacio. From this four-bedroom villa, you and your family can embark on thrilling adventures, like horse riding across the barren scrublands, or untether your boats to unearth the natural wonders of the Lavezzi Islands. 

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With Le Collectionist, we aim to open the world to our clients in a personal way. Not only the physical world in which we live, but also the world of meaningful holidays. We have a number of luxury holiday homes in some of the best summer holiday destinations, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your ideal summer break. 

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